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Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Chromecast Audio is a small media streaming device that plugs into the AUX input of your speaker, making your speaker Wi-Fi enabled. Once set up, simply use your device or Chromebook to cast your favourite tunes to the best speakers in the house.
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 4.7 stars from 251 customers

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Can't believe I got such fast service from the UK!!!
Got the product fast and in great condition. This surprising considering the product was shipped from the UK ???????? to Palm Springs, California. This is a great retailer! A++++++

I think ???? it is a shame that Google is not making these anymore. It is a good product that can make any audio ???? device into a Google Cast device.
I am happy with the product
For reasons I can't eplain the product went up in price by $5.00 from the time I looked until 2 days later when I purchased it. Not sure if there is some kind of counter that increases the price evertime you come back like some of the airlines use.

The product works fine but the240 volt AC to DC USB adaptor is meant for UK power outlets so it won't work Canada.
good product
why product was discontinued by google
Wonderful device
This device lets me come home from the symphony and then use Spotify to hear anything we heard at the symphony. It's like having a huge catalogued discography. Of course it comes with a British plug! But you just need an American plug that has a USB jack (a phone charger) and you can throw away the British plug. It sets up easily on an iPad. And if you use Google, Google has "cast" built-in to the browser (upper right drop down menu) so that's no problem either.
Chromecast Audio
As a google everything user this is very handy at broadcasting my music throughout my entire home. Using both sonos and google home devices.
Great device
Amazing product. Turn a dumb speaker into a smart one. Came with EU power plug...
As described
This was a rare product but Mobile Fun had inventory for a reasonable price. The shipping was longer than expected the first time due to distance. However, I ordered a second product from them. Thank you!
As advertised
Great to be able to buy these new still, since Google no longer sells them. This one arrived exactly as advertised and works great.
Wish they still made this
Works well, just like a chrome cast. Great to hook up to an audio monitor.
love the item and the service! A+
very professional customer service and friendly. I highly recommend this product too.

I would consider ordering from this site again in the future :)

Thanks, mobile fun for your kind and friendly support.
Great product, as advertised
Great, easy and straight forward. 5 stars.
Chromecast audio
I have an old stereo and speakers. Chromecast audio helped me make everything work wireless. I have 5 of them all over my house.
After a little technical tweaking, great.
The only downsides are: out of support by Google, and this particular model has a wall plug I don't recognize. The first is mitigated by using AirParrot 2, and the latter... I have dozens of USB chargers.

I have 3, all over the house. They sync up immediately, latency is near zero when they all run, and the sound is better than my old Roku Soundbridge, which won't play FLAC files.

They are not MQA quality, but I don't care. If I am really listening I have the gear for that.

Love them, just hoping they stay supported by third party apps for a while.
These are great devices
I use these small Pucks to fill my home with Roon and Qobuz music - I’ve replaced all the sonos Connects with these functional devices
Great Price, Fast Shipping
Quality products at a fair price
Chromecast audio is great
The chromecast is great... except that it ships with a power cube for Europe not North America....a bit of a pain
Great functionality, shipped with Euro Plug
I was very happy to be able to still purchase a chromecast audio new for a reasonable price. Shipping was relatively quick. Only issue was that the USB to Wall adapter was for a European outlet, not US 120V AC. Not a huge deal since any USB power brick will work.

Chromecast audio is an awesome affordable way to stream audio from any android device, especially if you use an app like Bubble UPNP to send audio from any UPNP server to the chromecast. Works well for things like JRiver. Chromecast audio also has a mini optical output, which you can then pair with a good DAC and use as a very good budget hifi streamer. Next closest thing you can still buy that does this is $250+.
Chromecast Audio
I haven't used this yet. But if it's anything like the original Chromecast Product it's going to be good.
Chromecast Audio
I have Chromecast Audio but I haven't used it yet.
If it's anything like the original Chromecast it's going to be Good.
And I would recommend getting this.
Great Purchase
My husband has been wanting this for a while; totally underrated product! He has powered speakers and he’s able to plug into them and DJ from his phone. It’s convenient and a nice way of not having to plug in a phone.
Great experience
My product came in an excellent open box condition. I would use this site again for future purchases
They work great! Recommended to family and friends while they last.
As advertised but
I didn't realize the adaptor was for the UK and not north america. Luckily it is a usb adaptor so I can use my iPhone cube to power it.
I think it is great that Mobile fun still offers the Chromecast Audio
Mobile Fun understands that there is still people out there who want to use this product. You cant even get this product from google if you wanted it. Mobile Fun made it easy to order it right to my house quickly. The check out process was made simple thanks to the layout of their website. Thank You Mobile Fun!!!
Great Find!
Great find for a great product no longer made. Price was best one out there for a product Google no longer makes.
It arrived fine
Uk adapter, but still great. Was a bit skeptical at that price (compared to used ones on ebay being 80$) but it turns out it was not a scam !
Great device and fast deliver
I did not realize until I got it that it did not have a US plug. Not a big deal though. I love the chromcast audio! They should have never discontinued this one. Reasonable price too! Thanks!!
Extremely useful for casting audio!
I love using this device to cast audio to my nice speakers. With the Google Home setup this is the only way but luckily it works great! The audio is crystal clear and it's easy to set a song on my phone and listen.

