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Griffin Survivor Samsung Galaxy S6 All-Terrain Case - Blue / Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Built to UK and US military specifications and independently tested in extreme conditions, the blue / black Griffin Survivor tough case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 provides peerless protection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 53038
$53.10 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 17 customers

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Excellent choice
As I am well renonwed for being ham fisted the best strongest style of phone protection is what is advised. This does provide full protection.
This case will definitely protect the phone against every normal situation. It encases your phone in thick solid-feeling rubber-like material that makes it less slippery yet still retains the exterior functions like the volume buttons which don't feel inhibited by the case at all. The only negatives are that you will loose most of the styling and the cover for the charging port is a bit fiddly to open but otherwise it's very rugged, solid and reassuring in a phone so thin and light. Expensive but worth the money.
great buy
easy instructions, does what it says on the pack easy grip.
rather large size but it fits the phone perfectly. i feel my new phone is secure and safe. it dosent say the cover has a kick stand but it does and works great
Safety in a case
Good product and very sturdy should protect phone well
The product is extremely robust
I had a cracked screen from dropping my Galaxy S2 so I wanted a protective case for my new S6.
The product is extremely robust and would certainly protect the mobile if it was dropped on to a hard surface.
On the negative side, the phone and case require a bigger than standard pocket size, but a device to fix the case on to a trouser belt is provided as well.
Highly reccomended
Great item. I bought this for my wife because i have one already for my phone. She is as happy with it as i am.
The service from mobile fun is impeccable each time we order.
Highly reccomended
Good product
I am a plumber, and i required a case that would protect my shiny new phone while working in dusty and wet conditions and also from drop damage.
The griffin survivor case ticks all these boxes and more.
My only criticism so far is that the screen protector has picked up a small scratch already. It remains to be seen just how long this will last before becoming too scratched.

The case does however perform perfectly in all other areas. I have dropped it twice and the silicon just soaks up the impact. I have removed the phone from the case and not one speck of dust is inside after working in some very dusty conditions. I can also use the touch screen with specks of water on it or with wet fingers which is a massive bonus for me.
Great way to baby proof your smart phone!
I bought this case having had a griffin survivor case for my iPad which has protected it from some severe abuse!

With a toddler around my (fragile) s6 needed to be able to be chewed or hit against a table top.

The griffin survivor is a great case - the corner protection is great. The screen protector works better than the usual peel and stick types.

The only downside of this case is that because it is black and made of soft rubber it picks up 'pocket fluff' really easy!

All in all a great product to toughen up your Samsung s6!
Indestructible for the Destructible
It is no exaggeration to say that my son breaks anything and everything! So when he got his Galaxy S6 he asked me to buy him a phone protector case that would survive nearly anything. As I was unsure which one to buy I rang up and spoke to a lovely young girl at Mobile Fun who recommended the Griffin Survivor case. Suffice to say he still has the phone so the Griffin case is clearly doing something right. My son say's so too! Recommended by mum for clumsy son.
Griffith survivor Galaxy s6
This is the only cover I would put on my new phone. It is super tough & drop proof. Love it & chose the pink/white cover as it is easy to see in the car & handbag. Dont have to worry anymore about my kids playing with my mobile

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