Huawei P20 Pro Ultra Thin Qi Wireless Charging Adapter Reviews

Enable wireless charging for your Huawei P20 Pro without having to modify your phone or use a specialist case with this Ultra Thin Qi Wireless Charging Adapter.
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Very 'hit and miss'.
It has a very low output by design. It has charged my phone successfully twice. Other times I have had to remove it and charge the phone normally. Most recently it was 'charging' all evening, though the battery remained at 60%
I would have thought the connector would have been a 'through' connector. If you want to use headphones or cable PC connection, you have to remove the case and adaptor
I'm not giving hate but when I bought this adapter i thought it would work but I bought it and I saw that it looked strange and that it was bent and folded I thought I could just fix it myself but it did not work at all even after I tried fixing it
This device works well. Made my hubby's Huawei p20 phone able to charge wirelessly. Very slim, hardly noticeable, really pleased with it. Very easy to access charging point if need be.
Huawei P20 Pro wireless adapter
Great product and excellent customer service, fast delivery too. Highly recommended.
Great product
Works very well
When in use it appears to run worryingly hot .to touch also a pass through to allow connection of headphones
Slow charging but does the job good for people who work as delivery drivers for Amazon yodel dpd etc who take phone off from holder on each delivery save you from hassle to plug and unplug charger.
Huawei smart adapter .
I was delighted to find an alternative way to charge my phone. I was not happy trying to connect to various chargers, with the risk of damaging my phone trying to make it fit.
Now, I just have to lay it down on on my charging pad, and that is it.
Any downside? Well, it is simple to attach the adaptor, but you have to place the phone about half the way, or it won't charge. When both green lights are on, you are OK. And it seems to take longer to charge, you don't get an express delivery.
Those things aside, it is still a livable to go.
Charging ahead
An excellent product, very simple to fit and easy to use. Value for money. No need to worry about poorly fitting usb charging sockets!
Works a treat
Was advised to buy this product by thx sales person as I purchased the Huawei p20 pro and wanted to continue to use my wireless charger from my previous phone. Works a treat. You do need to have a phone cover if you leave it permanently attached although you could just attach each night. Excellent service from the company.

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