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Chromecast Audio is a small media streaming device that plugs into the AUX input of your speaker, making your speaker Wi-Fi enabled. Once set up, simply use your device or Chromebook to cast your favourite tunes to the best speakers in the house.
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Nice way to stream music including spotify
Can connect this to any speaker or amplifier with an analog input to stream music wirelessly though WiFi . Works great, have not tried multi room but can do it through Google Home.
Thought we'd lost this forever....
We purchased this item when it had just come out. The last time I wanted to use it, I couldn't find it in our house. Doing a Google search led me to Mobile Fun. So glad to have found a new Audio Chromecast! The item was just as described, was well priced, and came very promptly. Thank you for a great first buying experience!
Excellent Product
Works Great, as intended. The USB Wall Wart is the UK version, easily replaced with a North American one from a phone I am no longer using. I am using it with a Digital 3.5 cable not the one that came with it.
Good value but not AU plug
Should have stated this was not an Australian unit as USB wall wart was OS plug otherwise works great.
Great for Multi-Room WiFi Music!
In my opinion, Chromecast Audio beats Sonos for WiFi Audio, because you can use with any speaker that has an Aux In Port.

There are various Apps out there that enable you to stream synchronized WiFi Audio to an unlimited number of speakers.

Chromecast is the ultimate for any WiFi Audio solution!
All good except the plug
Product works great! The only issue is the USB to wall plug adaptor is set for the EU not Canada. Needed to use my own 120v brick adaptor. Otherwise all good I purchased 2 of them....
Good product. European plug!
Love the CCA, but I didn't realize it would have a European style plug (in in US). No a bid deal since it accepts micro USB and I have plenty of compatible chargers lying around, but would have been nice to know.
Great except European power
Works perfectly but it came with a European power plug. I live in North America. I had to buy a 5v1a usb to power plug adapter.
Fast delivery, great product
I was sad to see google discontinued the chromecast audio, but was glad I was able to find it on this site, for a decent price. It came faster than I thought it would too which was great! Only bad part is the plug that came to power the device was a European plug and I live in the US. Not a big deal because it is just a usb plug and I had spares.
Neat product
Worked just as expected. Streamed all my audio files without a problem. Too bad Google is discontinuing it.
Great for Multi-Room Stereo!
I purchased 10 of these to set up a multii-room stereo casting system. They installed very easily, and receive stereo audio via WiFi which is broadcast from multimedia speaker pairs.

Works GREAT!
Great Gadget
I have a lot of high quality speakers that I do not want to replace so I can play all my music in any room/rooms in my house.
Too bad Google decided to disco the Chromecast Audio, I've bought 3 in the last month, so I am all set in all rooms.
Exactly what I was hoping for..
Was surprised how quickly the order came in, UK to Canada under two weeks.
Great Audio Streaming!
Google's Chromecast Audio is a great way to stream multi-room stereo throughout your home. It uses WiFi, so the stream is reliable, without any loss. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why Google has discontinued this product without designating a replacement to fill the gap.

MobileFun to the rescue! They still have this product in stock, and enabled me to build-out my "streaming music system" to 10 rooms!
as described - great shortcut
this is a great shortcut to getting audio to play on a secondary device with google home mini. i have an old (think 80's) boombox that still has power and rocking bass. even though the google home mini has an amazing sound output as is, i wanted to have a richer, fuller sound. hooking this up to the aux/in port and pairing it to the network and mini were simple. this really does a great job of getting the audio there. the only issue is, it's not a direct stream of the mini. meaning, if you are playing your music on the stereo from the mini, the mini sometimes won't hear you. otherwise, great product, glad i got it.
Google Chromecast Audio Rocks !!But took forever to Arrive!!
Finally received it . after what seemed like eternity! THEN I opened it up to find a Overseas Charger Adapter included... Had to use my own spare iPad Charger for Canada . But at least it worked as advertised once I set it up using Google Home App.
Not sure I would buy from Mobilefun again ?
Google Chromecast Audio Rocks !!
I am glad to be one of the last to receive one of the discontinued Chromecast Audio device. It works as advertised and gives me the functionality of a voice activated Stereo system with a endless Music Library from various streams.Google please bring it back or add a Audio output to your Google Home Products!!
Great Find!
My original Chromecast Audio stopped working about a week after hooking it up to my garage stereo. I'm a boomer that still rocks out when I'm working in my garage or outside.

