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Griffin Survivor Case For iPhone 4S / 4 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Duststorms, rainstorms, 6 foot drops, whatever lies in your pockets; the Griffin Survivor case for iPhone 4S / 4 is ready for anything.
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 4.6 stars from 110 customers

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Great case, one thing wrong.
Great phone case, does everything I expected. Only one criticism is that I have to take off the Ely clip charge the phone every time. If the clip was made at 90 degrees and clipped on the sides of the phone then the clip could stay on all the time.
Awesome case , updated phone, buying another case:)
I have dropped my phone from 3m onto a hard tile floor, it's fallen off a moving forklift I've thrown it at concrete walls in anger I've thrown it at a timber fence in anger, left it not the roof of my car, and it stayed there till I grabbed it after 2 km of driving, the only reason I have a cracked screen is because a Toyota Land Cruiser ran it over and it was fully loaded. Awesome phone case .
Super cover
Super cover
Its doing its job
My grandson was the recipient of it and he was on final notice because he is on his second refurbished iPhone 4. He dropped the first one with predictable results. I showed him the promotion video for this case and his eyes lit up and he said that is what he wants to do when he grows up! Demolish phones while testing cases! The fact that I told him that the video was probably edited did not deter him in the least!
He assembled it himself. It is certainly industrial looking - but he feels more confident with it and does not mind using it. He particularly likes the “stand bracket” . It's early days yet. His iPad is similarly protected and that has survived a long time, so I have high hopes for it.
Great case much better than some I've tried - soft rubber outer makes it very shock proof and the added bonus of it sits on my car dash without sliding around - feels & looks great
Great product
My wife purchased the phone covers ,I couldn't,t be happier it has saved my phone many times
Great Product
This is a bullet proof cover for your old iPhone 4.......it'll Survive long after the phone gives up the ghost. This is my second Griffen - I have one for my iPad too.

The silicon case appears to reduce the microphone pick up though - most people I speak to comment that I sound like I'm underwater..........
Good protective case
Excellent product, with good protection. Button sits a bit proud so some pocket calls made, but resolved by shaving the rubber button slightly.
Griffin Case
I was disapointed when this item arrived its not what i was expecting. I bought a griffin case about 2yrs ago and decided i wanted a new one only because the one i have is old looking and the belt clip had broken but when it arrived it was not the same. I dont know why theyve changed the design the rubber it is different its more of a plastic feel and slighlty different shape around the screen. I have now returned it.
People complain about very bad sound of my voice
People complain about very bad sound of my voice as if I was under water when using this product.
Bought this for my son who is hugely accident prone to try to prevent his phone going the same way as his iPad (smashed screen the week he got it!). I have to say it's fantastic! Nice & chunky but easy to grip (he is 11 with small hands) but loses no functionality - touch screen is still really good. Highly recommend if you need a very protective, robust case!
Griffin iPhone 4 Survivor Case
I recently purchased a Griffin Survivor iPhone 4 case. The first one never arrived. When I mentioned this to them they immediately dispatched another to replace it.
Can't argue with that for service.
Can recommend
One tough cookie (well, phone case)
This is a great piece of kit! Having donated an old iPhone 4 to my son as he's now in secondary school and sometimes needs to get in touch with us and him bringing it home on the second day with a smashed screen, something needed to be done and quickly!

Where to go? Why MobileFun of course. I know they have stock of most things and with the phone being old, getting cases is becoming increasingly difficult. However, I knew that if anyone had stock, MobileFun would.

On to the case. After reading the reviews and then looking at the video, I knew this was the case for me. Ordering and delivery were simple and quick as per usual and it arrived the next day.

So with a replacement screen fitted, I squeezed the phone into the snug case and proceeded to do what anyone would do with an (almost) indestructible case. We put it to the test!

