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Huawei WS322 WiFi Booster, Access Point and Media Router Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Create a Wi-Fi hotspot, boost your Wi-Fi range and provide an Internet connection to wired devices with absolutely no lengthy wires with the Huawei WS322 Wireless Booster, Access Point and Media Router. Great for in the home, business and when travelling.
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 4.8 stars from 10 customers

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Just what I needed
Excellent item. I needed a wifi repeater as some places in my home had a dead signal. It was easy to set up just plug it in and go online to finish the setup. I now have an excellent signal.
Easy Peasy set up
I ignored the complicated instructions and set the device up near the router at my PC. After a few minutes it was synced and works right out though the garden and garage. Easy to move around and works a treat.
best wifi repeater
Easy use ,50-60 m. wifi n cover , speed 300 Mbps. work good for media HD 720p streaming .
An affordable access point
This is a very useful device, I am using it as an access point for my home network to improve wireless coverage as my house has had new foil coated insulation added which kills wireless signals. The device was not as easy to set up as it could have been and the instruction could do with significant re-writing and I would guess that setting it up as an access point without either networking knowledge or a portion of luck would be difficult! Once set up as an access point you don't appear to be able to access the device to check any settings or logs if it has any! If this was all improved it would an amazing device! Because of the instructions and access to it after set up it drops a star.
Useful Wireless Extender
I bought this as a repeater for my BT Home Hub network. I have a large old house with brick internal walls and there was no router signal at the back of the house. It's a bit tricky to set up as the WPS button doesn't work on the BT Home Hub, so you have to log into its Web address and set it up as admin. Once you get it working it's fine, although when moving from router range to WS322 range the signal can die temporarily as your device tries to hang onto the router signal. It finds the WS322 afterwards. It is much more robust than my old Edimax repeater.
Great Product, great price
The Huawei WS322 WiFi Booster, Access Point and Media Router is so convenient - just plug and play. Really good value in a compact unit.
WiFi extender that works
Excellent value for money, my WiFi dropped off upstairs and i was looking for a cost effective solution, this was it, the only down side is that you need to connect it via a network cable to your router and idealy place the unit locally to the black spot in your network. Once this is complete it just works, i now have an excellent signal where once it was so low it was on and off.
would this work and save me money
The manufactures wifi adapter was over £100 for a blue ray player. I took a chance on this.Took it out the box followed the instructions pressed the button,it scanned for the wifi and connected straight away.If you need a wifi extender or adapter look no further than this,has to be the easiest Wifi item I have ever used and had to set up.On my recommendation a friend who hates this type of technology brought one and was really impressed with the stability and ease of use.
Great product.
Does what it says on the box
Use especially with our Sky HD box for catch up and on demand due to problems with where our phone line and router are located.
Had to reset it about once a month - but thats usually when the sky box has crashed anyway.
Handy and compact piece of kit.
just what i needed
10MINS to set up , good strong signal in the dead spots in house, even good in the garden a good buy and good price .at last something that realy works thank you

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