iPhone 5S / 5C / 5 Lightning Charge and Sync Dock - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This small and discreet charge and viewing dock conveniently allows you charge and sync your iPhone 5S / 5C / 5 simultaneously - while at a comfortable viewing angle to view incoming notifications.
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Charger doesn't work
Don't waste your money on this - charger doesn't work "accessory not supported"
MobileFun Reply
Hi Charlie

Sorry to hear you are having issues with this item. Please check the cable you are using as this might be the problem, however if you find the cable working fine on its own, please contact our Customer Services team for assistance.
Nice solid dock with non-slip base
Bought two of these, one for my work phone and one for my personal phone, both for use in my home office. Nice solid dock with non-slip base, connected using my own lightning to usb cables. The phones sit nicely in the dock, and make a tidy addition to my office equipment. The only downside is there is no audio out, so with the phone docked, you cannot plug in ear or head phones. You can of course use the phone in speaker mode.
You need to know a couple of things first
I had to return mine and get a replacement because the lightning bit (the bit that inserts into the phone) broke off. Other than that it's a good product - you WILL need a separate charging cable, this is the dock only and no cable. Also, if you have a case on your phone you will need to remove it to charge the phone, and as it needs charging so often, it's a little inconvenient to keep taking the cover on and off. Mine is plugged into the PC and is slow to charge - but if was plugged into the mains, would be much faster. A good product, but best that you know the above first.
Handy secure and stylish...
I would of thought it would come with a plug to attaché anyway was saved by myself having one that came with my phone-otherwise its all good & handsfree so I am able to view & use my phone when it's on the dock.[pleasing buyer]
Fits The Purpose
The iPhone dock was costly and is effective for my office desk. Works great so far!
Now my desk is tidy again!
I don't know why Apple took so long to offer a charging dock for the iPhone 5, but I got fed up waiting and forgot all about it until I came across this item. It looks like an Apple dock, works like an Apple dock and is a good deal cheaper than an Apple dock. Just what the doctor ordered!
When i first got this product, it said "This accessory may not be supported" but it still carried on charging my phone so i didnt pay it no mind.

However after a few weeks, it started to say that its not supported again and it just completely stopped charging my phone. Its fine to have as a dock but thats about it. It didnt have any other uses which for the price i paid, really annoyed and disappointed me considering it was literally just a dock and no charger cable.

If this bug was fixed, i would definitely recommend this product. Otherwise, stay away.
charge my phone without any hassle
I purchased the lightning charge and sync dock. So so easy to use it remains on my desk ready for me to drop my phone in at the end of the day. No more shouting where's my charger gone? or looking for a free plug socket - it is now permanently plugged in. 110% pleased
Doking for iPhone
Very good service on time delivery will use agine if required
It arrived very quickly and works brilliantly. Need say no more.
No good for me
Doesn't work with case on, which is a pity as It would have been useful. Works perfectly if case taken off but this is far too much hassle. A pity, my case is quite small and tight fitting. If the dock had been slightly bigger all would have been well
Perfect for my needs
I wanted a device that would charge my phone overnight. I use it with an alarm app so makes it my alarm system.Solid and well made. Easy to order great service and fast delivery. My favorite accessory site. Will definitely use again.
Excellent Delivery Service!!!
Ordered the desk charger on Monday afternoon and had it in my hand before lunch the next day. Excellent delivery service!!!
Not what it said on the tin
Disappointed for the first time. I bought an dock earlier which is great but this one turned up with a sound jack as well. That is not as advertised on the website and is, apparently the only type now available. The jack makes it impossible to use and it is now not charging. Being sent back tonight. Horrid.
Basic and functional
Does what it says I guess.

Good points:
-Well made
-Good price

Bad points-
-No additional lead included - you can use one that came with iPhone
-You will probably have to remove any iPhone case for connection to work
Perfect solution
This is a perfect solution to all your docking and charging needs if you have an iphone 5. Sturdy construction with regards to the dock and a nice snug fit when you place your handset into it. The cable connects securely and charges and syncs as it should. The dock is deal if you wish to position your iphone for watching moves or even as an alarm clock. I have had docks with previous iphone models and this is the best one I have purchased so far.
Does the job.
Ideal for charging and docking my iphone5. syncs quickly as well. i always keep my phone in a case so this is ideal to stop it from getting battered and bumped about. teh dock is black so remember this before buying. great surface from mobile fun too as ordered and got it next day.
iPhone 5
After reading the previous review I was a little sceptical about buying this dock, however I have been completely satisfied with it since I bought it. Ok so it's not a genuine Apple product, but it looks the same and I imagine function just as well for half the price of an original. Recommended.
Good product but not if you have your phone in a case - even a slim one
Bit disappointed this morning as the dock is good looking, nice and small and holds the phone in a good position. BUT I have a slim case fitted (bought from Mobile Fun too) which I thought would be slim enough to work with this dock. Although the phone slots in place via the lightning connector, the connector isn't proud enough from the surface of the dock where the phone slots in, to make sufficient contact with the port in the bottom of the phone. So I have to take the phone out of the case for it to work with this dock. Not great especially when the case is so tight fitting. Hence the low score - most people nowadays will have their phone in a case and don't want the hassle of removing it each time to dock their phone. Not great!
The foot could do with being a bit more rubbery too as it does slide around on my polished desk but hey that's a small issue!
Convenient, smart desktop dock
Having become used to charging my previous phone (HTC Desire) in a desktop docking station purchased from MobileFun I decided to go for what seemed to be the equivalent item for the iPhone. It arrived very promptly and is a robust, sleek and well made product. I have one minor complaint preventing it from getting the full 5 stars - it is actually a bit of a fiddle to line up and engage the lightning connexion on the base of the phone with the connexion on the dock. Accurate positioning is needed and then a little more force than I'm comfortable with to make the electrical connection. Maybe it will ease with use - we'll see. Once connected it does its job well.
iPhone 5 Lightning Charge and Sync Dock with Lightning Cable - White
A good quality product at a reasonable price. There is an option to buy the charger without a cable, but for the cost of a seperate cable, I would suggest buying this product.
I would have preferred the black version but it was out of stock.
MobileFun were quick and easy and kept me up to date with regular emails on the state of my order/delivery. Worth it.
Would not recommend purchasing
I wouldn't recommend buying this product. I ordered two and one broke so I sent it back for a replacement. In the meantime the other one broke. Then I got the replacement one and that broke too. Based on some online research I did I will be waiting till Apple releases an iPhone 5 dock.
Very poor quality
I bought this for my husband who has an iPhone 5, so that he could charge this next to the bed at night. My husband loves gadgets and takes particular care of things. First complaint is that it says it is suitable for the phone with a case/cover on-no its not. It wobbles about and you will find yourself wanting to either pack something in the side or taking your phone out the case every night. The adapter in the base simply broke off in the phone. This looks like a very weak cheap connector that has simply snapped after being used three times.
So it is not fit for purpose, not suitable for a phone with a cover, not suitable for use everyday use; although you would expect it to last more than 3!
Iphone 5 desktop charger
Very poor design, works, but does not hold the phone steady. Having used it for couple of weeks the connector is loose & virtually unusable
You don't have to wait for Apple
Like a lot of people I use my iPhone as my alarm clock/bedside clock, so I want it upright so I can read the time when still half asleep.

