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HTC HD2 Leather Flip Case PO S511 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This Genuine case is made from high-quality fabric and protects it from dirt and scratches.
Price: £14.95

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This Genuine case is made from high-quality fabric and protects it from dirt and scratches.
 4.7 stars from 36 customers

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We have three of these now in the family and you cannot touch them for practicality, protection and great value. Highly recommended. Great service also form mobilefun.
A fine case
Of getting just what I expected.
A good quality, robust and stylish case that protects the pad but allows all functions and ports to be accessed.
"HTC HD2 Leather Flip Case
Very good quality and an ideal fit for my phone. Unfortunately the hd2 phone I had was returned to the manufacturer and I bought an htc desire hd but with a bit of tweaking
the case now fits my new phone.
Boring, in a good way!
Ordered the case for my HD2 which arrived promptly and is a nicely made bit of kit, boring because I just ordered, paid and it arrived. No drama, no delay and no disappointment!
Absolutely perfect
Not being able to buy a suitable case in all high street outs, this was exactly what I was looking for. Snug fit works well being carried in trouser pocket
htc hd2 flip case
Superb, very user friendly, protects phone, does exactly what it says on the tin, will be buying another for my other htc. Excellent service from mobile fun, highly recommended.
HTC HD2 Leather Pouch PO S511
Item arrived in good time and condition. On unpacking found case was tight fit, had not considered about charging stand when I purchased this item, fit is very snug so can't remove to use stand. Brought case to protect screen mostly and it does that. Have dropped phone since using case protected phone and no damage, very good. Very good purchase.
Good fit
Delivered fast. Mobile-fun always good for this. This case is a perfect fit for the HD2. This is the second one I have had. The first lasted a year of abuse and protected the phone. What more could you ask for.
HTC leather case
Really nice case for my HTC Desire phone. Excellent delivery service, arrived next day from order.
Very good
High-quality product, good material, seems reliable & well-made. Only slight problem is getting the phone back out of the case once inserted. Fast delivery, cheap price. Very impressed overall!
HTC HD2 Leather Case
Love the design & look but less happy about the construction. I had to have the 1st replaced as the stitching started to come undone and it is a feature of the case. The stitching still isn't brilliant in the replacement but I'm keeping it. Also, the leather finish (black) comes off easily.

Having said all that, I still love the case and the service in selling and replacing by MobileFun was the best.
HTC HD2 Leather Pouch PO S511
Arrived today and very pleased with it, Phone is really secure a nice snug fit. I tried a cheaper one and the phone did not fit very well, you don't need to remove the phone for charging etc (unless you have a charging dock, but you would have to remove it from any case I would think) The look and feel of this case is reflected by the price, well worth the money to protect an expensive phone. The service from Mobile Fun is first class thank you guys, if I need anything else for any of the phones in the family this will be my first point of call.
Thanks again,
Excellent product and good service to
This is an absolutely great case it's well made a good looks good and protects your telephone. I dropped my recently as you do, and it did not even scratch the telephone. Well worth the money I would highly recommend purchasing it and even when it gets worn out old replace it with you one as it's cheaper than buying new phone.
I have read other reviews in relation to this item and cannot really add anything extra to their praise.
HTC HD2 leather case
Does what it says on the info neat and slim enough to still put your phone in your pocket. Delivery excellent.
Stylish and fits snug and secure
Case fits perfectly onto phone and also looks stylish. Clasp does the job. Though others complain it is not very secure. Not sure what they mean as the there is no way the phone will dislodge from the case itself. The fitting is very secure and I'm very pleased with the quality and design of the product.
HTC HD2 Leather Pouch PO S 511
Very good quality,phone fits very good,good price and quick delivery.
Pouch PO S511 Excellent.
This is by far the best pouch that I have seen for the HTC HD2 phone and I have looked at quite a few! It fits very snugly into the case and adds very little to the overall dimensions of the phone.Camera,volume button and usb and mini-jack port are all accessible with the case closed. The front cover opens very quickly when a call comes in as it is not fixed by a press stud as on some cases. All in all I am very impressed with this pouch.
HD2 Leather Case
A passable item, fairly well made, but ultimately too bulky for the phone (for my tastes) One thing you have to watch out for - be careful that no grit gets trapped between the flap and the screen, as scratching of the glass is a real possibility
So far, so good
Grips phone firmly, good screen cover, easy to use. Only had it a couple of weeks, but appears durable. A wrist loop would be good, otherwise content with the product, so far
HTC HD2 Leather Pouch PO S511.
The case is well made and it is easy to use the HD2 while in the case.

