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InvisibleSHIELD Full Body Protector - Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Guaranteed to protect your entire Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 from scratches, while retaining the original look of your Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100.
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$23.62 inc. VAT
 4.3 stars from 14 customers

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Thh shield is brilliant for people like me who constantly drop their phones. Since i've put the shield on i have alreasdy dropped my phone twice and the screen has'nt even got a scratch, worth evdry penny.
Invisishield full body phone protector
Great product. Easy to fit Does what it says on the box
Great service
fantastic bit of kit
Bought the Invisishield for my galaxy phone. as a dairy farmer who gives phones more abuse than most I wanted somthing that would protect my phone and stop the screen getting scratched within days. I have had the phone for 3 weeks now and it is still as good as new. The cover doesn't affect the performance at all and can't tell its on. 1 slight gripe being that the invisishield doesn't cover the camera lens so can see the quality of pics taken with the phone deteriating quite quickly
Mixed feelings
I have no doubt that this will protect the screen and back of the phone from damage very well. However, as others have said it is very difficult to put it on nicely.

I'm not particularly good at this sort of thing but I'm left with blobs on the back caused by the textured surface of the phone and the corners on the bit that covers the bottom of the back don't stick very well.

It will do the job but be prepared for frustration if you want it to look perfect. 4 stars as I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and assume it's my incompetence.
A must have item!
I have always used the invisible shield for all my phones and they are absolutely brilliant. I usually just throw my phone into my handbag along with my keys and various other items and off I go knowing confidently that my keys or what ever else I throw in will not damage or scratch my phone. You cant even tell that it is there and is really easy to apply. would recommend to everyone.
Good product badly packaged
Usual excellent body protector from Invisible shield, badly let down as have last ones purchased for different phone in that its nearly impossible to remove skin from backing paper. Backing paper attached to skin in thin layer when pulled apart.Nigh on impossible to separate cleanly.
just what i needed
Top jolly screen protector , by far the best 1 i`ve had.
This shield cover is near impossible to put on. Takes numerous tries and covers to get right!!
Great protection, difficult to install.
I am a ZAGG zealot (see website for details). I have used ZAGG on everything I own. Having a ZAGG shield means I can slip a phone in my pocket without worrying about scratching the screen. Unfortunately ZAGG shields are difficult to put on as they are quite sticky. Even with the best intentions, some persisting bubbles remain. You need to be very careful not to have any fluff or lint around as once stuck to the film, it is impossible to remove.
Galaxy S2 InvisibleSHIELD full body protector
This arrived very swiftly, not having the steadiest of hands my partner got to work putting this on. After a little bit of cursing with the liquid and cover and the fact he is a perfectionist he fitted it. Its amazing and I notice no loss of colour on the screen.

My father bought a cheap cover and its bubbliing and looks nasty compared to mine.

Would definitely recommend
invisible shield
Wasnt sure what to expect when I ordered this. It sounded good, who wouldn't want helicopter blade tech on their phone! I was a bit doubtful when it arrived as you get 2 sheets of stickers and a bottle of fluid and a squeegee. I thought that I would try it and if it didn't work, resort to the traditional case. A little tricky to align all the pieces but it is fairly forgiving and lets you take off and retry if you cock it up. There is a screen protector, a piece for top, bottom and both sides all cut out for buttons and speakers etc, and a back cover protector. When fitted it gives a slightly stippled effect on the screen but does not affect the visibility and brightness that is synonymous with the galaxy s 2. It seems to eliminate greasy fingerprints as well which is a bonus. It does not affect the camera as there are cut outs front and back for these. Does it protect the phone? I tried last week when I accidentally dropped onto a concrete floor covered in brick dust etc. Once I had wiped the dust off, not a mark. Brilliant. Drawbacks: it is almost invisible. However it does add small lines to the sides of the device which may annoy some. The back cover of the galaxy s2 is patterned and the skin gives a shiny look to it. You could easily leave this off with little affect. It does seem to leave the bottom corners uncovered in a chink in the armour. I'd be annoyed if I managed to drop it exactly on that point though. All in all a good bit of kit.

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