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Griffin Survivor Slim iPhone 6S Plus / 6 Plus Tough Case - Black Reviews

Dual layered drop protection from up to 2 metres, the Griffin Survivor Slim in black provides tough and sturdy protection for the iPhone 6S Plus / 6 Plus in a light and bulk free package.
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$32.65 inc VAT
 4.9 stars from 7 customers

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Great case
I bought this for my dad's phone as he works a lot outdoors and didn't want to damage his phone. It's great! Really strong, secure case. Protects the front and back. He's very pleased with it, nice and slim, I'm really pleased I chose this one.
Really sturdy case
This case is well made and will offer great protection for this phone. It does make the overall weight a bit heavier than usual but I think the benefits are overall good. There is a good size edge that fits to the front of the phone which would successfully protect the screen from getting damaged if dropped onto a hard surface. Good value for money.
Sleek but durable!
Working in a bakery I have to deal with my phone hitting against machines and bouncing of the floor, this case is perfect just for that and exactly what I needed. However when not at work and have my phone in jeans and joggers when I try to take my phone out my pocket everything comes with it because of the non slip back, although great phone case!
Very Good Product
I have had Griffin cases before and this is of the quality expected. Unlike other Griffin cases this one does not have an integrated screen protection so you will need a high quality screen protector to go with this item. The case is easy to take off and put back on. The slight curve in the case makes the phone easy to hold. This is an excellent item for the money.
Good mid level protection
This is a genuine griffin survivor slim, the build quality is great. The slim curved edges of this case help in holding the phone in your hand. The iPhone 6 plus can feel very slippery on its own. with this case on it feels solid and planted firmly in your hand. good protection for small drops and the average day to day knocks and bumps. but dust does get in and behind the case and this will build up over time and scratch your beloved phone. best solution is to take the phone out every week and clean it and the case!
Highly recommendable
Bought griffin survivor slim iPhone 6+tough case for my husband as he bought the new iPhone 6+ . The cover as what it says is very tough it covers the the iPhone very well . My bus band is very pleased about it . Then my daughter who has the same iPhone wanted one as well as my husband mentioned to her that the cover is the best so I have order another one . Very pleased with the item I recommend it very highly to any one who is looking for one . Thanks mobile fun for a prompt delivery too . 5 stars.
Excellent product
Great value for money and perfect fit on phone.

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