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Jabra DRIVE Hands Free Bluetooth Car Kit Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
A simple yet powerful Bluetooth Car Kit from Jabra with voice guidance to keep your eyes on the road.
  • Mobile Fun ID 30412
$53.07 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 9 customers

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Saves me tickets
My order took ages to arrive so postage options is important. The Jabra is very easy to use and for the price, the sound quality is pretty good. I like the tap options to answer and end the calls. I haven't used all the features yet but it has definitely saved me from getting any tickets.
Jabra Drive Purchase
After charging the Jabra Drive and using it for the past week, found that this was absolutely perfect. I've been able to use it easily and synchronizes with my Samsung Note 3 perfectly and quickly. Was the best purchase I've made. And received this within a week!!! I absolutely feel this was worth the money and more! I thoroughly recommend this to those who do not have Bluetooth capabilities in their vehicle. I have a 2012 Jetta Trendline and has no Bluetooth and this was an awesome option that works well.
A question of prices
I have purchased quite a few items from mobile fun over three or four years , and always been happy . Now I have just ordered a hands free Jabra drive which I am delighted with . As I have used mobile fun in the past I used them again at a cost of £39.99 .My partner was so impressed she decided to buy one but instead of choosing mobile fun she had a look at another website to find she could purchase the same product for £19.99 Half the price I payed
I have emailed them for there comments only to be told they would reply within 24 hours , nearly three days have gone by but still no reply
The right choice
I had bought and used zillions of such products to maintain safety during driving but I have not seen like this product from the point of very quick connection with my android mobile. More, I forgot when I charged it.
It seems like being built for it.
Exactly the right thing
This kit was so easy to set up and works really well. Pairing with the phone simple and the On/Off switch is easily used. Very good sound quality as well. Fits easily onto sun visor. I like it!
Very pleased with it
Worked very well, and paired very easily with the iPhone.

Paring really matters on these devices, you need something which pairs up every time when you turn it on, which this does, rather than requiring you to pair up again as some no-name devices do.

Audio quality is good for its size, and it is unobtrusive when fitted, clipping nicely onto the sun visor.

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