I don't know why Apple have not produced a stand for the new connector, but this one works well and is cheaper too!
Great things come in small packages
I must admit, when I received the envelope, I was a bit worried, and even more so when I saw the packaging!!
But, what came out of the box was really great. I've been after a desktop dock/charger for my last few phones without success but this unit is great!!
A) matches my iPhone, B) is unobtrusive, a small desktop footprint, C) uses the standard USB cable supplied with the phone, (and you can order more of these too), and D) Does Exactly What It Says On The Box
unlike so many gadgets, and it does it efficiently and without fuss.
It is a rare thing to buy an 'attachment' for anything these days and get what you want, but this is perfect.
100***** for the manufacturer, and 100***** for the presentation on the website.
I hope you do well with these, you deserve to!!!!!
Stylish and simple but has problems.
This product ticks the right boxes for a lighting dock station for the iPhone 5. It is stylish and blends in. However occasionally you have to add pressure to ensure the phone is charging. Sometimes you will see a message stating "charging accessory not supported" which is annoying.

However the dock does it job and for the price is good quality.
Couldn't wait to get this
Ordered this on Saturday expecting it to arrive after Christmas, and it arrived this morning. Excellent product just what I was looking for. Great service
Dock charger
The first desktop dock and charger for the iPhone 5 which I have seen.

Good looking, shiny black finish. It holds the phone in a stable condition. The "lightning" connector is a very tight fit for the phone socket but I presume this will loosen with wear.

Watch delivery though, charge of nearly £3 for first class delivery which took 5 days from notification of despatch!
Dock for iPhone 5
I have bought from this company for years. They deliver quickly and are very reliable.
This dock does the job and looks good. Apple do not yet make one.
My only negative comment would be that a similar product is available for £5 on eBay. I have bought one and it is equally good.
Just what I've always wanted.
I needed a "dock" for my phone and you had the perfect item. Arrived just after noon, and I tried it immediately. It seems to work fine, won't know for sure til tomorrow, but I've no doubts.
Thank you very much, a great Christmas present for myself.
Barry Oliff
Iphone5 lighting dock
The iPhone 5 lightning dock connecter is well made, great for my desk to easily dock my phone.
Just what I was looking for
This item is lightweight and simple but does the job really well. My iPhone 5 sits securely in it happily charging away. Just be aware that the charger doesn't come with a power cable, you'll need to use your own.
Charge and sync doc
An overpriced item considering there is no charger lead. Tricky to use as a stand charger as the case of the phone has to be removed each time. Charges the phone suitably although the adaptor is very stiff. Not really ideal.
Excellent Product
Excellent Product! Works really well, But the case have will have to be very slim, I have the Cygnett Lavish Leather Case and i have to take the iphone 5 out of the case for it to fit into the cradle.
Not as advertised
The picture that shows the phone docked with a cover on is accurate in that the phone will dock with a thin cover as shown BUT it will NOT charge, no matter how hard you try and push the phone into the dock. Slip the cover off and it charges without issue. Don't buy unless you are prepared to remove the thinest of covers first.
A desktop must have
I've been using the iPhone 5 since release but I really missed the accessories I used with my iPhone 4. This is the first desktop charger I have seen for the 5. The lightning socket is tight to use but I'm sure it will loosen up with use. It holds the phone securely in an upright position and makes it easy to store safely. Excellent product.
Exactly what I was looking for my IPhone 5. Look wise also very sleek & smart. Easy to charge & sync. I bought 2 for each of my rooms.
Exactly what I was looking for my IPhone 5. Look wise also very sleek & smart. Easy to charge & sync. I bought 2 for each of my rooms.
Neat dock with one minor flaw
This is a nice lookking dock but has a minor flaw. Although it holds the phone nicely with my Seidio case the lighteng plug is just a bit short and will not connect to the phone unless the cas is removed.

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