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iPhone Lightning Qi Universal Wireless Charging Adapter Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Enable wireless charging for your iPhone 7 /7 Plus / 6S / 6S Plus / 6 / 6 Plus / 5 / 5S / 5C / SE without replacing your back cover or case with this Qi Wireless Charging Adapter from Choetech. Simple plug into your iPhone and instantly charge wirelessly.

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A Great Way to Charge A Phone Not Equipped for Wireless Charging
This wireless Qi charging receiver has one flaw. The way it connects to the phone is by as small plug at the end of a thin and fragile wire, similar to TV antenna wire, but much more fragile. I had to have mine replaced twice, at no charge, because I made the mistake of mounting it on the outside of the phone case. Once it was moved against the back cover and plugged in before the cover was put on, there has been no problem.
It's ok
Works really slowly and not really comparable to normal wireless charging. It does work though
Works well
Charges phone nice and fast and No wires!! It does get a little bit warm after a while of charging but I guess all chargers do
Doesn’t work
Doesn’t work with phone cover on. Have to remove it to charge phone easier to use plug in charger. Waste of money
Wireless charging adaptor USB-C Qi
This product did not work on both of my Samsung A50's. It does on other models but not this. It was listed too work on the A50. I received a replacement which did not work on the A50. Due to the length of time between order, delivery, communications and eventual replacement I am unable to receive a refund. Customer service is not there strong point.
Ian Norman
Works well but as I connect into the car I found the constant plugging and unplugging of the charger has resulted in the plug coming apart from the unit and so no longer usable
Great item slim line and works great
Does the job
My husband has an iPhone 7 and wanted to take advantage of the charging disc he had for his iPhone 8 and this worked beautifully!!
Just ideal, very useful to have and makes charging up a phone so much simpler
Great and easy to use.
Nice product if it worked
Received this quickly and was excited to use. I all ready had the charger for it. Plugged it in and it worked beautifully for a few days. Then nothing. Haven’t had time to contact them but am disappointed that it no longer works.
Good for me
Does it work through a case cover?
And which charges are recommended
Great fix for the Huawei P30 lite
I was surprised when I received mine earlier than expected, product came and works very well for the price
Good enough
It can be a bit temperamental- a couple of times I didn't double check it and came back to find it wasn't charging. Once it was a bit off centre from the charging pad (integrated in a lamp) and the other I have no idea why. I left it a couple of days and it worked fine after that so I really don't know what causes it to play up.
My regular charger charges much faster, but I like this as an alternative for when it needs a bit of a top up because it's easier to just place it down on the charging pad (provided it's working at the time) then having to plug in.
Overall, I prefer having it than not, but if the unpredictability of it continues I might just upgrade to a phone with wireless built in.
Very Expensive from MobileFun
This works OK but I found I could have purchased it at one quarter the price elsewhere.
Good kit
Excellent after market bit of kit
Super zervice
Only problem I had was wrong connector. Despite this Mobile Fun replaced it twice at no cost.
Universal Wireless Charger
Great value for simple wireless phone charger.
I read the reviews first, very happy with what I got. Worked as soon as I put it on my charger.
Works great
It's very fragile
Ultra Thin USB-C Wireless Charging Adapter
Product works well.
No issues
It doesn't work
Fidley to use takes ages to get it in the right position
not so great a product
The product only charges if the phone is on and awake - so an overnight change yelded 14%. It doesnt work very well through cases - so each time I want to charge I have to dismantle the case. Also the unit is now broken as the connecter into the lightning socket is not so robust. All in all a waste of money
Great product. Works well and had no issues.
it works
what more can I say?
Good product
Would have liked to be informed about the temperature the phone gets to when charging
Charging adapter
Works very well with quick delivery
Love it.
I love this product but would have like to have had some instructions and may do's and don't.
Natty piece of kit
Thin and unobtrusive, this receiver sits nicely under my phone cover. However, the phone does get warm whilst charging.

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