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InvisibleShield Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge HD Full Body Screen Protector Reviews

Guaranteed to protect your entire Galaxy S7 Edge from scratches, while retaining your phone's screen clarity and the original look of your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
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$46.44 inc VAT
 3.6 stars from 33 customers

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I was not so happy with it.
I was not happy with this because the bubbles still remain and she is scratching so quickly.
Very impressed !
Easy to follow instructions. Good product quality.
Exactly what I wanted. Does the job.
Good quality
Good quality product which offers excellent protection. I did, however, rush the placement of the cover and ended up with a few bubbles. Having had one previously on a different phone I have placed them perfectly in the past. The moral of the story is to clean your phone well, follow instructions and take your time.
Can't believe how well this worked!
Bought this thinking it probably would work about as well as all the other screen protectors I've wasted money on over the years, but with a sparkly new S7 Edge, I felt I needed to try to keep it as safe as possible. And the InvisibleShield kit really wasn't very expensive considering it was supposed to protect front, back AND sides (what little there is on this phone) so it seemed worth a try.

Well.. I can hardly tell it's there except that it feels slightly less likely to slip out of my hands now. A doddle to fit and line up, only needing a bit of soapy water rather than some 'special' fluid. Even the tiny corner and side sections fitted well.

5 stars are not enough.
If I was more dextrious it would be perfect as it is very clear
Not so easy to apply,if I was more dextrious it would be perfect as it is very clear.Floating hairs (dog) impossible to eliminate.
S7 Edge - easy application, good fit, good protection
The written instructions are not well written & I can understand why so many have had poor experiences. I read it several times & still didn`t have the confidence.

But if you follow the Zagg support You Tube instructions http://www.zagg.com/us/en_us/support/install_help_center - go to link «Invisible Shield HD» then it becomes clear & the screen protector is straight forward to fit.

Have applied to both my & wife`s S7 Edge`s both no problem - fitted 2 weeks ago now. No air bubbles, both stick well to the curved edges.

Very slight lifting at corners when put in my phone case «Spigen Tough Armour» but not so much that it is a problem, but no lifting for my wife`s phone «Caseology» case.

So overall, very pleased with the protectors & recommended
very easy to use.
A said it's very simple to put on the screen I got cheaper ones bevor I got this one and they wouldn't last came of the screen after a while .but this time I spend 10euro more on my screen protection and it is worth every penny of it very good product and very easy to apply if you follow the instruction and make sure to wet your fingers .
Good Product
In the fitting instructions it says wet the sticky side with the enclosed fluid, don't skimp on the fluid, the wetter the better as it helps the shield slide into place, also as it says keep your fingers damp to prevent marks. Once the excess fluid is squeegeed out you cannot tell that the shield is in place. The only problem I had was refitting the cover which wrapped round the sides, it did push the shield up slightly but for the price I can live with it.
Good looking product but unfortunitly Bubbles
This item was purchased to be used in conjunction with a spigen armoured case, i have purchased these 2 items before for the use with my s6 edge. The screen protector looks virtually invisable and has a rubber texture, unfortunitly the cover starts to gain air bubbles when attaching my armoured case.
Not impressed
I brought this because of the really good reviews. Our experience using it wasn't great. When my husband was pulling off the final tab the screen protector just kept coming off with it, it just wouldn't stick down. It's on now but because it wouldn't stick down properly the finish is not great. I'm very disappointed.
Good 4 of 5
It does what it says on the packet, easy to install with the items supplied. All set up now you would never know that a screen protector was on the phone. well pleased.
Very good product, would recommend.
A little tricky to apply (read the instructions twice) fits well , leave over night before fitting a cover. Looks good, does not take anything away from the look of the phone.
Invisible Screen Protector
This is the wort item I have ever purchased from this site....you need two pairs of arms to fit it, the application is ludicrously complex and by the time you have finished the dust you have been trying to prevent getting onto the Protector is all over the screen.Total waste of money avoid like the plague!!!
Waste of money
I don't recommend it at all because it won't fit.
Don't waste your money...
There's a problem with all screen protectors for the edge including this! The final layer is too stiff to allow the protector to bond properly on the edges so when removing it also removes the protector... I could'nt even separate mine. Surely it makes sense to remove from the centre of the screen outwards??
Good if you don't have a case
The screen protector has a slightly soft feel to it and I think it will protect the screen well. The trouble I have is that I am running a Spigen TPU case - very thin light and more flexible than a lot of cases out there and it still does not work with the screen protector, corners and edges are pushed away from the screen after only 2 week I am considering removing it!

Someone needs to make the cases and screens protectors together so they actually work!
Too complicated
Having ordered three Galaxy S7 Edge HD screen protectors for three phones, I watched the on-line video on how to place them prior to starting. The first part of the video is clear, but the second part is not and after two phones, I still didn't get it right, and ended up with air bubbles. I am now reluctant to do the third, and would certainly not recommend this product.
nearly £700 for a phone....i wanted the best protection...For the monmey delivered seemed a bit steep for slip of celophane type material....I watched the video on youtube several times then started...it was so simple..but don't rush it. Perfect results 1st time
Now i need another one for my wifes 7 edge...i am being emailed when they are back in stock...GO FOR IT
Does what it says
Very easy to apply with no air bubbles and once it's on you can't notice it. The screen still keeps 100% of it's sensitivity and keeps the premium feel and look of the phone
0 Stars
Although it says it can be used with a case, with the case I use it does 100% not work! Waste of money!
Perfect in every way super simple and once you let the odd few bubbles dry you can handle see its there
Worth every penny
Surley were all sitting there wondering self healing screen? It acturally works applied my screen protector with real easy, accidently scratched it with my nail, woke up the next morning and couldnt find the little indent i had made, definatly 5 star product prefer it more than the glass protectors, its not your bog standard plastic protector, some one acturally said to me get a screen protector for it and i was like ive got one you coudlnt even tell it was there which is the best thing about it
Does not fit the device
Unless you have razor sharp accuracy, this protector will not fit your Samsung s7 edge.
the screen protector is the exact same size of the surface of the device, meaning that even a nanometre out of place will mean that the screen protector will cover something important and go off the edge of the device. Now every time I try to put a case on it, the screen protector starts peeling off from one side of the device.

otherwise its got not bubbles and easy to apply (other than the issue I just mentioned)
The Best
Don't waste time or money on cheap alternatives. If you care about your new premium phone then buy this screen protector. Simples.
InvisibleShield for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
A great product. Not the easiest product to fit, (screen protectors never are), but everything I needed was in the box. It's worthwhile watching the online installation video first. Was a little disappointed at initially, but as promised, all the bubbles and ripples disappeared overnight and now you wouldn't know it was on.
After waiting weeks for the product to be in stock and it would not seal down on the edges of the phone.. waste of money.

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