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iBOLT iProDock 5 Active Vehicle Dock for iPhone SE / 5S / 5C / 5 Reviews

Hold and charge your iPhone SE / 5S / 5C / 5 safely with this case compatible iProDock 5 Vehicle Dock by iBolt.
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$39.80 inc VAT
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 3.5 stars from 27 customers

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I don't speak scribbles
Why or why does everyone have to copy Ikea and only provide drawings for instructions? I have no idea if I like my iProDock or not, it is still sitting in its box, as I can't understand the instructions! There seem to be lots of small parts, no idea what to do with them. I have asked a couple of friends, who visited, they can't understand it either. So, hoping for a visitor who speaks drawings. Surely, assembling a phone dock shouldn't be this difficult!
Very good product
Good service fast delivery
Sturdy and long lasting
I'm leaving this review quite late but its still worth putting it out there after using for nearly a year.
when I bought this for my iPhone 5s, after trying a few other in car phone holders I realised I wasn't needing to try any others because this had everything I wanted in a holder, it holds the phone nice and steady, has the swivel so I can use the phone in any angle and it doesn't feel cheap and tacky it feels like it was made to last. if your looking for a phone holder id definitely recommend this.
This dock looked ideal for me but how wrong was I. When using an iPhone 6 the phone needs to be man handled into the dock, not at all as easy as shown on the shop photos. I did try an iPhone 5 which was perfect to dock into the cradle. The only plus side is that once fitted the dock works great. Removing the iPhone 6 is another grappling match.
Iphone 6 - a snug fit
This is a very nice cradle - but remember you have to provide your own Lightning cable. That said, it is stylishly made and with the Lightning cable incorporated into the base it looks neater than those cradles with the cable hanging loose. I would have given it 5 stars if I was still using it with my iPhone 5 - as the name suggests, it's the phone it was designed for. But it is probably by happy coincidence the iPhone 6 fits - but only just. The Lightning cable has to be installed in its lower position (there is a choice of two heights when used with the iPhone 5) and there is no room for a case. With my cradle out of warranty I've also hacked it by lessening the spring tension of the top clasp and removed the middle button which pushes against the back of the phone. With earlier reports of bendy iPhone 6 phones, the spring loaded top clasp was pushing down very hard and I felt that the button pushing out against the middle of the phone might encourage it to arch outwards.
I think ibolt need to bring out an iProDock 6 to fit both the 6 and 6Plus - I'd definitely buy one based on how good the earlier one has been.
Good but not perfect
A very good car holder for an iPhone 5. The windscreen sucker works brilliantly and never comes off. Inserting the iPhone is really easy with just one hand.

After a few months something inside broke and now it rattles very loudly and annoyingly but still works fine other than that.

I just bought an iPhone 6 and it is very snug. The top bar only just rises enough to slide the iPhone 6 in and it usually involves scratching the bottom of the phone against the lightning plug. Whilst it does work with the iPhone 6 I can't really recommend it - at this price you don't want to worry about the bottom of your iPhone scratching every time you insert it in the dock. I only have a thin case which doesn't add to the height of the 6 so if you do have a thicker case then it probably won't fit at all.
I expected better product
It is first dock for iPhone 5 where lightning connector is permanently built in into the dock (as much as I have found). But I was little bit surprised when in actual use I can't manage it with one hand. I always must use both - one holding dock, the other putting phone in. Also when I move phone out from the dock it comes with the cable. So I have made some Macgyver tricks to keep cable in. I don't know how long it stays like I need. These things could be better if the producer tests them more in real life.
Poor design
Every time I take the phone out of the charger the cable comes with it and then it falls apart, the holder falls out the bottom a lot, it states it requires one hand....... I find it very hard to believe. For the price the functionality is awful. It's very sturdy when it's in but not designed to be taken out n put back In numerous times thoughout the day.
fully compatible with my jammy lizzard case
The iBOLT iProDock 5 Active Vehicle Dock fully compatible with my jammy lizzard case,Superb - quality, great purchase, and fast delivery, well done
A Bolt From The Blue
Now, I am a female, so when I opened the box and saw I had to assemble the contents I did think "Oh No!". But it was really quite straightforward, with clear instructions and diagrams. I assembled it, mounted it in my car, stuck my iPhone in it, connected it to my charger and BINGO, it all worked, hasn't fallen off and looks really cool.
It's extremely robust, which is very reassuring, as I don't want my iPhone disappearing somewhere beneath my feet as I drive! I've been looking for something like this for a while and now I've found it, so one very happy customer/female.
Best car mount for iphone 5!!!
I needed to change my car kit when I upgraded my iphone, and after looking at all the ones available, this looked the best. The best feature by far is the sprung loaded clip at the top meaning you don't need to remove you phone case every time to use the dock, and I have a chunky case!! It is worth mentioning that there is no built in charger, you need to use the lightening cable supplied by apple and the car kit includes an adapter to fix it firmly in the mount. Note though, it only really works with the original apple cable, as most car chargers are too large to fit through the base of the car mount.
Spot on
Really top notch, definately worth paying that bit extra, perfect
Don't buy for iPhone 5
I bought 2 of these - one for my wife's car and another for my own as we both got the iphone 5. It's too fiddly to get working properly for the iPhone 5 because of the connection to the phone. You need to be really careful and gentle with it to get it to work and not damage the phone and the cable. My wife's cable broke within a week and my has now stopped working too because of the way it needs to be setup. Oh - you need to supply your own cable too! it doesn't come with one! In short - don't buy this for the iPhone 5!
Not bad... but not brilliant
Works as described, and reasonably well. Only issue i have is every time i take my phone(iPhone5) out of it, it pulls the cord out with it. So now when removing my phone i have to hold the cord with 1 hand and take the phone out with the other. The cord clamp system could be better.
Spot on item
Over the moon with this ibolt dock for my iphone good quality not like the cheap once you get thank you ever much

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