Get one if you love the convenience of sharing your music to your nicer speakers!
Easy to install
Works great! Easy to set up. Makes it so easy to listen to my music!
Great device!
We love having the Google home function on the livingroom stereo in our house. The audio quality of the Google home devices makes me cringe, but my partner loves the ease of music selection. This device is the perfect compromise, all she has to do is turn the stereo on and ask Google for the songs!
Great product that is hard to find elsewhere.
I was looking to upgrade my home audio system to a wireless, whole home system. The Chromecast Audio is the perfect device to do so, and I now have multiple running in my house.

Price for the product was great, especially considering it is discontinued and not available. In most locations.

Shipping was quick and package arrived without issue.

One note, for which I removed a star, is that I received what I believe to be a UK version of the product, so the wall adapter was not the right shape for my US plugs. This was easily fixed though, as I had numerous USB wall adapters lying around.

All in all, super happy with the purchase.
Works well...but came with a European plug?
Not sure but my device came with a European usb adapter. Not a giant issue as I didn't need one, but still. Very odd.

Works as expected.
Great Service and good product
Thank you for your great service and product. Worked as expected.
Great tool!
I knew exactly what I was getting before I ordered.
I own three of these
Since Google discontinued the Chromecast Audio, I've been ordering them through MobileFun. They're great for syncing Spotify to multiple receivers/speakers/rooms, and offer more flexibility than Sonos. Can be a bit of pain to sync initially, but not too bad.
Good product but lacked some info
That it was an international plug style so would need additional products to work
Awsome little gadget to creat whole home audio system
best price available. as many others mentioned the plug is not US standard, but the cable will connect to any micro USB plug, so a very easily solved problem. I don't know why google ever discontinued these...
Super Fast Shipping
Came super fast and was a brand new product. As described it had a UK plug, but was a non issue for me since I have plenty of USB plugs lying around
Perfect.. Exactly as promised. I can't believe be I actually got this discontinued be item!!
The product arrive quickly and was in perfect condition. I was well aware this would be coming with a EU wall plug instead of a US wall plug. All I had to do was swap it out with a normal US wall plug. I ordered 2 because by I didn't know when I would find these again. Both items work perfectly and I am supper excited to have these as part of my Google Home speaker groups. There are two types of output 3.5mm stereo and also optical audio using a 3.5mm mini TOSLink. This product is highly recommend for audiophiles who want to add almost any speaker to their Google setup!
Product Review
Great product. Setup was very simple and audio quality is much better than bluetooth!

