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iPhone 6 Aluminium Bumper - Gun Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Give your iPhone 6 the ultimate style and protection with this stunning Aluminium bumper in gun black.
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 4.1 stars from 48 customers

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Aluminium bumper
I am absolutely over the moon with my aluminium bumper for my IPhone 6, and what made my purchase even better was the fast and efficient service from mobilefun.co.uk, keep up the good work.
very stylish ,perfect fit and not bulky
The colour match is great and more importantly it does not add bulk. My hands are quite small and my previous case added too much width. Seems to be well made. Obviously, being metal , it is not as grippy as a plastic case but it does feel more protected on the edges. How it will fair if I do drop it - unknown - as so far I havn't. One small negative point was that it was a little difficult to loosen the buckle to separate the corner in order to put on. However, I.d rather it was so that it fits snugly.
Unsure at first!
Read a number of reviews and the worst ones didn't paint this product in the greatest light and as such ummd and arred for a while! However I have yet to have any problems with the cases clasp and assuming it holds (it doesn't seem like it will fail anytime soon) I'm well happy... Looks really good, the buttons are solid, however I had a few teething problems with these - they weren't pressing the volume buttons underneath properly but got it resolved. I think as it aluminum it needs a little more wrangling to get located properly but not impossible. Due to its super thin profile the camera lens does protrude but you shouldn't be throwing your phone down on hard surfaces so don't see this as a major concern! This looks like an expensive cases Apple made for this phone... Get it!
Nice fit
Purchased the aluminium case to keep 6s looking good and it does,getting it on you need two strong hands to hold it together and a wall to push the small clip to lock it together
good quality
Great product, smooth ordering, quick delivery
Great product, great experience overall. Totally satisfied!!
Great product, smooth ordering, quick delivery
Great product, great experience overall. Totally satisfied!!
I love it.
I love it.
I bought this item and the clip broke on day 3 a complete waste of money
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you have had problems with your case. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist you.
Good looking bumper case
I've had the case for 3 weeks now before this review to check quality and reception. I can say that i personally have had no reception issues with this case which was my No 1 worry. As for the look i can honestly say its the first case that i have bought that doesn't ruin the look of the phone. The case adds protection but with a sleek metal edge and subtle gold trim keeps the phone looking as good as apple intended. one of my mates was amazed i even had a case on it i had to remove it to prove it.
Not happy
I was hoping this item would be better made than cheap copies elsewhere. As soon as I attached the bumper to the iPhone the clasp on the corner never stayed shut so I was always having to fasten it closed. My phone was in my back pocket and as I reached in to get my phone the clasp had come undone again and as I pulled the phone out the bumper just snapped in half.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Catherine