It is not possible to put the device into the charging cradle while in the case, so I could wish that it might have been a little easier to remove the HD2 from the case.

Otherwise, it does evrything that I could ask of it.
HTC HD2 Leather Pouch PO S511.
This is a very good case it is better than the flip case for £8. 97 it is still a little tight but is easer than the flip case which my brother had, the one thing you cant see is the light at the top that tells you have a call but its not a big thing.
HTC HD2 Leather Pouch
I have had several pouches for various mobiles and hated practically all of them. This is by far the best I have ever had. Easy access to phone and buttons. Camera is in full use and it doesnt make this already larger phone any bigger unlike some other pouches for this mobile.
Great case for a great phone
This case is a tight fit on the phone, but as it still fits into my car mount, that's not a problem. The solid cover over the screen is reassuring, and the clip is easy to open and close. The only fault I can find is that you can't see the alert light if you've missed a call or message.
Fits my great phone so well
A great service and product from Mobilefun. The leather pouch is such high quality and fits my HTC HD2 so well, and from ordering it, it only took 24hrs to reach my letter box. Thanks so much Mobilefun.
Casse for HD2
well designed and easy to use. allows full control of the phone.
Spot on!
quality product, does exactly what it says. quick delivery. A***
Good protection
A good piece of kit which protects the screen whilst allowing you to use all functions. Does not clip fully closed but not really an issue.
awesome !
highy recommneded !!!
Top class case. Looks and feels the business.
Mobile fun’s service is amazing. I’ve ordered the case on Friday afternoon (3.30pm) and received it 1st thing Saturday morning. I’ve been shopping with mobile fun now since 2005 and never been let down by their service. Keep it up mobile fun.
The case itself is a very classy, fits in like a glove. Feels strong. The closing catch is perfectly secured, is not too tight when closing. Hence this makes it easy to use your phone.
I’ve used other cases, (unofficial) there not as good as this. It’s a reasonable price for a expensive phone.
100% Genuine HTC.
HTC HD2 Leather Pouch POS511
Seems to be a solid case, but am concerned that it doesn't clip over the phone very well and so the flap that covers the screen keeps opening.

On the upside, you can access all of the screen without having to keep taking out of the case unlike the one supplied with the phone.
Not bad from HTC
This case uses the open screen design which allows you to get to any part of the device screen while it is in the case. All the best cases for the HD2 are designed this way.

The clasp is novel, it being a bent hook that hangs off the top of the device. It works, but strikes me as a tad insecure. Note that there is no belt clip or hook or any way of attaching the case onto a belt.

The straps at the bottom of the case are 2 different thicknesses. I know of at least one case where the thinner strap has failed; however mine is fine.

Overall, a great design which could be improved by a better locking mechanism and some form of belt attachment, hence the 3.5 star rating.
HTC HD2 Leather Pouch POS511
Well-made and smart looking, but slightly concerned with the closing catch being a little secure?
Mini-Review HTC HD2 Leather Pouch PO S511
I placed an order online for the HTC HD2 Leather Pouch PO S511 from Mobile Fun.

Imagine my surprise when it turned up less than 24hrs later.

My initial findings are that it is a great case.
1.Small footprint.
2.Nice & Light.
3.Feels very strong (the screen & back cover have metal stitched inside the leather).
4. Everything can be accessed whilst the case is closed.
5. The HD2 is retained by solid leather groves situated either side of the case running from the bottom of the case to half-way up.
This means the entire screen is easy to touch (some cases have leather that protrudes near the edge of the screen making it hard to use the sides of the screen).
6. The clasp is unique in that it is solid but does not have any metal/press-stud. It simply bends onto the HD2 holding it very firmly in place.

Overall, very impressed with this great priced case.

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