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GripMount Case Compatible Car Pack - Samsung Galaxy S2 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Hold and charge your Samsung Galaxy S2 securely in your car with or without a case.
  • Mobile Fun ID 29412
$27.48 inc. VAT
 3.9 stars from 34 customers

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Excellent kit
Although reviews were a bit varied as to the fit of the SGSII with Casemate hard case, mine fits just fine. No shaking, very stable, and I can just plug in my Samsung charging cable (my wife took the one that came with the mount for her SGSII...). Very happy with it - recommended.
Almost perfect
The best suction if any holder i've seen and you can see very little of it when the phone is in the holder. Only problem I find is that it is taking off some of the paint on my phone along the edges. Would probably say that it is just too small for the galaxy s2 by about 1mm.
Samsung galaxy grip mount holder
Although slightly awkward to get the galaxy S2 in it's case mate tough case into this holder, once in it is held firmly and securely. The holder rotates easily and mounts securely onto the dashboard. All in all perfect for three job.
Not to bad
Holds well ,easy to put phone in and out.only one small problem is the hold half covers the power and volume bottons.
Excellent Product
I read some reviews that stated it was impossible to actually put the phone in the holder as it's too stiff....

So I took a punt and glad I did! Seriously, unless your an 8 year old boy with a muscle deficiency you won't have a problem - I can do it easily with one hand!

My only gripe is that the charger cable isn't quite long enough so it has a tendency to turn my phone towards the passenger seat, but I bought a clip off ebay for 99p and job done!

The charger is also a good one, with my phone not losing charge on long journeys :)
Not recommended for wide phones
Bought this for Samsung Galaxy S2 but I have returned it. You would need two people to use this holder (especially if you're weak like me); one person required to prise open the holder and another to insert the phone.
Works just fine
Holds my galaxy s2 just fine. Good tight fit, with shell case on. Easy to insert phone after a little practice. The galaxy s2 is probably as wide a phone I would wish to use with this holder.
Nice little product
Nice and compact little product that works very well with my S2. It's a bit of a hassle getting it in and out as the holders grip is quite tight but I've got used to it. Its quite sturdy and the best thing about it is that it's very nice and compact. I hate those really big ugly car phone holders, so this is perfect.

The charger is a little dissapointing as I thought it gona be part of the holder so when you put your phone in, it's connected but the charger is just a standard separate car charger but its good to get that included in the price.
The perfect Galaxy S2 pack!
Very solid, versatile and it has a perfect adjust for Galaxy S2. Highly recommended.
Difficult to get phone in
I have just returned this item because it is a bit laborious to get the phone into it. It is made of firm flexible plastic and you have to hold it open wide enough to get the phone in. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 in a gel case, which is pretty wide, so it is a bit difficult to get the phone in each time. And once the phone is in, the holder is stretched quite wide and the phone isn't as secure as it could be. It would be ok for narrower phones, but it is being marketed as suitable for a Galaxy S2 and in my opinion it is not really suitable.
Terrible For Galaxy S2
Not Adjustable... Just sprung plastic,You need to lever out both sides of the holder then with your 3rd hand slide your Phone in...
its that tight it started to score the side of my Phone after a few trials.
Neck between suction mount and holder is so short anything other than a vertical windscreen you cant get the phone in out out(with your 3rd hand)
Grip mount
Good quality and slick design. Will mount a number of phones due to the flexible design to the window or using the additional pad, any part of your car dash or flat surface.

360 degree offset rotation which is not unlike most car navigation holders, will suit all needs.


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