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Listen to music wirelessly from your mobile phone, MP3 player or other Bluetooth device without missing a call.
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Jabra BT320
This is an excellent headset for the money. I originally ordered one for my wife but was so impressed I have ordered a second one for myself.
Samsung d900i
Works for the phone but I have tried every setting but can't get it to work with MP3's
Great for the price
took a couple of attempts to make the connection to my phone - Samsung i300.
i needed some sort of handsfree as i managed to kill my xda orbit, which had a really good speakerphone.
The headset works quite well and produces good enough sound for conversations and not that bad for music either - remember that the sound quality of mp3 isn't awesome to begin with.
Have swapped the ear pieces to my normal ones and even my massive sennheiser dj ones and still sounds pretty good.
For the money it is a great buy.
not very good sound but ok for the money
Works fine with Motorola U9
Painless pairing to a Motorola U9. You have to start the player on the phone first but after that works great. Get some decent earbuds tho the supplied ones are crap :) using sennheiser ones here i got on ebay.
jabra bt320s feedback
nice design,sturdy composition,good sound quality,good distance reception (line of sight),can be paired easily with other bluetooth device such as jabra a120s/320s,motorola dc800.Overall, i am satisfied using this product. I bought this product because i want to pair it w/ my jabra a120s (attached to my non-bluetooth mp3 player)to enjoy a wireless stereo streaming and avoid the clutter of wired mp3's. I love the idea of being able to tuck my mp3 player in my messenger bag while walking down the street or taking the subway without the hassle of the wire that i really find bothersome, and this solves the problem. The drawback though is that once in a while the streaming signal gets cut off for 3 seconds if there's no line of sight between this product and the jabra a120s transmitter like when my bag is on my back side.Battery life is just about average,not really something you'd be excited about.
WORKS with TyTn 2
Just got this headset, tried coupling it to my TyTn2 (O2 XDA Stellar). Didn't work as wireless stereo. Did what Guy from Bristol did, and now it works. You're brilliant mate, thanks a bundle. I do wonder how you figured it out tho!

As for the sound quality etc., haven't played around with it long enough for anything definitive, but it is a bit noisy on first impressions.
Thanks Guy
Guy... Thanks for the help.
Mine has been working fine for the last 6 months on an HTC Hermes type device. Until today when it stopped wireless stereo-ing.
Presumably every so many charges it does a soft reset!

Works fine for music, and sounds better if you plug better headphones in.
Excellent kit and service
I found this to be an excellent piece of kit and it replaced my Sony Ericsson Stereo Headset. I went through all of my various usb cables from camera's etc and found one that worked a treat. I used this to upgrade the firmware and found the stereo great, ideal for a session in the gym or a run. When the headset developed a small fault the replacement service by MobileFun was second to none. They had sent my replacement the day after I returned the original, excellent work. The price makes it a bargain as my Sony Ericsson cost £64 and burnt out. At this price I could buy 4.
Quick fix for making Stereo work
Hi! Coudnt see the stereo profile on pairing first time with Nokia 6120i and HTC 7500. After that tried the steps given by the guy from Bristol and voila! it worked. Really hard to believe but it did Work!!!!
Quailty cannot be called as the best, but certainly worth the money!
Thanks to Guy from Bristol!
I had problems getting music to play on my Jabra 320s. I followed Guy's instructions, i.e. plugging and unplugging the charger to the headset three times. Incredibly it worked! How on earth did you come across this fix? Anyway, thank you very much!
USB Cable
Well after following the instructions finally got it working with an Orange Tytn II. Sound quality is ok. The usb connector is the same size as a the cable for a sony cybershot DSC-S650 and plugging it in and turns on the charging light. These are available on Ebay
Quick fix
I experienced the same problem with pairing the headset to the Vodafone v1615 (HTC TyTnII). Went to jabra web site downloaded the firmaware upgrade BUT havent spent a couple of hours at local PC and camera retailers its impossible to get a jabra USB cable (why its not mini USB I'll never know) no even GK networks the jabra customer support centre in UK have them !!! Mobile fun dont have them however help is here. If you cant get the wireless stereo option, delete the pairing from your phone, switch off the headset, plug the charger into the headset 3 times keeping it plugged in for 4 secs each time before disconnecting. Go through the pairing process and hey presto theres the wireless stereo option.. go figure!! have to say now that its working the headset is pretty average, streamed music periodically slows down like an old tape player, and drops out completely on average twice on an album track, hey its cheap though!!
decent for price
very good audio quality for phone calls and music via my N95 8GB..........you only have to throw away the provided ear buds and attach a decent pair of buds. slight hiss is noticed though but not a big problem. will buy another jabra 320 for my wife!
DOES work on HTC TyTN II (with firmware update)
Update to previous review. Having finally managed to obtain a USB cable and updated the firmware. STEREO IS NOW WORKING
Does NOT work on HTC TyTN II
Having read the previous TyTN II report I was hoping for success but no such luck. Hands Free works fine but NO STEREO. It works OK on my Vista Laptop.
Works Perfectly
It works great on my TYTN II. stereo music sounds great, call quality is great
Doesn NOT work on a HTC TyTN (Hermes)
Unfortunatly this headset only provides handsfree services (no stereo music headset capability) on a HTC Hermes, and The Trinity also.

Jabra support imply the Windows Mobile device is to blame but it is infact poor implementation of the A2DP/AVRCP profiles by jabra. It works fine for standard handsets however.
Waste of money
A2DP Issues
Read http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=1023458&postcount=267, which gives details on how to get A2DP enables to provided music and phone functions.

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