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Happy Braided Light-up 1m Lightning Cable - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This fun and functional 1m Lightning cable connects your iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus 5S, 5C, 5, iPads or iPods to a laptop or PC for efficient charging and syncing and will also charge devices via a USB mains charging adapter. In White.
  • Mobile Fun ID 49120
$13.17 inc VAT
 5 stars from 3 customers

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Funky & unique
This would have to be one of the most stylish & unique cables ever made for smart devices. Not only do they come in a wide range of colours, are braided for extra strength & longevity. Each plug end comes with their own bright LED light that systematically changes colour. Which is perfect for using when there's not enough light around to safely plug in your device. No more frustration over not being able to see in th dark or risk scratched paint around the power port. What's more is that they're so reasonably priced so after the first arrived I had to get two more while still available. The only down side is that the extra changing light tends to upset my sleeping pattern. Which is easily rectified by putting it underneath something to block out the light c& avoid the issue entirely. This apparently is a must have item because all of my friends have to have their own too. Get yours while you can & before they run out entirely.
great cable, excellent service
Mobil fun has great prices and excellent customer service. Thanks
The coolest cable on the market today.
Who else have found themself in this predicament also? Late at night, half asleep, in the dark & you're trying to plug in your device to charge. Well this cable has helped me see the light, literally as the Thunderbolt plug has a handy LED light. Which is perfect for every situation, every time, bar none & there's no other cable like it. Comes in a wide range of colours & is braided for style, strength & longevity. A huge plus was that MobileFun had it at a really low price. I've had plenty of cables & this one is easily the best by far. If I need another it's definitely going to be one of these.

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