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Griffin iTrip Clip Bluetooth Headphone Adapter Reviews

With the Griffin iTrip Clip Bluetooth Adapater, you'll be able to turn any pair of wired earphones or headphones into Bluetooth headphones. Perfect for use with devices without a 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • Mobile Fun ID 61038
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 4.2 stars from 19 customers

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Never worked
Not only did it not ever connect - I have not been able to turn on/off since I unboxed the product. No LEDs come on/off out of box or after charging. Is undiscoverable by any device as it doesn't turn on, so it remans a relatively expensive lump of plastic. Still no response from MobileFun in relation to this issue. This was my first purchase from the site too, which is worth noting.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Anthony

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this item. I haven't been able to find anything in the system relating to your query, so if you could contact us again we will contact you ASAP to resolve this for you.
Very happy with service and product
Very good!
I apologize, the store is excellent, in exchange to the originally defective device, they sent a new device without unnecessary conversations, everything works perfectly ... Thank you very much!
Very poor quality product
Ordered two pieces, as a result, the charging did not work on one, and the second one refused to connect to the iphone 6S, although I was connected to the 5S without problems ... Strange device and quality is doubtful, I do not recommend for purchase
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you had problems with this item. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further.
Best little Bluetooth device ever bought
This fits neatly on any item of clothing and as I have a iPhone7 + there's no phono jack (makes no difference to the iPhone ??) I bought a mobile fun headphones with a jack and due to this great invention I can continue using them and have no further outlay so can afford this great item! Also I lye in bed with the Bluetooth under the pillow and pillow speaker can pick up signal and means NO cables! Thanks #MF!! Dale
This item improves the sound so much that it makes headphones sound better than wired. The only drawback I have found is that they don't survive being washed with your Tshirt very well. That's why I've had to buy another one.
Great little guy
New iPhone made me look for a Bluetooth adapter. Easy to set up clips to your clothes or I clip it to the headphones themselves. The the volume and play buttons are what make this.
Good for music, not so much for phone calls or watching videos.
Pros: very easy to connect, battery life, audio quality for music is good. It not excellent.

Cons: very poor audio quality on phone calls, buttons sometimes do not respond on first attempt, delay in audio while watching videos

Overall, if your main use of this product is to convert your wired headphones to Bluetooth, you will be satisfied. Anything other then that, you will be disappointed. You get what you pay for.
A functional product
This product always holds a strong connection. It's ease of use is emphasised by its auto-connect feature. I use it daily, in the car.
works very well
The clip works very well, the audio cuts out only at the extreme edge of the standard bluetooth range. Very easy to pair. The only thing I would change it the actual clip for one with a real spring clip. I highly recommend it.
very good
I purchased 3 of them, 2 were gifts and I have only received positive comments. As for mine, The connector is not as tight as it could me, that may be caused by oxydation on my connectors, otherwise, the bluetooth is stable and battery life is good. Most of all, I don't get caught in the wire anymore, Thank you Griffin
Great product
Really way to use and so handy!
Worked perfectly. Perhaps having all these controls easily available is the best part. No longer needing to get the iPod out of my pocket to control it. And no dangling leads to get caught up in. Good value for money.
The Griffin Bluetooth headset adapter exceeded my expectations.
The sound is loud and clear and I gained back the functionality that I lost when Apple ditched the audio plug hole and some more. I recommend this device.
Excellent gadget
I use my Bose headphones whenever I travel by air or rail & the ability to now connect to my iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth is a great advantage.
Delayed response / volume buttons work intermittently
I was very excited to hear about this product as I had just gotten the new iPhone without the headphone jack, but this iTrip turned out to be a disappointment.

The buttons seldom work when pressed, the volume especially only seems to react 3/10 times pressed. The built in volume control on my headphones also does not work with this product, but I had guessed it wouldn't.

The battery is also a tad temperamental, the status on my iPhone shows it as 50%, yet 5 minutes into my gym session it dies. I turn it on again and then it just cuts out but still displays 50% battery life.

I would recommend this product if you are looking for something to simply act as a headphone jack to Bluetooth converter, but avoid this if you intend to use the buttons (which sucks not being able to).
Awesome in more ways than one!
If you do a search for a Bluetooth adaptor there is no shortage of them. Having some pretty good headphones already I didn't want to make the change to swap them out for Bluetooth ones. I had tried other clips (eg by Sony) but they were poor quality in terms of sound and use wasn't easy: my use case was I needed them for when I went running. These ones are great: they clip on to my shirt; the sound is pretty much spot on; the buttons are easy to use without having to see them or press hard; and finally, it feels built well. Would recommend that is for sure.
Quick connection and simple to connect. Sound quality is brilliant. In fact sounds louder with the Bluetooth device. Highly recommend.

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