Standing on it - No problem
Throwing it around the garden - No problem
Spraying it with the hose - No problem
using it as a makeshift tennis racquet - No problem
Dropping it from a decent height (about 10 ft) - No problem
Trying to get the dog to play with it - Dog wasn't interested

All in all. A top piece of kit!
Fits perfectly. Protects the phone and keeps it "water free"
Does what it says on the tin(box).
Well named !!
The Survivor Case is an excellent piece of kit. I wear mine on the belt loop all day and it stays put. The case feels a bit numb initially but is very functional and all applications are very easy. The charge port access is a bit fiddly but understandably as it needs to be tight fitting. I like it because it does not slip out of wet or cold hands!!
Robust iphone Case
I am very happy to recommend this case to anyone who requires to protect their phone from damage in a hostile environment. This is the second case I have purchased and as a result I still have a phone that is in pristine condition despite been subjected to falls from a height, and exposed to wet and dirt associated with construction sites. This case gives total protection with dust covers on speaker, charging port ear phone jack and mute switch.
Amazing product
This is an amazing product. I bought for my son who had dropped his iPod and cracked the screen before. So when I bought him an iPhone for his birthday I wanted to make sure it wouldn't happen again. This case keeps the phone safe and secure. He has already dropped it and nothing has happened. I am very pleased with this product.
Surviver case
I've had my I phone 4s for 2 years and didn't want a up grade. Had a griffin surviver case when got my phone, it's had a lot of wear and just needed another case only becouze I have a dirty job . I struggled getting another one from phone shops becouze of new I phones comming out. It keeps my phone protected from from dirt and been dropped, when I'm not at work I take the case of and the phone is still like new.
Great case
This case should keep my new iPhone 4s in mint condition for some time and help me to get another couple of years out of my investment
very good case, i test bery hardly and my iphone not broken
Totally chuffed with my purchase
I became tired of breaking things and after reading reviews online thought I would give the griffin survivor case a try.
It arrived promptly and I was able to put it around my phone within a minute or two
The case is very well made, looks like it could stand a lot of abuse and it's grippy texture makes holding the phone easy.
The screen cover works very well and I have not noticed any difference in touch sensitivity
I am pleased to say my expectations have been exceeded and I'm thinking of ordering one for my iPad
Dropped It
Was not sure if buying this case was a good idea as I have never dropped my phone in all the time that I have had it (4 years ).
But at work had to climb ladders to get on roof of school building and it just popped out off my pocket dropped 20 feet onto Paving slabs and bounced I thought well I cant afford a new phone but when I picked it up just a scuff mark on the Griffin Survivor case and the phone works like new Thank you MobileFun for the case.
Great case, great value!
I wanted a rugged case for when I travel on an adventure holiday next year and this one seemed to fit the bill. I really liked the video showing how tough the case is and having dropped it on purpose to demonstrate this to a collegue it certainly seems to live up to expectations! Easy to fit, does make the phone quite big overall but it still fits into my back jeans pocket. Not very ladylike, I guess, but I love that it's so chunky and it really does the job - my phone feels safe with it on, so objective met!
Great Product
I work as a Carpenter so have gone through a few phones over the years, this is a great case, it makes the phone a little chunky but it protects it well, i have dropped my phone a few times and it is still in perfect condition. i also have the Griffin iPad case and that is 4year old proof! it was "dropped" down the stairs and the ipad is still like new inside! cant recommend Griffin cases enough.