When I looked online at my favorite stores for a new one, my heart sank when I discovered Google no longer sells them. I was very happy to find this store still had them at a great price, so I purchased one and I am very happy with it. I may be back for one more.
Amazing product
This product does exactly what I purchased it for, I could not be happier with my purchase.
I got this after the announcement that Google is discontinuing them. Have one already and it makes playing music easy easy easy.
Fantastic cheap solution.
Came super fast and good priced. Which Google didn't disco them. Still work great though!
Came with a British plug shipping to america
It shipped with a British wall plug when Shipping to america
Satisfactory product received in a timely manor
The experience and product very good. My only complaint is that the merchant doesn't care where they are shipping it to so if the product needs to be connected to a power supply they assume the world uses a UK adapter. They should let their customers know this but they don't. When I tried emailing the merchant it took at least 2 days to respond.
Great product
I purchased this to setup a google home speaker group. This is so when I want to listen to music on my google home I can add a bass subwoofer.
Great product
This is a great device. Worked flawless. Easy set up.
European model
Was not advertised as a euro model so needed to buy adapter. Also, if you use a mac primarily it does not see chromecast audio as an option to cast to. The only work around I have found is to cast to it from your phone and then change the music from the computer and it will work. Still worth it to be able to have all speakers playing the same thing though.
brilliant product BUT description wasn't complete...
I love the chromecast audio. It turned my old Sony stereo into a Bluetooth speaker and I love using it. sound quality is also amazing. The reason for 3 stars i not about the product but the website/seller. I'm from the US and the product came to me with a European plug. No where in the description did it say that the plug is European. Luckily I had another spare adapter that I could use for the USB power cable. This is not cool. The description should be accurate.
Love Chromecast Audio
Ordered two of these little beauties, and just in time. Let's hope google continues to support well into the future.
I'm a bit daft, i have to admit. Did not notice that Mobile Fun ships from England, so the devices, which arrived in excellent time, came with UK power supplies. I had to order some NA usb chargers in order to go forward. All good. Setup is a breeze with these devices. Music at the touch of a button ( or two). Fantastic, really!
I don't live in the UK
I live in the United States not the UK. It wasn't very obvious when I ordered that this was going to arrive with a European plug. Glad it had USB so any brick will work to charge it. Surprising that they would send this to a US customer
Great little device!
These work great! I highly recommend this product. Get some while you can!
Chromecast audio
These are becoming hard to find. I was glad to be able to order a couple of these recently. The shipping was quick and the chromecast were new in sealed original packaging.
Exactly what I wanted
If you haven’t read any reviews other than this one, it does come with an EU plug, so if you want to plug it into your US outlet, you’ll have to borrow one of the 23 adapters you own from buying new phones. I loved the one google chrome cast I had and wanted to get another before they’re gone forever.
Hesitant at start, but will com back for sure
I ordered two google chromecast audio. A product google has stopped selling. I was sure if the product is actually new or even might be defective, but I needed urgently and had to take the risk. The price was fairly low so expectations weren’t high.
The product arrived before time, and in perfectly new box.
Great customer experience, and product is exactly as advertised.
Will come back
Fast service, good price, works perfectly in the USA
I live in the USA where the audio Chromecast is hard to find and expensive. I bought the British version, tossed the British power plug and substituted a USA plug (AmazonBasics One-Port USB Wall Charger,2.4 Amp, Black, $7). Setup was quick. It works perfectly, allowing me to send music from my phone to my 10-year-old Bose Wave Radio speaker
Order received in a timely manner and exactly as described
The Google Chromecast Audio has been discontinued, so it's very hard to find in the USA (and likely most places). MobileFun had them in stock at a fair price including international shipping. Only thing to note for those outside of UK: the USB power adapter likely won't work for you. This is an easy fix as most folks have spare AC adapters that work perfectly. Job well done, MobileFun!!!
Thank you! God job!
Very pleased
Product and price were great. Highly recommended
Thankful to find this
I needed a Chromecast audio and they are hard to find now that they are discontinued. I was worried about ordering from here but I was desperate.

