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Incipio Flagship Folio Case For iPad 3 / iPad 2 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Incipio Flagship case is made with a sturdy polycarbonate frame which conveniently snaps onto your iPad 3/iPad 2.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35468
$68.75 inc. VAT
 4.6 stars from 8 customers

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Great service and reasonable price and fast shipping
Great build quality but usability?
I agree with other reviewers that this case is classy, has a slim profile, very sturdy and looks Amazing. If all that you require in a case as described above then I'm pleased that you have what you want. For me though comfortable usability is far more important than the good looks and high degree of protection that the case affords. I suffer in both hands with degrees of carpal tunnel syndrome and newly acquired arthritis in the fingers, this gives makes opening the case both awkward and a little painful; even my wife finds it awkward. Two hands are needed to open the case and because it is heavy and quite slippery this operation has to be carried out over your lap or a table; the case has to be strong for me as I am likely to drop it. The case as described does have eight positions of slant when the IPad is used in the landscape orientation, that's great, but there is no such provision if you want to use the IPad portrait orientation, sure it will stand up in this position vertically but it is very unstable. I use the Kindle App to read my books, I like to read whilst sitting in an armchair holding my IPad in both hands and close to my chest in the portrait orientation, I find that the polycarbonate catch and the hinge to be very uncomfortable in the palms of my hands. So summing up, a good quality case with great looks, but if you have issues with you hands look elsewhere for a case that is a little more user friendly.
Incipio Flagship folio case
As other reviewers have said this is an excellent case, fits well, sturdy and good looking. It allows the iPad to be set at a variety of angles too. Any downsides? Well, it's expensive and it's heavy - around 350g which means iPad plus folio case is about 950g.
Case For iPad 3
A colleague of mine had a Incipio Flagship Folio Case, so I had opportunity to inspect & approve same; sorry, as simple as that.
Great case
Had this case for a couple of weeks now, I pad clipped nicely into place , seems good protection and looks very smart to
Incipio Flagship Folio Case for iPad
It fits beautifully on the iPad 4 (same size as iPad 3). Elegant, protective with impressive design.
This case is the best I have had by a long way. It protects the iPad as well as look good and give loads of different options the the height of the iPad. It is great.
Awesome Case!
This case is Class, slim profile, very sturdy and looks Amazing. Incipio's best case at Present. Don't hesiTate a bit if you want complete protection fo your iPad 3rd Gen and prOfessional looks.

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