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Google Nexus 7 2012 Bluetooth Keyboard and Case Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This Bluetooth Keyboard for Google Nexus 7 Asus is also a protective back case and battery for your Google Nexus 7 Asus.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37024

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 4.6 stars from 42 customers

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Great product
Great product, great service, great back up
Excellent customer service
Like an idiot, I initially bought the pre '13 keyboard for my post '13 Nexus. It was free and easy to return and The correct item arrived from Mobilefun the next day - perfect customer service. The keyboard itself is just what I need. It loses a star purely for being a little flimsier than I hoped but it works really well and I'm very satisfied. Thank you Mobilefun!
Nexus 7 Keyboard
Ordered a Nexus 7 bluetooth keyboard, Brilliant little keyboard. The Bluetooth connects easily.
When not being used it clips on the front of my nexus to protect the screen with a hard shell similar to the back of the nexus. This means i can throw it in my bag , blog and check updates on our bookkeeping website while on the road with clients. Perfect
Excellent Addition to Nexus 7 Tablet
Handing my Nexus 7 2012 on to my daughter, her first tablet, she loves writing stories - this is just the job! The right size, good build quality for the price (including keyboard itself), effortless to set up and she loves it.

Good service as ever from mobilefun
What a Google gem!
What a gem! It matches the Nexus perfectly, feels really good to use and works a treat. Easy to set up and turns the tablet into a great little laptop. What's NOT to like? Recommended to anyone with a Nexus 2012.
Nexus 7 keyboard case
Very happy with both service and product, had brilliant communications when delivery took a little longer than I'd expected.
Keyboard is surprisingly good (using it for this email), I have XL size hands and it's still very usable. Connectivity is a breeze, instructions are simple and work well, very straight forward.
And it seems to work very well as a clamshell cover too.
For the price, I am totally impressed.
Thanks guys
Nexus 7 keyboard case
Very happy with both service and product, had brilliant communications when delivery took a little longer than I'd expected.
Keyboard is surprisingly good (using it for this email), I have XL size hands and it's still very usable. Connectivity is a breeze, instructions are simple and work well, very straight forward.
And it seems to work very well as a clamshell cover too.
For the price, I am totally impressed.
Thanks guys
good battery life build quality and ease of use. the eys also have a quality feel . only minor detail it can take a couple of goes to unclip from nexus when used as a cover, but i am being really fussy there
Google Nexus 7 2012 Bluetooth Keyboard and Case
Happy once the correct unit was finally shipped
Just perfect
I purchased this item for my rather picky teen daughter. The keyboard must be as near perfection as can be, as I have not heard of any negative comment on any aspect of its use. Thank you, Mobilefun.
Forever Friends!
Absolutely thrilled with the Bluetooth keyboard/case for my Nexus 7. They integrate brilliantly; so much so that even when the keyboard is switched off the Nexus seems to look for it if Bluetooth is left on and the touchscreen behaves very oddly! Joking apart, for someone with big fingers who sometimes struggles with small keyboards, I've found it easy to use, and the viewing angle perfect when the Nexus is sat in its slot.
Nexus Keyboard. Excellent After Sales Service
Bought as a gift for grandchild. Easy to set up and works very well.

I was impressed with the after sales service. The product developed a fault several months after purchase. Mobile Fun sent a new keyboard as a replacement by return of post.

Many thanks

Good, but cramped
Good little keyboard... I find it somewhat cramped, but that is to be expected given the size I guess. The lip at the front can get in the way a little.
Quite uesefull
Works as advertised, fits the size of a Nexus 7, seems pretty good quality for this price.
The keyboard can indeed be used as a cover over the tablet screen, but 'separating' them again takes a bit of effort.

The package arrived almost in time, taking into account the delivery type (DHL global mail) and the distance (from UK to Romania): I placed the order on 5 September, and arrived here at 16 September.

Some small issues: the power button does not slide so easily; the 'slot' where the tablet has to be inserted is a bit larger so the tablet remains a bit loose..
Well thougth through solution
The keyboard fits perfectly with the Nexus. The design and quality is great. The Bluetooth sync is a bit of a pain. I have to enter a number and hit return every time I connect the device. I would have thought that once you paired the keyboard it would automatically connect up. Other than that, it's fantastic and I am getting great use out of it.
Easiest ever keyboard
Easy doesn't do setting up this keyboard justice, it's an absolute no-brainer. Switch on and up it pops then OK it and off you go. Thereafter it just works every time. To be honest I sometimes miss the android soft keyboard as all the shift activated characters are spread around the keys but it's not too bad a learning curve as they are all there. Has a back just like the Nexus has, takes the same charger and fits beautifully whilst protecting your screen what's not to like? Er, perhaps it's a little heavy? Solidly built really. Buy it.
Better than I expected
I had doubts when I ordered it but when it arrived I found it simply awesome want to ’s not very fast when you first connect it (like all bt keyboards I tried ever) but otherwise it works flawlessly. Love that it doubles as a solid case and the build quality resembles the nexus 7 itself (same dotted rubber back, same plastic interior that matches the rim). The only issue about this are the letters printed that could easily fade away. I also recommend screen protection, because there’s a line somewhere that touches the screen and the protection shows signs of use in that particular area (it’s cheap and it scratches easily, no idea how the actual screen could show signs of use and after how long).
Overall I like that it makes my nexus 7 look like a mini laptop, Without leather cases and improvised stands. It just fits all my requirements neatly :D

Cons: the viewing angle makes me want to raise the whole thing or makes me want to crouch, and I am not a very tall person. Being a tiny keyboard has an adjustment period of about 45 minutes of chatting :D
Good product but involves a problem
The product certainly does its job.

