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InvisibleShield Samsung Galaxy S8 Sapphire Screen Protector Reviews

Infused with sapphire crystals for outstanding scratch resistance, this screen protector from Zagg combines superior defence with optimal clarity and a proprietary glass construction for the ultimate in screen protection for your Galaxy S8.
  • Mobile Fun ID 63523

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 2.5 stars from 2 customers

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Nice try.
Based on my previous purchases from InvisibleShield I had high expectations of this product on my new Samsung S8. Though from the time I applied it things haven’t been the best. Okay, the application instructions were good, but the website video showed a different application technique!
I followed the application instructions to apply the face of the screen protector, then the sides, but found that the sides stuck at first then lifted, I pressed them down again, and they lifted again. After a fair amount of time pressing and re-pressing the sides of the screen protector just to watch it unstick again, I gave up in defeat. I now have two dust coloured lines down each side of my screen where the unstuck screen protector has collected all kinds of dirt and dust.
The disappointing thing is that the same thing has happened to my son’s S8 (I purchased both screen protectors at the same time).
I thought that InvisibleShield would have designed a better product given they had already produced a curved-edged screen for the Samsung S7 Edge.
Choose another protector Galaxy S8
Have bought many screen protectors in my time, this one did not apply very well, and left lots of marks under the protector (had to apply 3 times after 2 failed attempts of small bubbles refusing to leave), being one of the most expensive, quite dissappointed. The edges do not stick down so well to the curve screen either.
The size is also smaller than it should be, so the bottom of the phone is 5mm short and both sides are about the same 5 mm short...

I will probably have to replace this screen protector in the very near future, due to the lifting sides.

Previous phone, S7 edge, the screen protector has now been on that for a year without bubbles or needing to be reapplied, and the edges have stuck fine.

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