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iGo Universal Power Laptop Battery Charger - 20,000mAh Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge your laptop, smartphone and tablet wherever you are without the need for mains power. The iGo universal power laptop battery charger will charge the majority of laptops, adding up to 3 hours of extra runtime.
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$27.48 inc. VAT
 4.6 stars from 7 customers

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Will charge a 13" 2012 Macbook pro
I found this an excellent device with the aid of a small cable from ebay.

ebay number 121306384413

i user the L shaped for Magsafe 1 ( mac end )

and the 4.8 x 1.7 mm ( charger end )


works a treat and from a fully charged battery will nearly fully charge my macbook pro

Excellent product
IGo üniversal. laptop Battery Charger - 20,000. mAh
The battery chargeris well packaged with lots of laptop end connectors, the instructions are very easy to follow because it's all in pictures. I
have already used mine and it will be very useful, you can get other attachments the charge mobile phones and I think perhaps tablets too.
It looks fine, and for the purpose, laptop & smartphone backup is wonderfull. Going beyond the initial purpose my idea, after testing this unit. is take someones to feed my UPS, instead of lead/acid batteries...meaning more amps/time/reliablity, less maintenance/space...
Extremely Good
Very useful product. Can be used for laptop, any electronic item that has USB power port and also charging cell phones.
Back up is about 5 days when not in use and gets charged in 2 hours.
Only One area of improvement - When the batter is charging, it does not give indication of level of charging and when fully charged. Instead of all 6 lights blinking during charging, it can be modified to blink only the extent it is charged and all lights can be powered without blinking when fully charged.

Great value for money !!!!
Extra laptop power on the move
An ideal product when constantly working on the move with no time to stop and charge your laptop.

With this product you can charge your laptop battery at least 4 times while on the move.

I used to get 6 hours when the laptop was new and 4-5 years down the road I now get just under 4 hours from the same battery.

Working on the move on multiple sites at a fast pace this product will keep your working through the day.
fantastic !
This is fantastic. I needed to be able to run my laptop all day and now i can and i can charge my dongle too from one battery.
It is so simple and easy to use doesn't weigh too much and gives me plenty of power.
Now my work colleagues want one too after seeing what it does.
Life saver
I bought this to provide extra battery life for my laptop. Its brilliant! Managed to charge my HP laptop (with the MU06) battery just fine.

What it would not do was charge while I used the laptop (pity) but charged my battery in a couple of hours and still had life to charge my Note 2 from 40%

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