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iGrip EXTENDER Kit Universal Phone holder Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Introducing the new universal iGrip EXTENDER Kit for mobile phones.
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 4.9 stars from 18 customers

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Needed a new phone holder and saw the igrip and glad to say I am very pleased with this product it does what it says and what a price it holds my Nokia with case very well hope this helps if purchased
It fits!
I've been using this for my S2 for one and a half years in which it has never fallen off. Now I've upgraded to the much larger, phablet, Note 3, and it slides in the top with room to spare for a case.
Excellent product!!
The product is excellent.. It holds on the windshield like a glue! It is definitely worth the "spicy" price. I feel safe about my iPhone 4S "sitting" on it!
Great Product
Had this kit for a week or so now and couldn't be happier with it! Holds very well on the window as well as my phone and has lots of options so you can put it right where you want and need it :-)
Excellent, holds it steady on the windscreen and has the extended section to put the phone in easy touching distance.
Great product
I'd replaced my expensive, now broken phone holder with the iGrip. Am very pleased with this product, it's great quality, very sturdy & strong, & your phone is safe when in holder. Best phone holder I've ever had and is far superior then more popular expensive ones. The price is reasonable, & product surprisingly arrived the next day. Would definitely recommend product & Mobile Fun..
Solid as a rock
I've tried numorous holders in the past but this one is perfect, Solid as a rock when trying to use the phone and is easy to retrive the phone out of single handed when leaving the car. Grips like its screwed on to the screen and doesnt wobble around when driving, easy to adjust and set where you want it. Get One!
Really excellent, robust product.
I'd been after a reliable holder for my iPhone 4S, mainly to allow me to use the sat nav app - this is a terrific product, it just doesn't budge and holds the phone securely without me having to remove its case.
The extender arm saves me having to squint at the screen and the suction windscreen attachment - operated by a lever - is rock solid and easy to use.
Better than expected!!
Was a bit nervous and not sure which model to buy, and even more nervous once it was out of the box, but this is so much better than my previous holder (a sucker with a bendy arm and adjustable cradle). The sucker is better, much stronger. The adjustable arm has put the phone in an even better spot than before. I can see more out of my windscreen than before (less obstruction). The cradle is purpose designed for an iPhone, so it slips in and out really nicely. Spot on, well chuffed!!
Top quality product & ideal for larger vehicl
I purchased this mount for my mpv as the windscreen is quite a distance from the driver so being able to extend the mount now means I can reach my iphone 4 without having to lean forwards from my seat, this is the second mount I have purchased to date and have been using the other one in my lorry every day for the past 8 months or so and it's still working perfectly but you can tell from the quality of the plastics that it's not going to break easily so all in all Im very pleased with the iGO phone mount!
This was great stuff
Tried a few others on the market before, but none have been what they pretended to be.

This on the other hand is solid as a rock.... even though it is made of plastic its very robust.
Had it on my screen for a couple of weeks now, it never fallen off yet.
You have to use a bit of "brute force" after you unscrewed it at the main joint, but since that is only done once (normally) its not a big deal. Actually I rather have something solid that I know I can trust than all other junk I tested previously.
Used all types of phones with it, they are all seated great as well.
Would certainly buy it again if I need to get another holder.
This phone holder is multi functional,and a very good buy. It even holds my iphone with a thick protection cover on it. Would reccomend to any buyer.
iGrip EXTENDER Kit Universal Phone holder
Superb, grips well, no vibration. Swivels and extends as needed. Wish I'd discovered it earlier.
Simply excellent this is just what you need very strong, stable and easy to move as you need to takes my Samsung Galaxy s2 easily worth every penny..buy it...
iGrip Extender
Having looked at all the options to mount an ipod touch in my car which is a 4x4 with a windscreen that is far from the drivers seat I decided to try the igrip extender. It is very well made fixes easily to the windscreen and is secure with lods of adjustment to enable the ipod touch to be located within easy and safe reach of the driver. It is also almost vibration free when travelling which is a sign of the quality and strength of the unit.
Well designed and built
Not much experience of similar products, but this does a very good job and so far appears to be well made.
The ability of being able to mount it to the windscreen or dashboard top is a very useful feature and one of the reasons I went for this model.
Also, the adjust-ability of arm length is a good idea.
Overall, so far, so good.
Just the Job
Just the job to hold my iphone in it's otterbox cover, i can turn it lsndscspe for the us of the satnav. It sticks to the screne or the dash with ease and can be moved around it need be. A fantastic product and was delivered the day after I ordered it.
Great well done

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