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Intempo Bluetooth Speaker with Suction Cup - Black / Red Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Enjoy listening to music while you work, rest or play by simply attaching the portable speaker to a fridge, window or tiles with the Intempo Bluetooth Speaker with Suction Cup.
  • Mobile Fun ID 43205

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 4.5 stars from 18 customers

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Intempo Bluetooth Speaker
As a device it is great, suction cup does actually hold it in place and doesn't suddenly give up and drop it in the bath. My only gripe is that the speaker is pretty paultry making it indistinct at times if the music has low or soft points
Great little speaker
Great little speaker with amazing sound quality. Very loud. Ideal for anywhere in the house. We had it in the shower and the speaker!!! Lol
excellent item
Loves this item is fantastic piece of kit. Great for camping
Great product
This is a great product. Very pleased with everything about it. It's compact and has great sound for its size. Bluetooth works great and battery life is really good. Would definitely recommend.
Wanting something like this for years!
Very useful device; waterproof and "wireless"; for use in the shower - to hear the News.
Good sound with adjustment of volume on the speaker.

Small & unobtrusive.

Poor instructions; but got it working within an hour.

Recommended. Price good.
My opinion
The blue tooth speaker provides a great quality sound via your choice of music ! No adverts no talking just great sounding music ! Easy to set up and works just as easy . Two thumbs up for a great product .
Great speaker to take anywhere.
Received goods within 3 working days, which was great because I can play MY music anywhere inside the house or outside. Great product
Excellent portable bluetooth speaker
Just want I needed, use it whilst away on holiday and hotels on business, contects easily with my phone or ipad.
Loud enough for general speech and music .
All in all a quality product at a great price.
Great Speaker
Nice neat speaker NO instructions on off switch at side, micro usb for charger, good cables charging and headphone connector, stop forward and backward Stop button has to be held down to put into pairing mode, switch your phone bluetooth on and make visible - good sound for small device perfect for taking into shower. No phone connection just to clarify.
Everyone should have one
A first class piece of kit that should be in every house hold .It is extremely simple to use a has an excellent tone.I have owned this for just over a week and do not know how I managed without it.
Great little item with big sounds!
Looks elegant, easy-ish to set up and sounds fantastic. My eldest son found out that it had a suction clip rather than a lick and stick suction! But apart from that, I love it! Sitting in my bath listening to my heavy metal playlists - perfect!!
rock out with your towel out
This product is easy to use. Same as most bluetoorh audio devices, just pair and play. Ihe sound volume is emence! I have it stuck to a tile in the bathroom and wirh the reverb of thw room I cant crank it up full cause it would be to loud. Not much bass but I think.thats best due to the autistics of a bathroom. The suction cup is very strong. The only negative point is the speaker doesnt have a skip track button but not the end of the world.
"My life line to Rugby League."
I've always had a problem whilst driving in my truck,
The radio couldn't get my channels, I'd tried but with no luck.
My son plays rugby for Wigan, that's "League" not "kick & catch"
And as I'm working permanent nights I'd like to hear the match.
I've got Radio Player on my iPhone but the sound is such a squeaker.
I saw an ad on Mobile Fun & bought an Intempo Bluetooth Speaker.
Easy to set up, stuck on my dash, the sound is loud and clear.
I now can groan when they concede a try or when they score one I can cheer!
It's gadgets like this, though small in size can really perform a lot.
So thank you Intempo & Mobile Fun for seeling me one that's HOT!!!
Top little speaker
I've bought a few items from mobile fun and I saw this speaker advertised and I thought I could do with that in my bathroom so I could listen to my music from my phone.
You seriously need one of these, the sound is excellent from such a little speaker also it's quick and easy to pair your phone to the device it takes no tone at all just press the button a couple of seconds wait till it flashes Blue and Red job done.
Definitely recommend
Awesome product fast delivery as always , always wanted to be able to connect my Bluetooth devices to a in bathroom item , without the fear of it getting wet , now I can and have , now I can sing in the bathroom until my hearts content (well try anyway )
Wanted it so I got it
Wanted a small speaker device for the car Saw this advertised at a stunning price.. Within two days i had received it and was using it in my car The clarity of the music from the Blue tooth connection was great
intempo bluetooth
great product
very cute and very clear sound
good value for money
small compact
singing in the shower
Volume is pretty good for size of unit and definitely loud enough for shower, but not much bass. Also at full volume speaker distorts which is a bit irritating. The unit itself does not have volume controls (well I don't think so) which again is irritating but you can select tracks.suction cap on it is very good and pairing is easy. Overall I am happy with unit as I can use it in the shower, the introductory price was good but I have seen it at a lower price, but I trust mobile fun so still used them. I would only recommend this for shower use, if you want a speaker for use elsewhere I would spend more and get a unit with more bass. For a shower speaker I will give 4 stars.

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