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Gripmount iPhone 5S / 5C / 5 Lightning Car Charger Mount Kit Reviews

Designed for use with the iPhone 5S / 5C / 5. This pack allows you to charge your iPhone 5S / 5C / 5 on the go and mount it securely in any vehicle.
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 4 stars from 41 customers

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Works great.
No problems with item. Works as expected.
Flawed but useful
Obviously your own mileage will vary with this. The grip works perfectly now with two iPhones i've owned, 5 and 6. Sadly the suction cup has a nasty habit of losing it's grip never more than an hour after attachment. The supplied charging cable threw constant errors on the phone and actually came apart on me. I replaced it with an official Apple cable and that has worked perfectly since. The 9v charger has been utterly flawless.
Charger stopped working
The grip mount works ok although does shake quite a bit - but the USB charger just stopped working on my iPhone 5S after about 2 weeks of light use. I may have been unlucky as not many have reported this but you do get a message that the device is not supported when you plug it in and lo and behold it wasn't in my case.
Ticks all the boxes
Great product, seems to stick to windscreen on and holds my iphone fine.
Very Good Product
I found the product very good. Quick delivery to begin with.

The product itself is neat and tidy - not bulky like some phone holders. The phone sits easily in the brackets - I think if my partner wanted to put his phone in there (HTC instead of iPhone) it would most likely fit as the brackets stretch to the phone.

A charger is included and works - although a notification comes up on my phone saying it the cable etc is not supported...still works though!
Just the job
I have mine mounted on the dashboard, using a mounting pad I had for a previous holder. It is very neat, holds the phone well and is simple to clip and unclip the phone.
Is good but it tends to tilt down when held on landscape
Just want I hoped it would be
I was looking for something that mounted my iPhone 5s (it would mount any similar shaped phone to be honest) to the windscreen. This device does just that, but with an added bonus: if you car has some other smooth, flat surface, chances are it will work too, as I found as a bonus.
The only drawback was the charger that comes with it only works if you swap the cable for Apple's one otherwise it will not charge.
Good stuff.
Perfect, the most useful gadget since the iPhone!
Fed up of my phone being 'loose' in the car, and quickly loosing it's charge when using the sat-nav function (in my lap) I set about looking for an in car charger. Finally found this little beauty.
Was doubtful at first of the fixing, but it works perfectly, with no faffing about.
The pincher style phone holder grips the phone without causing damage, is robust and solid, and the charger does the job, fast.
NO shaking, NO messing about taking the phone out of it's case, easy and quick, plenty of cable so you can place the mounter almost anywhere.

Don't know how I managed without it.
Very good but shakes
Grips to windscreen very well, and very useful that it can take diffent phones and with covers on or off.
Not sure if mine is slightly faulty, but phone vibrates a lot when in the holder. Very distracting when using phone as sat nav.
Other makes of holder I've never had this problem with.
Suitable for my needs
The item in general is ideal and over all works perfectly, the only draw back is the cable, for some reason it stopped working after using it for just one day. I've put in for a replacement and hopefully will get a new one soon.
Perfect road trip companion
Have only borrowed a Tom Tom device before and liked it, but since I drive rarely decided to get a reasonably priced holder for my iPhone 5 with Tom Tom app and this was far better than expected considering some of the reviews. Stuck on glass on drivers side cable was perfect length to fit into power socket on dashboard of Zipcar golf for road trip to Goodwood. I rarely recommend items as I'm usually too lazy, but I would recommend this and had no problems with the cable unlike some other customers.
Perfect gadget for my car!
I bought this because I've upgraded to iPhone 5 & needed a new in-car charger -but I use my sat nav App regularly & also had to have a new holder -this one is perfect as it does exactly what it says. I like the fact I can leave my phone in its cover(which is a full leather one) & can still use my audio lead to listen to music & answer calls through the car speakers. So im very happy with the purchase & the service - it arrived within 24hrs which was fantastic.
Very Handy Combo
Does what it says on the tin. Charges my iPhone 5, whilst using the claw holder to use my iPhone 5 as a sat nav. Very handy, good price. Very Happy.
Phone holder
The clamp works as advertised but the cable broke within a week.
Gripmount iPhone 5 Lightning Car Charger Mount Kit.
Seems great. Holds the phone securely even with cover on and can flexibly adjust position. The charger is compact and makes a good connection in my cars rather short charge socket.
Very pleased with purchase.
Just what I needed
A good piece of kit for the money. Needed a new car holder for my iPhone 5 as well as a charger. For the price this kit was a no-brainer;charger and holder for same cost as a charger. Holder is small and whilst sturdy does shake a little which can be off putting if in the corner of your eye. This is perhaps a result of the car and location, top right of screen. Nice long charging lead and USB charger that actually charges the iphone 5 from lighter.
Distracted driving laws are in effect now and I wanted something to give me hands free, and convenient, access to my phone. This product was perfect for my needs. Unfortunately the suction cup is weak and my phone has fallen off the windshield numerous times while driving. Most recently, the charging cable doesn't work - very cheap construction. Overall I like the "design" of the product but the components are cheap and the product didn't last more than 30 days from the time I took it out of the box. Lesson learned.
A very good buy
Wanted a car kit for my IPHONE 5,and the gripmount does the job great have not had any problems
USB charger not working
After a few weeks with this device I could no longer get the USB charger to work on my iPhone5. This appears to be a problem with the cable that was provided. This is a pity as the rest of it works fine, and would otherwise have been given 5 stars
Well done Mobile Fun!
I am always cautious when ordering products from new websites and rarely give positive feedback, although the service I received from Mobile Fun was fantastic. Ordering on the website was simple and delivery was swift. There was a problem with the first charging lead that arrived and I thought at that stage that it may be some time before I received a replacement. However, using the Collect Plus return service I had a new lead and grip mount in a matter of days. It is primarily for this reason that I will continue to use Mobile Fun in the future knowing that they really do look after their customers. Well done Mobile Fun!
It just works
The Gripmount works perfectly. Ideal for the iPhone 5 as the 'grips' fit the contours of the phone exactly. Felt like a solid grip during a journey over a variety of terrain.
The lightning lead is slightly longer than usual so you can use it regardless of where your charging socket is!
Well worth the money.
The Gripmount should work with a variety of other phones too!
Works very well
Good product, comes with the lightning cable and 12v charging unit. Sticks to the windscreen easily only issue is the suction release mechanism can bit a bit tricky.

Have used it for a few long journeys and it seems stable enough and no damage to the phone it works with cases to.
Perfect for my new phone.
So far the cradle works well and seems to be well built. Easy to install and so far no issues.
That will be lovely.....
Excellent service and communication and posted in time for Christmas. Everything was looking good; went home for Christmas, gave it to my nephew who made all the right noises, yes thank you he does have an iphone 5, no he didn't already have a car charger/holder. Then I realised that he had almost totalled his car 3 days previously! I am sure it will be a lovely gift when I get a car to use it with says he!

Also received another item which I had to return (my fault!) easy returns service and prompt refund. Thanks!!

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