The price was fair and the shipping was fast. The product was what I wanted.
The one surprise was the Euro plug. I had a North American one at home so it was no big deal. Just a surprise.
Wrong power brick
Did not come with North American power brick plug. Luckily had a spare.
Very happy with the sound quality of this product .
Better instructions on how to set up multiple Chromecast Audio’s. The first one was easy but the rest were a little tricky.
Works great. I wish Google still sold them.
I was expecting a US plug from what appeared to be a Canadian site, but other than that I'm very happy. Easy to set up and reliable so far.
Uk plug not clearly mentioned
Works great!
I already have a couple of regular chromecasts for watching content, i purchased the audio for patio speakers. Hooked it up to a separate receiver and it is works great. I like that i am able to create listening zones that at i can pair with the other chromecast to listen to same music seamlessly inside and out.
Great product!
The Chromecast audio is exactly what I needed to add my existing stereo to my Google Home network. Now I have seamless audio throughout the house and can control my old stereo from my phone. Very pleased with the product and MobileFun!
Love it
Works exactly what I needed it for, I already knew that the USB adapter was a UK version which isn't a big deal, I just used another laying around the house. Its a shame that Google decided to stop production of these, they are very handy to make older speakers useful.
Google chromecast audio
Fun and easy to use
Product is great!
Product works amazingly! Sad they discontinued it but glad MobileFun had it still available. My only advice is that you should be aware that since this is from the UK, the power adapter that comes with it is one for UK plugs!
I was pleased to be able to purchase this product
I looked everywhere for a Chromecast Audio adapter but they are now discontinued. After finding and ordering one at Mobile Fun it on my doorstep in 3 days. The one delivered had a European plug which is unusable in the US. Fortunately the USB is removable. I just plugged it into a spare and the unit was ready to go.

Great business, great product, Highly recommend!
After being a victim of a fraud (by RubiShops, THEY ARE A SCAM, STAY AWAY!) I decided to purchase my Chromecast Audio from MobileFun, The package was at my door, from England, in less than 3 days! _I bought 9 units (being discontinued...) But connect only 3, all units are working perfect! I love it!
Yes the unit arrived with an European electric plug but I connected it directly to the USB jacks.
Great to do business with you MobileFun, thank you!
Great service
The Chromecast Audio works great and so did Mobile Fun's customer service. When there was an issue with shipping they were quick to respond and provided a fast solution. Thanks for the great service.
Wrong power source
I would have liked to have known that this item shipped with a plug that cannot be used in The USA.
Great seller
Product as promised, delivered on time
I will bay from them again
Excellent product
Even though Google stopped making the audio Chromecast, MobileFun seems to have a good supply. They work well and do what they are designed to do. The price is good,,too. MobileFun’s customer service is excellent.
Excellent piece of gear
The item is a simple add on for adding wireless capability to a conventional hifi setup. This requires an additional router with internet subscription for operation. Once setup it streams music effortlessly and is also Hi Res capable thanks to its inbuilt DAC chip which is capable of 24/96.
Sound clarity is very very good. Low end extension is satisfactory. Mids are a bit laid back but very well. Highs plays with sufficient air.
There is no stuttering when casting Hi Res files stored in phone through upnp apps. Streaming from Google Music is also smooth.
I am loving this little piece of gadget. Feeling sad that Google has discontinued this gadget.
Lastly Mobilefun has sent the item quickly after completing the necessary formalities at their end which delayed shipment by a couple of days. However, shipping cost to India is exorbitantly high. Infact I paid INR2260 for the device but courier charge was a hefty INR2600. This is astonishing as Mobilefun maintains an Indian Online store. This high shipping cost will restrict many Indian buyers to buy items from this store.
Partha Bhattacharjee
Hard to find!
Considering this is a discontinued item now, I was extremely satisfied with this item and purchase. It came brand new in a sealed box and was exactly what I was expecting. The USB adapter was the UK version hich was fine with me bing in the US as it's a standard USB wall adapter that I already have a million of. The Chromecast Audio itself works exactly as expected. I wish they still made it until they had a direct replacement.
Better than Sonos and a fraction of the price
If you have some decent sound systems around your house and have been thinking they might be obsolete for the purpose of smart home broadcasts think again. Google have stopped selling chromecast audio in the USA because it was reducing sales in the Sonos-type market. But canny end users can keep their old excellent hi if systems and give them modern smart home functionality with this device. I have 4 of them at home and have perfectly synchronized sound through the home on all my old hi fi gear. Winner.
Took a while but I’ll blame Canada Post!
Ahhh didn’t realize I was getting a great big English wall plug!! Bit of nostalgia as I’m from England. ???? Not a big deal used my iPhone plug.