Mobile fun offered a fair price and very fast delivery, there are a lot of fake cases on eBay, so purchasing from Mobile fun gave me piece of mind!!
Almost perfect
Brill phone case does what it says and protects against rain,dust and drops. And working in construction its definatly put through its paces but so far not let me down. My only grumble is the middle button is raises from the screen this added height causes the button to be pressed in your pocket alot settig off voice control and siri which is irritating. :(
Tough case
I opened this on Christmas day the box itself was easy to get into but not so easy to get the phone into the case. It took me several goes to get it right mainly due to the clip lifting up the screen protector at the bottom so the touchscreen wouldn't work. Once I sorted that it worked very well. The covers for the ports are a good idea if a little fiddly. It took me a while to figure out the forward facing camera cover mainly because I didn't read all the instructions! It's a very tough case although I haven't tested it out by dropping my phone yet but I'm confident it'll be protected. If you want a rufty tufty looking case that does the job as described then this is the case for you.
Best phone cover EVER!!!
I bought this phone cover for my son Mike because he's always losing or breaking his phone!! I have this cover and I love it so I hope Mike loves it too!! Gave it to him today when we exchanged Christmas presents! I would recommend this cover. Thank you!
Good quality product,fast delivery Thanks
Causes phone to make calls when in pocket
Was disappointed to discover that when the phone was in my pocket it started to make calls by itself after having the phone checked out I realised that the home button was activating voice commands. I cut the underside of the button on the inside of the rubber case off,seems to be fine now don't know if its a common problem could be better designed apart from that it seems a good product
First class product and service
Received this today having only ordered the previous day. Came in time for going away and just before my daughter would inevitably break the phone. Very reassuring having this kind of protection and could tell straight away that it's a genuine, quality product. Have recently been stung by a counterfeit otterbox care of Amazon trader.
No more painful cracks
Thank god for the griffin. I am surprised its not called a Phoenix or India rubber phone or padded cell... You get what I mean. As a girl it is not going to win me any points when I get it out of my glitzy purse, but then again I could use it to lob at an unwelcome admirer and still use it to phone for the ambulance afterwards!! All the features are protected but easily accessible although the flap for the camera sticks a bit. (Awkward for those spontaneous naughty shots). I love it _ i even use the funny clip thing when I'm running off the lunch. Well worth it x
Excellent product
Grandson is delighted. He can now take his 'phone rock climbing with impunity !
fantastic item
recieved this just 1 day after ordering. fitted within 1 minute.
iphone looks better than before and hopefully safer.
top marks
strong phone case as decribed
have now bought 5 phone cases and they are great and strong and protect expensive phones engineers drop them on site all the time !
Great for protection but one issue
Hi this case is great for my husbands iPhone as he is always dropping it but it has one disadvantage, when it is in his pocket the raised home button on the front keeps pressing (and holding down) and activating voice control even when the phone has been locked. This is very annoying for him and the people he keeps ringing. Maybe he just needs to buy looser trousers!!!!
Quite bulky but does what it says
Good case, is quite bulky and moulded openings are a bit arkward. Doesn't fit in my docking station without taking it all apart.. But so far it's doing what it says and protects.
A must have
This product is the best protection for your I phone. It's a must have item.
i think this prodective cover is great value,although i have not tried to destroy it as in the video.....
it does not look as attractive as the iphone but it certainly protects it.
The best
Tried the rest now buy the best!
so happy bought another for my lad.
guess what? He agrees.
After wasting money glad we found this.
Does the job
The case itself is very strong to me it feel good in the hand, The case it tight to the screen which means that anything thats in the corners on the touch screen can be hard the opperate but just use the little finger and you can get around it.

The only flaw i found was the belt clip its not build as well as the case I sat down with the phone on the clip and the plastic teeth that hold the belt clip to the case clip broke and it now lives in my pocket
Case is great shame about the belt clip
The case is great it protects the phone and feels great to.

Only problem I had was the day after i got it got in the car sat down and the belt clip sprang apart. Put it back together again then it came apart again this time couldn't repair it the only weak point in the whole design. Plastic teeth break which is a shame.
it is what im waiting for
it is very good as my husband work outside because he often drops his phone
Clumsy or just unlucky , get one of these !
Great item makes me feel more confident about using my phone out doors. Paid a little over the top for it though!
Ordered this for My Husband extremely robust and protects fully
Does what it says very robust . I am a bit clumsy at time this item is ideal for me .
Just Great
This case is brill, it really works and fits well. I feel my Iphone is secure at all times now, its two expensive a phone to wreck and holds all my info so even more important to protect it. Remember you always need to use protection.
Excellent product
Fab product really is protection in a big way if you pay apple prices the phone needs protection this is just the case
Griffin Survivor Case For iPhone 4S / 4 - Black.
Rugged, robust. It does what it says on the tin. My daughters call my iphone the brick - in this case I feel it is probably more able to cope with the bangs and wallops of everyday life than many bricks!
Griffin Survivor Case For iPhone 4S / 4 - perfect!!
Excellent service from MobileFun as always. At last a cover for my phone that protects it (I've already dropped the phone and the cover protected it completely). If you like to show off your iphone then this is not for you as the bulkiness of the cover makes it look like you have a larger phone then you have (but that doesnt bother me). If its protection you want then this is perfect!! The cover does not hinder use of the iphone in anyway.
Griffin Survivor Case For iPhone 4S / 4 - white
hello it is me Lizziette
i am deaf and handhicp ..i want order to buy for Griffin Survivor Case For iPhone 4S / 4 -white ..cost $29.95 is not bad cheap good..thanks for email..pls let me know email
How much is your phone worth to you if like me "a lot" then get this case it's the business yes the iPhone looks lovely without any covers and this case is bulky and not at all sleek but housed in the survivor it will look like the day you got it.
Toddler proof
Bought this to protect my phone if my two year old got hold of it. Caught her two days ago banging it on the table and shouting' work!'. Despite vigorous attempts the phone is perfect.
Buy this if you have a toddler.
Great Protection.
Perfect if your a tradesman does make the phone hard to kill.
Only bad point the action button sticks out and activates the voice control in my pocket (when the phones locked).
just what i need
as the title says just what i need the only problem is that i have to remove the case to SEND pictures but not to receive them.
Rating the Service/Shipment and Case.
First of all I would like to talk about the service that I got with UK Mobile Fun.
I've ordered this case around 8:30am from 2/2/2012 and I didn't really needed to feel worried cause on the very next day it was here.
Ordering the case and check out was really easy. Shipment even with that fee from Royal Mail of £2.99 no problem at all really satisfied as I said before very next day it'll be at your place for sure.