Problems like the repeated letters that sometimes appear are due to the software interpreting the input and not due to the hardware.

The only real problem that comes with it is the increased size of the device when using the keyboard as a case, especially the thickness.
A protection for the back of the Nexus 7 is still need as it is left uncovered, but nearly all the cases are for the nexus 7 alone and therefore only a neoprene sleeve is suitable.

Apart from this, the product does its job, but I would suggest to buy it not together with the device, as other solutions for fast typing exist, such as apps with particular tablet layouts.
Perfect fit for tablet
Very happy with this item. Gives excellent protection and the tablet fits well with good viewing angle. Original photo showed no tab key but keyboard delivered did have this. However no search key as shown on picture
Fantastic bit of kit!
I am really please with this keyboard, as previous comments it was easy to set up. When closed as a case the back is the same as the Nexus so it looks really good. Speedy delivery again from Mobile Gun Thank You.
Good quality for a reasonable price
Good quality of materials. Good build. Good price.
Bluetooth keyboard
What can I say. Superb product. Works brilliantly. Takes a minute to set up and excellent quality and value for money :)
Perfect... Just what the the Android ordered.... a case, a keyboard. What else do you need?
I've always used the tablet as a media consumption device and a laptop for content creation, but have found myself without the laptop more and more recently at times when I needed it. Having read the reviews of this case I'd hoped that it would help when caught on the go and needing to work (sending long emails, writing documents and remotely accessing equipment is a bit of a pain on a touch-screen). The Keyboard/Case turned up the next day (much faster than I expected) and arrived fully charged.

It's a very solid unit and I've no concerns about it protecting the tablet when i'm travelling. It also holds the Nexus in place extremely well. The keys are quite small and take some getting used to, but that was expected - they're a similar size to the early netbooks (Asus EEEPC701). The battery life is outstanding (5+ hours of use). It's been a great purchase - I highly recommend.
Problem typing
It is a good piece of kit but the lip on the front of the keyboard gets in the way of actual typing. Other than that its good.
Great piece of kit
For the price really can't fault it. Came charged and had it up and working within minutes.

Takes a little getting used to the size of the keypad but gives you back half your screen when working as opposed to using the on-screen keyboard. Can't argue with that.

Buy one you wont be disappointed.
Great for the price.
Note that to get the underscore, dash or plus symbols, hold down Ctrl while pressing the relevant key. The two keys to the left of the spacebar are like the Android keys for back and home. Alt+Tab can be used for switching between recent apps too (like in Windows and some other operating-systems) which is quite neat.

I really like this keyboard, as it means I can type without half the screen taken up with the on-screen keyboard, and I like that it works as a stand and a cover; it gets a lot of admiration from passers-by in the office too! I'm giving it four stars not five as the keys themselves could have a more positive feel to them and there's no pound sign (but having said that there was no pound sign on the Logitech K810 keyboard I bought for three times the price of this one either).
Does the job.
As other reviewers have noted there's a clip right in the middle of the space bar, but once you get used to it, it's fine. Also a little tricky to get off the tablet, but once you figure out a method it's fine too. Great value for the price.
Simply the best
A great combination of hard cover/stand/keyboard.
Fits perfectly with the Nexus 7 and paired up immediately on Bluetooth.
Ideal solution for ease of use when mobile or sat at a table/desk at home, train or plane - and provides a perfect clip on matching cover. Nothing else to carry and barely adds to the weight or bulk.
Good feel to the keys and fairly straightforward layout though it lacks the £ sign and cannot seem to be remapped in - but that isn't a big deal as I do transatlantic work and can easily type GBP.
Does exactly what it says on the tin (shame about no pound sign)
A super, well made and well fitting case and keyboard. As a case it matches the Nexus 7 design, not sure how long the locating tabs will last but if they do finally give up I will just buy another one!
The keyboard is much better than not having one, the only downside is no pound sign (unless a boffin can work out a solution).
All in all a great accessory.
I thought this order was lost ... but I was wrong !!!
In fact, I forgot I had ordered it; over the 2012 Christmas period !

Then ... the very day I chased it - it arrived.

Beautifully made; a perfect fit and an outstanding Bluetooth device. Perfection. Well done, guys and girls !
Can't be faulted. Fits like a glove and works brilliantly with the Tablet. Don't go for more expensive options. This is the one to buy.
Easy to use
Easy to use and set up..works well as case for the Nexus and with the pogo pins down shuts off and comes on when you pick up the nexus ...so a handy stand which saves groping for the on off switch.....also well made and good value
Nice robust unit
Works well with Nexus 7. Have also tried it on iphone and galaxy S2.Bluetooth pairing was very easy on all equipment. Item fits nexus 7 very well and makes a good solid case.It is supposed to make it waterproof but as yet!!! haven't tested that.
Works well with the Nexus 7
I just got mine today, and I can confirm that is working well with the Nexus.

The good:
- Bluetooth pairing was flawless.
- buttons working well.
- the design is in Nexus style/colors, including rubberized with dots back.
- very good fitting as a case.

The bad:
- initially this keyboard was advertised as "Aluminium Case with Bluetooth Keyboard For Google Nexus 7 Asus" and I order it as such. Unfortunately it is plastic.
- the Nexus fits well in this but does not use the four points for docking on the left side.
- high delivery time probably due to high demand.

For battery time remains to be tested. Overall is good value for the money.

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