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iBOLT iPro2 MFi iPhone 7 / 6 / 5 Series Active Car Holder Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Hold and charge your iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 5S, 5C, 5 safely with this "Made for iPhone" case compatible iPro2 Vehicle Dock by iBolt.
  • Mobile Fun ID 50949
$53.10 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 43 customers

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Bad quality gadget
It is useless and bad quality and hard to use.
Car holder that works!
I use my phone for the Sygic gps in-car navigation system. The basic problem is that all of the holders that I have purchased so far suffer from vibration mainly due to rough roads, which we have in abundance in the U.K.!

The I-bolt system is excellent & does not suffer from car vibration!

I can thoroughly recommend this unit.
Good kit
Seems well built and solid enough for a heavy phone. Once used to using, it sticks well to windscreen which makes putting phone in with one hand easier. Top first, push up spring and lower onto lightning plug. Job done. Used mainly to keep battery topped up while using battery hungry nav apps. Phone also solid when bumpy ground challenges rattly dashboard. Compared to other holders it's not cheap. But you get a holder that works and charges the iPhone 5 6 &7 while you're driving.
It good!
I use it every day. I am satisfied with the quality, thank you for the quick delivery!
Expensive but worth it!
This review may sound a little gushing but I assure you I am a private buyer.

I hesitated to buy this product due to the price, but the thing that swung it was the thought that I have recently binned my 3rd £15 non-powered car holder after it broke.

So I plunged for this, I am so glad I did.

The fixing to the windscreen is solid. The arm doesn't wave around with the movement of the car or the bumps in the road. The biggest advantage is the fact the power is part of the stand. I know it sounds trivial, but the ability to push the top in and then settle the device onto the charger is so convenient in comparison to putting my phone into the holder then trying to wiggle the power lead into my phone.

Removing the phone from the holder is just as easy, lift up and tilt the bottom towards you and it's out.

If it lasts, and I don't see any reason why it wouldn't, it is great value for money.
iBOLT iPro2 MFi iPhone 7 / 6 / 5 Series Active Car Holder
For over a year I used the tomtom active phone holder which was well made and easy to use one handed then I upgraded to iPhone 6 and was disappointed that tomtom didn't do a lightning version. I have been looking on and off for a year before I found this. It is similarly well made and easy to use, is secure on the windscreen and holds the phone firmly. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone, either for phone or satnav use. Well worth the money but remember you will need a cigarette lighter charger unless you have an accessible USB port on the dash.
Great phone holder
I have had several holders for my iPhones and I have to say this is the best I have had
It's well made and so flexible so I can ( when using the phone as sat nav) have it in portrait or landscape with ease.
I would recommend this to anyone wishing to have a quality phone holder at a great price
Good quality holder
Holder is of good quality construction and the strength of the suction pad is excellent even onto dashboard of my car. Compatible with iPhone 7 plus cases such as Spigen Neo Hybrid and Ultra Hybrid. Phone is held really steady which makes it ideal for Sat Nav even on bumpy roads. 2 handed operation is required to remove phone depending on spring tension setting of top holder.
Very pleased with this product thus far.
Easy to use holder
Very happy with the quality and functionality of this holder.
Thess phone holders are really very good, this is the second I have bought (for another vehicle). Easy to mount, they stick to pretty much anything and give sturdy mount!
Great product
Well made product and works very well. Grips the phone even with a case.
Not for iPhone with a case
The holder appears in many ways well designed and of good quality; it holds tight even on the dash board and is easy to handle. However, while it can hold an iPhone with lots of different sized cases, the problem is the plug of the lightning cable; the way it is fixed within the base, it is not long enough to go sufficiently deep into the socket of the iPhone, when it has even a very light case around it (such as the Griffin iPhone Reveal case I have). So unless I were to get rid of the case (which would increase the risk to the phone), the holder is useless. Very disappointing.
Best I've found
Excellent for the car
Excellent product
This is a very well designed and manufactured product and works very well. My only issue was my flip case, when folded back it is too thick to fit in this holder (worth noting).
Excellent product- the best car holder I have ever bought and I have bought a few in my time !
Excellent phone holder
I had an iBolt holder for my previous iPhone, but on purchasing a 6S it was a major struggle getting the phone in the holder. Looking at the reviews and with a response from the site to my question, I went ahead and purchased. Im not disappointed! The holder is fully adjustable for my phone and the larger 6S plus. Looks well made and unlike the previous model i had, it was ready to simply place on the screen or in my case the dashboard.
While there are many cheaper makes this is by far better quality and money well spent.
Charge cable broke within a day
Install this and it worked great - just as I wanted.

