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Stream music from your smartphone, tablet or laptop to your speakers with the Chromecast Audio from Google.
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Great product
Product works just as expected. An excellent addition
Power supply plug does not work in America
I received a Chromecast Audio with a 5V 1.0a power supply which has three prongs in an unusual configuration which does not work with American electrical outlets. Two large fat horizontal prongs and one tall vertical prong. I am disappointed that after waiting 10 days, I only have half of the Chromecast Audio product, while the package appears to have been shipped internationally, the shipper should have known that the power supply being sent to America would not work!
Great solution for streaming to older devices
Very easy to setup. Had it running in 5 minutes. I'm using this to stream music from my phone to an older stereo receiver in my workshop. It includes a USB power adapter, but I'm powering it off of a standard USB port on an alarm clock. Audio quality is great, and the phone controls are easy to use.
Great product, Google shouldn't have discnotinued
This is the perfect product for a Google-run whole home audio integration. I don't understand why they discontinued it, but get one while they last!
This audio chromecast is amazing. I thought of buying Sinus speakers for my living room but now I have 5.1 surround with this audio. Wish I knew about this long ago. Sadly Google is stopping the manufacture of this (but will keep support) so get one fast.
Chromecast audio
Chromecast audio. Great little product, easy to set up. Quick delivery. Good price, best I could find.
Using this device to allow streaming Spotify on a hi-fi. Probably there is an argument for getting the regular chromecast, but we just needed audio.

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