Customer Service is awesome and quick shipping!
Get it well you can!
For some mysterious reason known only to Google has discontinued Chromecast audio. As it is a major component in my bedroom music system I was delighted to be able to buy a backup unit at a reasonable price. Buy them while you still can!
Must have for Audiophiles (Better quality than bluetooth)
If you have an old but awesome stereo or modern soundbar or speaker, this will change the quality of your music by 100%
Here is why, as we all know. Bluetooth is of lower quality sound.
but using google, Chromecast connected to your stereo your music will be transformed back to the way it was intended by the studio.
Also with Chromecast, you will not hear alerts, etc that Bluetooth projects.
One last thing, when you cast to your device you do not have to stay within 20 feet, the music will keep playing anywhere there is wifi
Highly recommend
Perfect audio device for streaming
This fitted the bill when it came to a wireless setup in the kitchen. That mobile fun still offers these at a reasonable price made this a slam dunk purchase.
Great product - get it while you still can
Too bad Google has stopped offering this specific type of Chromecast, as I think it is an excellent tool. Grab it while you still can! Works wonderfully to cast audio from your phone or other devices to any speakers with mini stereo plug (optical and RCA cables are available but do not come standard).
Love Chromecast audio
I love Chromecast Audio. I wish Google would not have discontinued it. I was happy to find this one at this price. I should have paid attention as this one had a EU plug. I used an old phone charger. Works great.
Great product
Did not realize would be UK version, since I ordered from US. But it arrived much faster than promised and a standard US USB adaptor worked, fine. All good.
Good experience
The product work great.
The product come with and European power adapter.
Great audio streaming device
Works great with all my google home needs
One of the few sites where the product was still available.
I wish I had known that this product used a European charger as I am located in the USA. No problem though I have adapted a plug for its use by USB.
Set up was not quite what I thought but in the end I have been successful connecting as intended to a device using the audio cable. Wasn't sure my order would arrive but it did. I would track next time I order from this site. All in all , PLEASED!
Great product
I’m happy I was able to find it online for the price mobilefun had it for because the item is discontinued.
Cheap and easy streaming; European power plug
Pros: good price, easy setup
Cons: digital connection requires separate mini-toslink to toslink adapter. Mine came with Euro zone power plug (removable) that I replaced with a North American plug from my iPhone. Incompatible with Apple music/iTunes
Great product.
Wasn’t sure about mobile fun but it worked out great. The item shows in a timely manner and intact. Happy someone is still offering it.
Works fine.
If you own vintage stuff and you have a Google account, this blows away smart speakers because you got the nice audio separation and warm quality real audio equipment with a mobile interface.
Lowest price found
I have been keeping my eye open for one of these as I have a use for one to hook to some old speakers. I came across this site and this price. I purchased this one and un-watched all others on eBay (all listing at higher prices). It did come with a European wall connector, but I am using a USB source anyway no worries there.
Great unique product to bring old speakers into the "smart" world
I don't know why Google has discontinued this product without coming out with a similar product. I could only find this product on MobileFun now. We have in-ceiling speakers that has a receiver with an aux cord. This allows us to wirelessly cast and control music from our smartphones. The connection works seamlessly, no issues at all.
Great product, Great Customer Service, Slow Shipping, Wrong Plug
The product works as expected and the customer service from mobilefun was amazing.

I had to wait several weeks for it to come and contacted them back to find out the status on the delivery. They ended up sending an expedited parcel out once it was realized that it was beyond their estimated delivery times.

They also sent it with a European plug to my address in Canada, but I just plugged it into a regular USB cube and it worked just fine!
I love it.
I love the Google Chromecast Audio. It works great. Too bad they have discontinued it. It was hard to find it but thanks to MobileFun they were able to send me one and I received it fairly quick.
Super Good Google Stuff from Across the Pond!
I had to hunt high and low to find remaining Chromecast Audio available anywhere on this little planet...It was a bummer seeing that over here in the States retailers are jacking-up the price on this little device by mega-dollars, since Google stopped making them a few months ago. So, after a bit of web hunting, I found them for sale in the UK through Mobilefun: the reviews looked good and honest, and the only set-back on ordering from here was that the power source would have to be switched from the Euro to the American (basically, everything is exactly what you need, you just need two swap the little unit that plugs into the wall since it is different voltage in England, etc.) No problem: I have a million of these.

OK, onto the product: I'm a hi-fi junkie, and this little unit turns any speaker or system into a high-quality receiver of audio via wifi. Overall, my $280 bluetooth Aptex blah blah doesn't compare to this little $30 something dollar unit. Amazing. Not too mention, it really allows you to function better: you can have a phone call and still maintain your music in the background. Overall, a brilliant device: get them while you still can!
Great product, too bad Google discontinued it
I have these in three rooms in addition to a Google home speaker for whole house audio. Works great. I think Google discontinued them to sell their overpriced smart speakers.