Sadly, by the end of the first day the charge cable broke. It would not charge the iphone unless I moved the cable close to the connection with the iphone.

Great design, terrible quality.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you had problems with this item. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can send you a replacement.
Money well Spent
Just what I was looking for works a treat and looks good. Well made piece of kit.
iBolt excellence
iBolt seem to make excellent products and this is 1 of them! I've had a different phone holder from these before and it was the best I've had and I've tried a few different brands in the past. This is such a good design with the lock in feature to accommodate most sized phones with and without cases. when the phone is in place there is a slight bit of movement if you deliberately move it from side to side as the holder only keeps it in place via top and bottom but it still feels safe and wont fall out so don't worry about that.
Great holder
Great holder works very well with iphone6 with or without cover, need 2 hands to connect or disconnect with heavy otterbox cover, great suction pad
great ibolt
the ibolt 2 is the best in car charger I have ever had it is brilliant peace of kit.
Get the Best!!!
I now have 2 of these! One in my car & one in my wife's car. When you put this on the screen, IT DOES NOT COME OFF!! This is a Quality holder, had loads of cheap holders and wasted my money, if I had bought this in the 1st place I could have saved money... I am a gadget freak and I try all kinds of items, but wouldn't hesitate to recommend this holder to anyone.
great device
wasn't to sure when I got it but I have used it several times now it holds my phone very securely and works great fantastic product
This one is brilliant. I had the previous version but a tight squeeze with the iPhone 6 so I upgraded. So glad I did as it's so much better, easy clear instructions, charger lead already fitted securely and can be used with or without a case changing the size easily. Perfect, love it.
This is very secure once attached to the dashboard. The phone feels secure as well.

Once you attach the phone it is easy to move it into a comfortable position.
Perfect for the job intended
from start to fiinsh excellent !!!!! Web site great and very user friendly, item delivered within 24 hours - 1st class post. The ibolt ipro2 is strong and easy to use. It sticks firmly to the windscreen and the holds the phone very securely. Very happy lady!!
iBOLT iPro2 car dock
Looks cool
Sticks to the window well, haven't used the dash stick thing. The clap and arm once tightened is verry firm ,not wobbling around. The USB lead is long comes with Velcro to tie it up. The adjustable height is good and the spring top holds well.I use it with an Iphone6 - the only thing is once its down on the lightning connector you have to use two hands to get it off its quite tight ,i suppose it stops it just sloping around .Construction seems to be solid no flimsy bits i have seen yet.I did buy 2 and they arrived here fast and perfect condition.i would recommend this dock and this supplier. cheers si
Great product
A sturdy holder that is fully adjustable and fits the iPhone 6 even in it chunky case. The suction cup works really well even on my dirty windscreen.

Would happily recommend this product
Fast delivery and the product solid, well built and I'm happy that it is not going to drop my phone. Driving across unmade roads on building sites it sticks where I want it and there is very little vibration at all.

Great product
Excellent Product
It may look like and ordinary car holder but it is the best I've ever used no looking for the charger cable just put the phone on the holder with one hand and it instantly connect to the built in charger.
also the phone doesn't shake whilst driving which happens with cheaper products
best product ever.
Brilliant product and service!
Brilliant, I've had many phone holders in the past, most of which can instantly pick fault with, however as soon site installed this one I could tell it was a good quality product. It was delivered very promptly and I was impressed with the overall service. Would definitely use again and recommend.
Perfect car holder for iPhone 6
The iBolt iPro2 Active Car Holder is the perfect holder for my iPhone 6 plus and the speed of delivery/the standard of service from MobileFun was excellent.
Always have an issue with car mounts that is until the iBolt iPro2 it is fantastic.
I ordered this at the weekend and received it within 24 hrs from dispatch which is excellent service.
Excellent phone holder & charger
This device holds my iPhone 6 really well. The suction pad has some adhesive on it which keeps it securely fastened to the windscreen. It is easy to mount and dismount the phone.
Great Holder for any size of Iphone.
Great Holder for any size of Iphone.
I bought a cheap one and then this, this is so much better and convenient. very happy

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