Would buy from you again.
I LOVE this product as was appalled when it was discontinued! It was awesome to find I could still buy one from Mobile Fun!

I use mine to make my epic speakers wireless. I LOATHE the sound quality of bluetooth!
Such a useful little product...
... Google should not have canceled making it!!
Works as expected, reliable, and effective
I have been growing my wifi powered sound system in place of bluetooth and it has been phenomenal. This device fit right in and works very well. The software is glitchy at times but that is up to Chromecast Audio.
Received with European Plug Adapter
I received my order with a European plug adapter. The product is correct, but I can't plug it in with the adapter with which it was sent.
I’ll buy again from mobile fun
I bought 2 google chrome cast from mobile fun, finally received them, very happy with the product.

Something to consider when buying electronics from mobile fun is that the plugs won’t work in our Canadian sockets, not a huge deal as these are USB, I’ll just go buy a couple plugs that work within the voltage required.

Customer service has been great to deal with l, overall a good buying experience.
Great product
Easy to set up. Works great.
very handy
It is unfortunate that Google does not make these any longer. I restore antique radios and I can easily plug a chrome cast into the radio, play music from any computer device and cast it through the old radio speakers. The power cord is not compatible with our outlets in Canada but because it is a USB cord it can be easily adapted.
Very glad that you have these in stock still!
Ever since Google discontinued these Chromecast Audio, I was concerned whether I would be able to get new ones for my house.

Luckily, it seems that MobileFun has a cache of them and I bought two of them. I kind of didn't realize that I was ordering from the UK at first, but quickly realized this. Yes, I got the UK style power adapter, but that's OK. I found someone on eBay that was selling the North American version of the Google adapters for a very good price, so problem easily solved.

These devices are great. They are super reliable and produce great music. I've connected these to powered speakers and boom boxes throughout my house. This allows me and my family to play music throughout the house using their mobile devices or computers. I can see why Google discontinued them -- I'm sure they were eating in to their sales of their big boom box version of Google Home.

I needed just one, but bought two so that I could have a spare.
Why would they discontinue such a great device?
Everything I expected and more. Bought two and may buy another two as spares.
Finally using my stereo again
Rather than depending on a weak FM signal, I can now stream directly to my stereo. Particularly in conjunction with my Google Home Mini I have a fully hands-off setup now.
Works perfectly
I bought the Chromecast Audio to work with my Google Mini. Only took a few minutes to hook up and now I can play all my music through my Google Mini and my stereo system.
works great
it is unbelievable they have discontinued this product
Works as advertised, no problem at all.
Great price, good shipping
This was a great buy as they are obsolete. Great price and shipping.
Does what it says on the tin
The Google ChromeCast audio is small, super-easy to set-up, and is perfect for connecting to an older-style, non-networked audio system. I have this hooked up to my fairly old but high-end English separates hi-fi system, streaming from Spotify and Tidal (the Tidal hi-fi option is awesome by the way) and it works seamlessly, with excellent sound quality even via a 3.5mm to RCA cable.
Great product
I really don’t need to tell anyone how great google products are .

