Huawei P30 Ultra Thin USB-C Qi Wireless Charging Adapter Reviews

Enable wireless charging for your Huawei P30 without having to modify your phone or use a special case with this Ultra Thin Qi Wireless Charging Adapter.
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Nice fix for a feature that should be standard
The information on the website covered everything. The unit gets warm when charging which is not an issue. The unit fits with the standard case but I haven't tried it with an after market case yet.
Ideal qi adapter
Works well with ip30 lite, fits well inside mobile case, charges mobile well
Works well
Does what it's supposed to do

It's working!
I bought two of these when my new car came with a wireless charge, while my phone didn't have the possibilty.

I use it once in a while, and it charges relatively fast and works like a charm.

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