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Griffin Survivor Summit iPhone 7 Plus Case - Black Reviews

Introducing the Survivor Summit case from Griffin. Providing all-round coverage, this rugged case is perfect for protecting your iPhone 7 Plus in almost any condition.
  • Mobile Fun ID 60947
$52.72 inc VAT
 4 stars from 2 customers

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Good value
I got this case after reading a few reviews that were' t great and it's all about the screen not catching on the right side I have fixed this problem the phone needs to go in the right side of the case first and when u push it in be sure the rubber seal is not catching on any of the edges the the screen will slid on with no problems
Exposed camera cutout and hard to slide on
Ok this thing does its job well for protecting my jet black uphone plus but it has 2 issues . Firstly it's screen protector is a pain to put on . The right side often fails to catch the rail and you end up with part of it jutting out . Secondly why did griffin delete the plastic film guard for the camera ? That are is already attracting lint and carp onto the lens leading to potential long term damage .
I'm considering a lifeproof if griffin are cutting corners with this new line

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