Great price great shipping it even came earlier than expected.

The Chromecast came with the wrong adapter fortunately I have several extra Google adapters on hand.

I am not sure if the website have any options that I missed , but I rarely miss stuff like that so......
EU plug
The chromecast itself works, but it came with a EU plug while it wasn't written anywhere that is was for EU.
Never knew what I was missing!
So bummed this product is discontinued because it is phenomenal! Setup is easy and everyone can easily cast to it (even guests, w/o being on your wifi) -- I'm an audiophile and the high-range is fantastic, don't forget to enable and turn all the quality options to the highest settings!
Buying from mobile I did not expect the goods to come from the UK.
So I did not expect the delay.
PLUS I did not want a UK plug.
Excellent option for streaming to hi-fi speakers
I bought this product for my father recently as he wanted to be able to stream digital content to his old hi-fi speakers. It was really easy to install and start using, and the sound quality is as high as when playing CDs on the same system. He's mainly using Qobuz from his phone, which is compatible with Google's (required) home assistant app. I had to install and set up Assistant for him, but he hasn't had any trouble using it since.

Before considering this product, I looked first at manufacturers of wireless home stereos for a hi-fi converter option and it was going to be several hundred dollars. This small, inconspicuous attachment cost a fraction of that. Be aware though that if you want to use it with an older stereo, you need to buy (separately) an RCA-to-line adapter as the Audiocast only comes with a line-to-line cable, and only has a line option built into its hardware.

Highly recommended. I think the Audiocast has been discontinued by Google, so I was happy to be able to buy one new here.
European model
I didn't know this was a European model and the power adapters were wrong. Had to purchase different plugs for $5 Also, it's a little tricky to set up and the devices do not show up on my mac, I can only connect from my phone which is also a bit of an annoyance. Had I known that before purchasing I might have went with something else.
Fantastic device! I'm upset they're discontinued, but the two I bought here work great! If there are any in stock, I'd highly recommend grabbing a few. Perfect for my older receivers and dated speakers to cast all my audio through.
Best solution for hooking speakers to WIFI
This device connects so quickly to Spotify or Pandora, or whatever else I am trying to play from my phone to my home speakers. It's EXACTLY what I was looking for. I have an old school receiver and an audio plug that goes from the Receiver and it plugs right into the Google Chromecast device. Super easy setup . I wish I had known about this long ago. Great Transaction, Shipping to U.S. was pretty quick too!
This is my 3rd unit. I bought it in case one of my other ones fails, since Google stopped making them and almost no one has any inventory left. Great for turning legacy stereo gear into multi-room streaming system, or for producing room-filling sound from a humble little smart speaker. Grab one while you can; there is no replacement in sight.
Great product
Very simple to use, and I love how low profile it is. Turns dumb speakers smart. It's a shame it's discontinued.
Wow! I Cannot Believe. I Found One
Didn't think I would ever find a Chromecast Audio, as Google no longer produces them. Well, for me it's a great way to cast music from any of my devices. Set up was a breeze and works like a charm!
Discontinued product still available in the UK
I already have two of these and wanted a third. Google discontinued it, but it is still available in the UK. Prompt delivery, and it worked perfectly.
great item! Google should continue making them!
I bought this to play music and baseball games over the wifi and not bluetooth in order to not lose fidelity as apparently bluetooth degrades audio quality.
Not only is the product exactly what I wanted to purchase based on what the description said on but I received my item way sooner than the original expected delivery date.
Original Chromecast Audio works great
These original Chromecast Audio units are great. They do one job and do it well. It is unfortunate Google discontinued them but I was lucky to find one at mobilefun.
Not Perfect, But Cheapest Option
With the discontinuation of the Chromecast Audio by Google, this is one of the last places to find them. This product arrives with a U.K. AC adapter and a microUSB cable. I live in North America and had plenty of North American adapter to plug the cable into, so no major issue.