Now about the case:
Fortunately one of my colleges bought one of this and he performed some stunts with this case that left me speechless and after watch the videos which are together with this case is unbelievable how this case can handle so much punishment without crack.
So after watch the videos, check and double check I've decided to buy one survivor for my Iphone and I am pretty happy with it.
I found some minor issues that I'm trying to cope with but they're not a factor that will put you off from it and which they are: 1- the case is so chunky and when you are typing a text on facebook, text message with your phone as a portrait position it's hard to press on those keys closer to the sides of the screen.
2- you really have to handle this bits of the case very carefully/gently because these little pieces of rubber which covers the speakers, camera, the ring bell and last but not least the jack connection i think it's easy to tear it up apart.
So all in all I'll give it 8.5 out of 10.
Service/Shipment= 9
Price/quality/design= 9
If you are a construction worker then this case is for you. I watched the video and thought it cant be that good. I was wrong I have dropped my phone from 10 ft and it survived. My only bug bear is its quite chunky.
Great bit of Kit But....
Love this case. Best one I have owned so far. My only gripe is the flap that covers the headphone socket frayed and finally fell off never to be seen again. And this is also happening with the mute switch flap as well. Looks like i'll be getting another case before long and it won't be this one because of the flaps.
Does what it says on the tin!
Fantastic bit of kit - works like a dream
Does what it says on the tin.
The perfect case for my job as a gas engineer. I'm always dropping my phone or dropping something on it. All buttons & features accessible will even fit into my docking station without having to remove the case first. A*****
Tough case suitable for clumsy folk like me
Very easily fitted robust case. Does exactly what it said on the box. Backed up by fantastic service - ordered 1845 30/12/11 delivered 0800 31/12/11
Griffin Survivor Case for iPhone 4s
The Griffin Survivor case provides excellent protection for the iPhone 4s. It's very cleverly designed and all features can be accessed with the cover on. The recessed screen protector does slightly limit access to the left hand keys on the on-screen keyboard and the belt clip when reversed to protect the screen does keep accidentally switching the phone on. The camera lens cover is a bit fiddly but worth it for the lens protection it provides. Despite minor issues I still would give it 5 stars as it's the best out there and looks great. If you want your iPhone to last, this is the one to go for.
Superb Case
After watching the video of what Griffin did to this case during testing, I decided it was the case for me.
It's absolutely superb, comfortable and everyone who's seen it is impressed.
Case is great. Feels good to hold and
You know your iPhone will be safe.
It's a BIG 10/10
Not all its "cracked" up to be!!!
on day of purchase put phone on my belt using the clip, the clip then breaks my phone falls to the floor and hey presto the iphone screen cracks, costing me £120 to get it fixed, So not as robust as the video shows!!!
Griffin Survivor Case
I just got a new iPhone and as I work in construction I was worried about when I would damage it. After a bit of searching I came across this case and watched the video that highlights its features. I was very impressed and so ordered it through Mobilefun. It came the very next day and after using it now constantly I'm telling everyone about it who has an iPhone as it is an excellent product and does exactly what it says on the tin!
Exactly what I needed
This case is a MUST for all us clumsy people who manage to tread on our phones ! A great case for those who pursue outdoor activities, particularly where horses are concerned. Although a little bulky this is a true robust case offering fantastic protection to our precious and expensive phones - would not be without it and wished I had had it for my last two smashed phones.
for life's little tumbles
Plenty of similar products out there but this one is so well built allowing the use of all the phone's features without impeding it in any way. Would be rather bulky for daily use unless your daily use is in extreme environments. Extremely tough and well made, bought for a sailing enthusiast who is delighted with it.
Spot on
