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InvisibleSHIELD Full Body Protector - Apple iPhone 3GS / 3G Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Guaranteed to protect your entire phone from scratches, while retaining the original look of your device.
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 3.6 stars from 19 customers

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The shield is brilliant, it is much better than my previous screen protector and gives a clearer view of the screen. It covers the back beautifully too. Just the job.
Amazing but not for long!!!
The idea is great however after hours of struggle to fit the shield properly and a whole 24 hrs to dry completely, i was disappointed it started to collect little bits of dust when putting the phone in my trouser pocket. Eventually these became black bits of sticky dirt and the shield started rolling at the seems. Now all the side bits fallen out and i have to correct the large piece back to place every time i use the phone. The idea is genius but i am not sure in some many pieces is a long term option. Maybe a 2 piece shield coming in a mold would work.

As is certainly doesn't after a month or so.
Good Product...Difficult to Apply.
As a product, this is great. Provides a fantastic barrier against all those everyday scrapes and scratches that are prone to happen to mobile phones. What lets it down is how to apply it. There's obviously an art to this, which I do not have. As a result, I've wasted my money as the the shield was a nightmare to attach to my iPhone. I would happily buy this product again, but only if someone more skilled can apply it.
it tears tho
The best bit is the screen protector. the rest is pure hassle-you need to be pretty smart to fit this stuff. Mine has bubbles on the back which try as i might would not come out using the card provided. worse still is fitting that little piece around the corners. it stretches out of shape and once it drys 24hrs later as recommended it looks like i've covered my phone in dodgy old cling film. not too sure it was worth it
we'll see
Good product.
Good product and easy to fit when using the installation guide. I bought a second for another iphone because I was so pleased with the first.
A must
Very good item and the phone controls are not affected at all. Great way to protect your Iphone,just a little tricky to fit, but well worth it.
Sheild Full Body Protector
Brilliant! Tactile, easy to fit, actually seems to improve the screen picture. Great if you carry your phone in a pocket with keys and/or change - really prevents scratches.
great item!!!
i bought this after reading the reviews does exactly what it says! well worth the extra money! its easy to fit you just have to take your time excellant
Fiddly but good
Firstly, huge credit to Mobile Fun who got me the product incredibly quickly. Great service, highly recommended.

The product is fiddly to attach and the instructions are printed on the inside of the box so could be missed.

It fits well and is inconspicuous.
Fantabuolous Product
I am really impressed with the invisible shield for my iphone. It is truly invisible but now the phone is protected from those inevitable scratches.
I was a little apprehensive about the application so watched the demo on utube. I need not have worried because it was really simple.
Have now ordered another for my brother's Tocco lite and my brother in law cannot wait to see mine so he can order one for his Blackberry.

Well done. Absolutely brilliant product. I will be recommending it to all my friends.
What can i say, simply perfect, i cant believe anyone had problems with it.
All you need is a bit of patience.
It took me an hour to fix it on but it all worked out fine.
A little tip from me is, not to use the palm technique but instead, after you've placed the invisible shield on the phone by using the solution spray, place the phone onto a big piece of clothe, and wrap the clothe around the phone tightley. Leave for 10 mins and open the clothe and check to see if its all in the right place, if not replace the shield and wrap it up again but not too tight this time, open it up again in 10 mins time, if its all in the right place, leave it wrapped for a few hours... :D
I bought one and because it uses a liquid to apply the film the despite being very careful the liquid entered my brand new Ipod and - bang, fizzle, pop that was the end of that. Apple can tell if water has entered through a litmus test and so I had to buy a new one. Now use the Apple official screen cover and it's both easy to put on and great quality.
Exelent delivery service, and items work well.
You need this in your life
I have used the shield on all the phones and iPods I have had and they are the most effective and unobtrusive protection you can get. Fit one before you regret the scratches on your new toy. Some good reviews on YouTube if you are in doubt
Very nice protection, just take your time while installing.
Avoid at all costs!
This shield is awful. I fit vinyl graphics for a living and this is NOT easy to fit. Not only that it has a rubbery texture that makes the screen very unresponsive. Yuk!
Ordered, fitted and removed. Fitting was ok - a little fiddly and you certainly have to have time on your hands. The screen protector is good but far too glossy - it needs a matt-finish ideally.

The 'stickability' feel is good/bad: Good - the device won't slip from your hand during use - Bad: your hands feel 'tacky', almost like you think you've got something stuck to them.

Overall, whilst good, I removed the SHIELD and am using a hard case - scratching is one thing, but dropping and smashing is another.

Also, whilst fitting correctly is a MUST - the leading edges do catch, and fine levels of lint/dust will get stuck to the gaps between the SHIELD and the device.
Simply awful
Really really fiddly to install and if you make a mistake in the fitting and need to remove it, you can't re-apply if the film has started to dry out! Film also leaves a very tacky rubbery feel to the phone.

Very disappointed and feel ripped off considering how expensive this was. Have had to throw mine away as once you remove it, it cannot be used again. Not impressed at all
best protection I've found!
I'm not really a fan of cases and with screen protectors like martin fields I've found that they start to peel towards the edge over time, and they don't really protect the rest of the phone. After waiting patiently for months for my iPhone, the last thing I want to do is scratch it!
The invisible shields work really well, fitting can be a little bit fiddley and youwill need some patience!

A tip from me would be to do the back first as it takes the most amount of time and there is less risk of disturbing the front. The corners on the back are a bit of a pain, I sat holding the phone, pressing the corners of the phone into the palm of your hand, after around 20 mins you should find them sticking. Mine took overnight to dry out and attach fully. The shield also gives it a more non slip feel, and doesn't affect the use of the touch screen.

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