The setup may not be as quick as it should be, as one of the two units I ordered wouldn't connect over Bluetooth and had to be manually setup using Wifi (which took considerably longer).

Overall however, it's the cheapest simplest way to stream audio from your devices to speakers in your home and both units are now working beautifully.

Works great!
Love it. Used it for beach house outdoor system with a simple amp and speakers, you don’t need a receiver any more! The new way to go.
Got what I paid for, I'm happy
Surprisingly this shipped all the way from the UK but the price was fair and they had stock. I didn't realize it would ship with a UK power plug but I was just putting it into a USB anyway so no big deal.
AWESOME Product ... Thanks to MobileFun for carrying this discontinued product from Google
Google's Chromecast Audio is such a great tool. Too bad Google was so stupid (even greedy) in their decision to cancel this very helpful product. Google's goofy speakers can't touch the sound quality from my Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin, but they want people to buy more products from them ... even if they are substandard (hence the greedy/selfish part).

HUGE KUDOS to MobileFun for maintaining stock for this product. I hope we see another Android/Linux-based competitor out there to build a similar Wi-Fi-based product like this, ideally undercutting Google's market share of their goofy little Google-Home (Mini or otherwise) speakers.

UK power supply
Great product, BUT
It would have been nice to know that your item would ship with a UK power supply, not fit for North America. Also, i was not aware that there would be a customs charge, plus a service charge at the border.
Works great !
This product has been discontinued by Google. Here was the only place where I found it still for sale. I bought one and it works great! So I bought a second one for another amp that I have.
I have no bad comments to share about it. It does exactly what it should and it's easy to use.
Few issues but at the end of the day they delivered
First I'll say it took 30days to land at my door. Despite showing up as a Canadian website this dongle ships from England. At first I thought I was had and about to call my cc company, but once I realized country of origin, I have had snail mail (non tracked) take the same amount of time from another company. The only reason for one star being deducted is that the wall plug is European, it's an easy fix, I just felt misled. Overall fair price for a discontinued item that people are jacking up prices on Ebay.
I would have wanted to know that I had purchased from the UK, and of course the electrical plug ins are different here to there. I found an adaptor but can't seem to get google to set up the device. I may have to send it back, very frustrating, thanks
I love this little disk!!!!
Hi i am new to the techie world. I knew i didn't like having to leave my phone attached to an aux cord to play music on my reciever, but didn't know how to do it. I looked up some options, and found this chromecast audio... but is not being sold anymore by original company. Not sure y, but thank god found this company! They had it and at a very reasonable price! I love it!!!! Very easy to set up. 1 thing though, i didn't know it was coming with a european adapter... i simply unplugged it and put on an american one voila! Wireless music! Thsnk you. I will be buying 2 more soon
Works as expected
Works as expected, but I got an euro connector instead of US one.
Google not selling any more. But got it here!
Appreciate MobileFun carrying this excellent Google product, especially since not available from Google any more. Simple setup. Works directly as advertised. Only issue was that the end portion of the power cord (not shown) is the European style three-plug connector (since this is company is located in England, I believe). Had plenty of US USB-AC power plugs sitting around, so simply unplugged the European plug and plugged the US version into the USB receptacle. Worked perfectly. If you have any US style USB plugs, you're fine.
Fast delivery
Good service, fast order processing and delivery. Product was a gift but recipient is happy with it.
Glad to find this here
Among the only sites that have it in stock and an amazing way to add any speaker to the Google ecosystem. Great price and great customer service. Love this company!
Great device!
Works well, allows you to cast from audio apps on your to this device. Hook it to a stereo or speaker system to make it Chromecast enabled and allow you to stream Audio to it. Some call it a poor man's Sonos, but its as good as Sonos for a lot less money.
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