Overal the product is very robust although I haven't been throwing iPhone around as shown in video, a little bit bulky but protection seems very good. Very pleased with same day dispatch
Great for looking after your iPhone when out and a
Very good case, easy to fit. The case privides plenty of protection against the element when out on my mountain bike or hiking. Already dropped my iPhone a number of times when in the case and no damage at all. Cheaper and better than the otter box.
Great product
Great piece of kit protects ip4s brilliantly. Only things that let it down are the belt clip is a bit flimsy and if you havent got long finger nails the cover protecting the camera is a swine to open. Overall though top piece of kit
Exactly what I needed
Having trodden on my Blackberry last year I was devastated to repeat my clumsy actions with my iPhone on many occasions as it is so slippery until I smashed it totally. Before my replacement iPhone arrived I invested in the Griffin Survivor Case which, thanks to Mobile Fun, was despatched and received the next day after ordering. A great company and a fantastic case for those of us who are either clumsy or like my Vet work outside with equines - have bought her one too. Great gear. Thanks for super service - would highly recommend your company.
I am a general builder, my work involves anything from bricklaying, digging, concreeting just about everything. Working in Harsh conditions from wind, rain, dust and knocks.
This product is fantastic it really is. You can use all the functions with this on and it protects it perfectley. Sound levels are not effected. At the end of the day when I put my iphone into its evenning coat it remains as good as new.
Do not hesitate when looking for a genuine protection case
Superior case
Fits nicely into shirt pocket
Great protection for my iPhone 4S
Saw this on the Gadget Show and knew it was the case for me. It fits my iPhone 4S perfectly and helps protect it from damage while I'm on the building site. Without this i'd hate to think what state my phone would be in.
Griffin Survivor
Well I LOVE it but it comes with itys weaknesses.
I watched a review on YouTube and it was thrown around etc, BUT the eality is the screen cover scratches(Gouges) very easily.
I find it hard to open camera flap on rear. But Really Im happy but wish I had checked it against another case They say MILITARY SPEC which "sounds ALL " dosnt it
A case not to mess with
Amazing case and would recommend to anyone who has an iPhone 4. Even after dropping it a few times it still looks like new. Everything protected and it all fits really good. It's a must buy. Been looking for a case for a while and found this case. You would be crazy not to protect your iPhone with this amazing product
100% brilliant
If like me you value your iPhone 4 you must buy this Griffin Survivor case. I had read reviews that say its big etc but trust me when this fell out my pocket onto concrete it made sense to me that to get great protection you have to compromise on size, saying this however it does feel great to hold and is un-restrictive for the touch screen. The inbuilt screen protector is great and you don't realist it is even there. one small "con" is that it is a little tricky to access the camera behind the silicone flap at the back but it not impossible. A must buy and recommended by many!
Bomb proof
A good piece of kit great for protecting your phone at work.
Fantastic bit of kit. I work in construction my phone has already fallen in wet concrete and survived. Im well impressed.
Best case ever
I get so many people asking what case is that so I hit them with it in the knowledge that my iPhone is safe.
In fact if frodo was going to take his iPhone to mordor, I have no doubt it would be in this case
We've been waiting for this!....
This is what iPhone owners who spend lots of time in hostile environments have been waiting for! You will never need to worry about "Does it still work?", or "Is the screen cracked?" when you drop it. This case really does what it's been designed for and it will take some beating (literally!),to damage the device within. The phone is fully functional and operation not compromised in any way, all the ports have pull out's to gain access and this extends to the camera as well. It's a very well thought out and constructed case. Water intrusion from rain or a spillage is prevented to a point. I would recommend this unit to people who work in construction or other similar outdoor industry, or to people that have outdoor hobbies and pursuits. Money well spent and from a trusted seller like Mobile Fun, you can't go wrong!
Buy this one
Simply a brilliant product!

