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HTC One M8 In-Car Mount Cradle and Suction Cup with Hands-Free Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your HTC One M8 completely safe while driving with this case compatible in car cradle and suction cup mount, complete with hands-free.
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 4.5 stars from 19 customers

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Mixed thoughts
It does the job well - hold the phone securely, lots of manoeuvrability, and a long charging cable.
However, whenever it's plugged into the cigarette lighter, it seems to cause a huge amount of interference with the radio! So bad that is makes it impossible to listen to. Could be just mine, and I don't know what it would be like with a DAB.
Also, two weeks after getting it, the charging unit had developed an odd rattle....
Strong, flexible, adjustable mount
The cradle holds the HTC One M8 well in either portrait or landscape. Its easy to insert and remove the HTC in/from the cradle. The cradle appears flexible enough to position HTC suitable for your driving. The suction pad on the arm securely attaches to windscreen. I did not use dashboard suction pad. The cradle joints appear sturdy enough to tilt HTC in different positions. Only downside is that the cradle is not big enough for a sturdy HTC case such as Spiegen SlimArmour - so have to remove HTC from case every time the cradle is used.
Safe, secure & simple
This is a great addition to my gadget accessories. I recently changed car and opted out of SatNav as my new 'wee' car is just for to & from work. But I wanted to have the option of viewing Google navigation on my phone safely if needed. This is perfect. Attaches securely and sturdily to the windscreen, is adjustable in 2 places to get the best angle for your driving position. You can charge the phone through the dock using the enclosed USB charger and tuck it away out of sight when you don't need it. I would recommend buying this in a heartbeat, you won't be disappointed.
Htc m8 cradle holder with hands free
Great product , I spent a little more as I needed a good holder .this is the best around
Only problem is interference when charging as radio frequency is same .
Generally very good
This is a replacement for my original HTC mount, where the cable became faulty.

Sticks to windscreen very well but does suffer from some wobble. Also, is rather bulky. The speaker and mic are good quality, however, I have found it to block some FM radio channels (apart from R1 and R2).

The HTC One M8 will go into car mode when connected.

I would recommend this as a cheaper and better alternative to the HTC version.
Very Good
A large phone mount that sticks like glue to the windscreen. Slight wobble that's acceptable.

I really like the powerful speaker and receptive mic. I drive a bus and can use this handsfree from the back of the bus - not driving obviously!

Only crit is that the adapter plug should be rotatable in the socket.

It can go into drive mode - if you allow in on the phone sseettings.

I bought this because the cable broke on my official htc MOUNT.

Overall, very impressed.

Quickly delivered.
Great mount
Got this for my boyfriend on Valentines day. He absolutely loves it and uses it all the time. It has great hold and the suction cup makes it very practical as you can put the mount away when it is not needed. Overall a great buy, great value for money and very fast delivery.
Spot on. Exactly what I wanted.
Delivered promptly and good value for money. Doesn't look or feel cheap, yet it wasn't an expensive item. Arrives assembled to fit an M8 without case, simply pop out a plastic insert to increase the capacity then it fits the M8 with it's stock case on perfectly. In landscape orientation just sit the phone into the holder and flip into place the hinged, foam-padded clip at the top of the holder. The main body is attached to the adjustable arm by a ball joint giving ample adjustment. The arm then has a normal elbow/swivel joint which meets the suction cup. The holder has a short length of charging cable attached which plugs into the phone, your long lead (supplied) then plugs into the back of the holder. This is a bit fiddly, mind you.
Solid enough, no vibration in use, loads of adjustment and no more taking the case off for car use. Also supplied with the little dashboard disc to suck to, but who uses those, right?
Great product, don't spend loads on a fancy one, get this.
Excellent bit of equipment!
This has to be the best holder for this phone,I have tested many and this is the best by far! Connects straight to car mode and my Bluetooth stereo so there's no escaping the wife's nagging now even in the car!
Great ProdProduct, fast delivery, highly recommended
Surprising good
Very good quality product and great design. I was pleasantly surprised at the functionality of this - very easy to use and works well.
M8 Car Cradle
Love it! The convenience of not having to remove the case makes up for the need to manually plug in the power. Seems to hold a little firmer than the HTC branded one and it's half the price!
Just perfect - An HTC M8 Car Cradle.
After trying several different cradles that did not hold the phone securely and or took time to secure the phone; this 'compatible' cradle with its simple slot and clip approach means that the phone and be mounted and dismounted is seconds.
The initiative multi-position mount also means that the cradle and be mounted outside of the drivers line of sight but can be angled so that it is easy to view. Very good product indeed.
I have only had it a few days but it appears to meet my needs. Its too early to really say overall but initial impressions are good.
great item
bought the item for my htc one m8. fits great works great just wish i could make it so i can use the camera with out getting the stand in the way
great product at reasonable price.
I ordered this for my m8 and couldn't be happier. Fast delivery and good quality product. When you plug the phone in it is set automatically set to drive mode which is great. Funky blue ring round the charger is a nice touch.
Got a KiDiGi car mount for my HTC One X 2 years ago after trying multiple other ones which turned out to be no good, so when I upgraded to the M8 I didn't think twice about ordering their car mount for it. Very well packaged when it arrived. Pulled it out and stuck it together, ummmmm, not like the last one that was solid as a rock. When I slipped the head into the window mount there seemed to be a good bit of play in it, not impressed. So out to the car and picked a spot and stuck it to the window. Slipped in the M8 (With case) and plugged in the charging cable. Up popped the car app. Then off for a drive. Can't say I noticed the play in the mount when I was driving, thumbs up from me.
The head of the mount can also be mounted at 3 different positions and the way the phone is held in place means you can use the camera on the phone while driving if you really want to.
Great bit of kit, well recommended.
Not a bad car mount
I have had this car mount a couple of days now and it holds my phone well and the suction cup operates very well and is even hard to remove at times.
The item comes in nice packaging with the Kidigi brand, it comes with...
Black plastic disc
Arm of holder
Car charger
One thing i noticed was when i attached the arm to the cradle it was a little wobbly, but it hasnt caused too much of a problem in the car.
My phone sits nicely in the cradle with the HTC's case on and is held firmly.
When placed in the cradle car mode is enabled and the camera and phone buttons are unobstructed.
So far i am very pleased, i wish it was a bit more compact but at least my phone wont get scuffed over time when being placed and removed from the cradle.

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