Sorry to hear the case didn't live up to expectations, please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
Style over protection
Lovely looking bumper for the iphone 6 which makes the phone even better looking in my opinion however this bumper offers very little protection for the phone and is defiantly more aesthetic than anything else
Broke after 2 weeks
Bumper snapped after 2 weeks. Looked good but flimsy and not worth it. The home button would be pushed by holding the phone at the bottom due to poor fit
Done the job
Bought as a replacement for the same item after phone was dropped, landed on latch which broke but no damage to the phone. Fits perfect and does not add much to the size.
Does not stay on
Very bad, loved the look and was so excited when I got it but the latch doesn't stay closed so the case keeps falling off the phone every 5 seconds it's too bad because I loved it. This was like this from the second I put it on my phone unfortunately it wasn't even due to use.
MobileFun Reply
We're sorry to hear this Gina.
Please get in touch and we'll replace it for you.
Very classy!
I was very reluctant to put anything round my beautiful new iPhone but this looked suitable. It is brilliant! It fits very snugly and looks good. Everyone who has seen it has asked where to get it. I'm sure that it will protect the edges if I'm stupid enough to drop it. You will however need protection back and front.
I am delighted with it.
Does the job perfectly. Looks really classy and beautifully complements my iPhone 6. Lots of friends have admired and bought their own.
Looks beautiful but is restricted
Was really happy with the super quick delivery! Bought it a day before I went to a festival around 4pm and it arrived the following morning with Royal Mail. Did not pay for express delivery, excellent service from the website. The case is beautiful and absolutely perfect for what I required it for, great fit and very sturdy. However I did notice that it restricted the signal a fare bit so am only using it when necessary.
Great prouct
Looks great, feels great, protects your device, the only thing I will say is that it hinders your phone signal when the bumper is on in certain areas such as the office I work in, apart from this issue its a top purchase
it was just what I was looking for. As not to spoil the look of the phone. I ordered a plastic awful thick nude colour one it made my new phone look cheap. This one looks expensive and slender. Some reviews said would spoil the signal, I haven't found that at all. Am more than pleased with this. Thank you so much !!
I've never found a case as good as this one. I don't like all of the cases that cover your phone?! Why choose a specific colour of the case covers it?! This one is sleek, smart and adds great protection for the edges of your phone. The case doesn't detract the beauty of the phone- it adds to it. Would definitely recommend
I've always found looking for the perfect phone case was extremely difficult, I came across mobile fun and it had exactly the case I wanted, the quality is amazing, fits my phone perfectly, it is Definatly worth the price and It has been complimented by everyone who has seen it, I really like it and would recommend to anyone looking to find the perfect case to invest in this one! Great buy
Mixed opinions
Makes your phone look absolutely Beautiful had so many compliments about this item on my phone, but it's annoying because the bumber isn't precise enough & doesn't fit properly onto your phone so it's a loose fit unfortunately.
Maybe it's just me being over obsessed but £20 for a bumber is slightly to expensive for this item when it doesn't fit precisely.
Champagne bunper
Delivery was excellent, the product is good but very dissappointed as the bumper cause the signal in your phone to be very poor. As soon as the bumper is removed the signal improves/picks up wifi. I'm afraid I'm not using the product as much as I like it.
Absolutely Superb Product
This product is superb ! Easy to fit to the phone and looks amazing. The colour match is identical to the new iphone 6 in Gold.
Didn't last long! :(
Within the first 5 weeks of purchasing this product the clip began to unbuckle itself, which is a bummer really as I really liked it. Sadly not worth the money. Do NOT recommend.
Weak & fragile
Useless product, clearly not fit for purpose & will not keep your iPhone protected. Only thing is that it looks good & that's about all. Returned it and awaiting refund
iPhone 6 aluminium bumper- champagne gold
Bumper matches perfectly with the phone and is very sleek- looks well. However, i found it's not fit for purpose- the slightest bump and the clasp became loose- happened twice (first time I got a replacement cover, but the same problem occurred with the new cover. Due to this I couldn't recommend the product. However, great customer service.
Very bad
Very poor quality, is broken after thirt days of purchase.
Very Impressive
This case is built in such a way that attention to details are captured. The only thing I wish this case was in rectangular shape rather than round shape.

Apart from that it is really worth the price. I am loving it to bits..
I would rate this product top marks however the latch keeps coming undone and is annoying to point I no longer use the product
Great protection
I have been very happy with this bumper but didn't feel compelled to write a review until this week when I dropped my phone! The bumper is now broken (I dropped it outside onto concrete from a height) but the phone doesn't have a scratch on it. I am now ordering a replacement bumper at a cost of £20 rather than a new phone for ££££.
Great and Quality Product!
I wanted protection for my IPhone 6 without adding any extra thickness to it and without loosing the "Amazing Quality Look" of the IPhone 6. I tried 3 other cases/bumpers but was never satisfied but with this bumper, it's perfect! Perfect Fit, Very Thin, Quality Build!
Great just superB
Great product fits perfectly love the service, colour is the same as my iPhone champagne gold, just wished the case would came with bottle of champagne;) just joking.
Slim and stylish
Very pleased with how little bulk this bumper adds to my iPhone 6. Love the colour too. Easy to insert the phone as the case unclips at the corner. A ++
IPhone 6 Bumper
I think this a great little item. At first I thought what have I wasted my money on here, But once I put it on
you forget its their.
Protection with bling, what styling is all about.
Anyone wanting to protect there precious phone and complement the styling without resorting to cases which bulk up the size should definitely buy this bumper. Several people have asked me where i bought it!.
It wasn't whst I expected but it was amazing & the service was spot on , fast and efficient coundt ask for more , so thank you
Really impressed. I had a dilemma, the iPhone 6 is just the right size, but I wanted some minimal protection from incidental bumps on the side. A larger case would have added too much width. This Devia aluminum bumper is perfect. A little protection, compliments the color and build of the phone, not too big. If you want a case that's fits this description I highly recommend this case!
iPhone 6 Aluminium Bumper - Champagne Gold
The gold product complements and protects my new iPhone without obscuring the rather attractive case. I have dropped the phone twice and the 'bumper" saved it.

The product was delivered promptly and I am very pleased with the service.

Thank you

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