The iPhone is completely protected from all normal hazards and will look brand new when it is eventually replaced as nothing can touch it in use.

The phone itself is first encased in a solid plastic shell that is then held very securely inside the rubber outer case.

The belt clip works brilliantly and is easily removed to charge up the phone
Great case but....
Received the case and was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to fit! Great quality and Ive already dropped it, so it passed that test but...... my only concern is the quality of the belt clip. It seems flimsy by comparison to the case. It may survive only time will tell, but overall very solid!
Fumble fingers !
I have an "evening" case and this one that I put on when I don't want to worry about dropping my iphone. I put it on recently when climbing mount snowdon and it gave me the confidence to get the phone out of my pocket. I've got fumble fingers and many a phone has bit the big one while climbing mountains, well, hills. So, I actually used the viewranger app during the climb and didn't have to worry about dropping the phone or it getting too wet - yes it's was wales and yes it was raining. The case is very well engineered and consists of a tight fitting inner plastic case with in-built screen protector and an outer rubber case, both east to fit. All buttons are easy to use through the rubber jacket. It even has a little rubber door you can open to use the camera. The touch screen is just as responsive through the built-in plastic screen protector. For something costing £500, £30 for this case is a bargain. You could use it as an everyday case - it's that well made, but our lass insists that I change into evening wear for going out. It's brill. P. S. I haven't used the removable belt clip yet, but it seems secure enough, when fitted.
Bulky but bombproof
...and just that. Easy to put on and the clip is strong and sturdy. Strong enough to attach to a jacket lapel etc when out walking the dog for handsfree. The rubber is non slip and tactile but attracts fluff likes nobodies business but clipped to belt its good. Fantastic protectio for your iphone 4.
Best case iv ever bought!!!!!
Bought this case because of my job I work in a garden centre so deal with dust muck and fear of dropping my I -phone all the time. This case is robust and consists of a hard plastic case which protects from dust etc.. And a rubber case to protect from knocks and covers all connectors but all functions still work well. I have already dropped my phone once an got compost all over it but the case has done it's job and protected it! Case is a little bulky but for the protection it offers i can live with that. Great buy would recommend to anyone who is accident prone or works in a dirty environment!
It's a solid case although quite bulky and could b
It arrived well packaged and with manual.

- well made by good make
- solid
- buttons work very well

- very difficult to press keyboard keys near the edges in portrait view (it's ok in landscape)
- screen protecting plastic doesn't touch the screen until you press it thus giving a weird feeling
- quite bulky
- often difficult to open up wholes eg. for camera or charging socket. These also make it difficult to capture movies and pictures as you have to hold it all the time while taking them
robust protection
Was looking primarily for a belt hook to carry phone; bought this as it looked like a strong protector as well and I haven't had a screen protector or any other shell on my phone since I bought it. It is good although quite bulky / masculine. All the buttons / plugs are accessible via rubber flaps so you don't have to remove the cover. You do have to remove the case to dock the phone if you want to do that. The belt hook attaches to the rubber case and does need to be removed to charge the phone- easy manoeuvre. The belt hook is ok but not as tight as the generic plastic belt holster I had before (it wore out and the plastic cover of the hook fell off, hence need to replace). Remains to be seen what the lifetime of the thing is overall, but so far so good.
does what it say's!!
Outstanding, the proteciot it gives my £400+ i-phone far outways the price of the case. It looks solid and feels solid and is everything I wanted in a phone case. The fact that it in no way interferes with the phones reception or use is also a massive plus. Thanks guys.
Amazing case!
This case is just what I needed to super protect my iphone 4s! Maybe a little bulky, but good to hold - non slip!
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