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Imak Ultra Thin Crystal Clear Case for Sony Xperia Z1 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Showcase the original styling of the Xperia Z1 with this crystal clear case from Imak
  • Mobile Fun ID 41207

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 4.3 stars from 21 customers

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Having purchased a similar product before I, as such, knew what to expect. I was not disappointed at all.
The case is very easy to hold, prevents the phone slipping off the hand and really feels very secure. It adds very little to the size of the phone and retains the slick outline.
Excellent product!!!
S. Ezra
A lightweight durable phone case
It's exactly what it says - a lightweight durable phone case. Looks awesome, doesn't make the phone too bulky, it's perfect.
Nice product,still shows off the z1, good protection for the back and quick service
compatible with dock DK-32
shiny, transparent, hard plastic
the phone with this case looks still great at the expense of slightly less protection (which is still good)
Great items
I just received my items, and they are exactly as advertised. Thank you!
Does anyone know if this case will work with the black version of the phone? Is it completely transparent?
Imak Ultra Thin Crystal Clear Case for Sony Xperia Z1
Great case.
Work with DK31 desk stand.
Imak Ultra thin crystal clear sony z1
I like the product but one thing is not good. The space for flashlight affect the camera quality foto in almost 35%, it is reflecting the white light to the foto. So, i cant take picture with flash.

PS.: This is the problem just with white cases or crystal cases.
good case
good case, simple design. the plastic is very clear. and does good job of protecting the back. i would suggest that owners first put a clear film or skin on back of phone though as these sorts of cases can get dust between them and phone and cause scratches. this case is good for protecting phone against bumps and occasional drops.

my only con with this case is that mine came with an additional window next to the camera/flash one.. as if its a case thats meant to fit both the z1 and another phone :s im guessing another version of the xperia? they dont show this on their pictures. the exta window is on the right of the one shown on the pic.
Simple and good
I'm now at ease
I have just encased my Xperia Z1 in this awesome clear case, which does exactly what I need. It doesn't have a front cover however that I'm not worried about, I have a screen protector to take care of that (sheet screen protectors are amazing these days!) so what this case does is hold my phone securely and keeps the back and corners safe from scratches and cracks from drops. It looks absolutely great on the Xperia Z1 as I clear, letting the awesome phone design show through and the Sony brand visible. The case closes in round the corners a little which gives a great sense of security and also smoothly misses all ports and buttons. A very, very nice, simple case.

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