Be aware it's a British plug on the adapter, but any USB wall wart will work, so no biggie.
Uk model
Chromecast are amazing and should not of been discontinued. Website should of made the UK model more apparent but whatever it's not like we don't have spare usb blocks.
Fair price and fast shipping.
I only recently found out that this product was discontinued. I checked for new old stock and everyone else either stopped carrying it or jacked up their prices tremendously. Mobile Fun offered the item new-in-box for far less than competitors and shipping was fast. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from Mobile Fun again.
Great product. Is a great way to easily play music or the radio especially if you don't have a headphone jack. Sound quality is good and the setup is easy
Simplest Best solution to add streaming audio to anything
I found this device to be the most straight forward way to add streaming audio to any speaker with an audio in. Even an older audio system with RCA inputs can be updated to streaming with a female 3.5mm to RCA adapter. Ability to fine tune delay on audio streams to eliminate echo when playing on two separate chromecast audio devices is something other devices of this type lack.
Great to find new quality CCA's
Exactly as described, bought 2 and couldn't be more pleased. Item states it comes with EU plug, which is no problem. Any 5v 1amp usb charger will work fine, most plate adapters now have usb ports built into them. Easy peezy. Shipping was quick and I recommend mobile fun, would not hesitate to order from them again.

Good value / Shipped as promised
The product was identical as described. I’m pleased with the product quality. The shipment took a while to receive, but I was informed of that during the purchase process.
nice device
more information connection with more splications
Why did they discontinue this?!
Best google product that can make your home seamless with music!
Great product
Perfect addition to my outdoor stereo. Can stream music effortlessly by the pool.
Legit site
I was worried that Mobile fun was some sort of scam, partly because they were selling a new Chromecast Audio when Google discontinued the product months ago. But I received a new in the box Chromecast Audio just as described.
Great product at Great Price
I didn't realize that the power cable was not compatible with US plug, however, it runs off of a standard USB cord which worked out fine.
I install audio products professionally and ordered 2 more for future jobs requiring an easy setup for playing from a phone or tablet. 15 minutes and your older system is online and streaming. You may want to add an audio cable if wiring to a stereo receiver. 3.5mm to Male RCA. Works with Android and Apple.
Great product at Great Price
I didn't realize that the power cable was not compatible with US plug, however, it runs off of a standard USB cord which worked out fine.
I install audio products professionally and ordered 2 more for future jobs requiring an easy setup for playing from a phone or tablet. 15 minutes and your older system is online and streaming. You may want to add an audio cable if wiring to a stereo receiver. 3.5mm to Male RCA. Works with Android and Apple.
Hard to Find..
I looked everywhere for this device, and was happy when I came across Mobile Fun. Packaged product came from UK, arrived before the estimated delivery date. Device does exactly what it is meant to do. Now I can play music in multiple rooms through google cast. Very easy and safe transactions. Would recommend to anyone!
Didn't expect a UK plug
Now I know there is a little text specifying it, but I didn't see it when I bought the product. I didn't tough that a electronic product I'm buying on a Canadian Web site ( will arrived with a UK plug on it. I didn't even know, before I received the pacakge that you are a UK entreprise... At least, it is a USB powered device so I can "easily" buy another usb-wall adapter...
Nice way to stream music including spotify
Can connect this to any speaker or amplifier with an analog input to stream music wirelessly though WiFi . Works great, have not tried multi room but can do it through Google Home.
Thought we'd lost this forever....
We purchased this item when it had just come out. The last time I wanted to use it, I couldn't find it in our house. Doing a Google search led me to Mobile Fun. So glad to have found a new Audio Chromecast! The item was just as described, was well priced, and came very promptly. Thank you for a great first buying experience!
Excellent Product
Works Great, as intended. The USB Wall Wart is the UK version, easily replaced with a North American one from a phone I am no longer using. I am using it with a Digital 3.5 cable not the one that came with it.
Good value but not AU plug
Should have stated this was not an Australian unit as USB wall wart was OS plug otherwise works great.
Great for Multi-Room WiFi Music!
In my opinion, Chromecast Audio beats Sonos for WiFi Audio, because you can use with any speaker that has an Aux In Port.

There are various Apps out there that enable you to stream synchronized WiFi Audio to an unlimited number of speakers.

Chromecast is the ultimate for any WiFi Audio solution!
All good except the plug
Product works great! The only issue is the USB to wall plug adaptor is set for the EU not Canada. Needed to use my own 120v brick adaptor. Otherwise all good I purchased 2 of them....
Good product. European plug!
Love the CCA, but I didn't realize it would have a European style plug (in in US). No a bid deal since it accepts micro USB and I have plenty of compatible chargers lying around, but would have been nice to know.
Great except European power
Works perfectly but it came with a European power plug. I live in North America. I had to buy a 5v1a usb to power plug adapter.
Fast delivery, great product
I was sad to see google discontinued the chromecast audio, but was glad I was able to find it on this site, for a decent price. It came faster than I thought it would too which was great! Only bad part is the plug that came to power the device was a European plug and I live in the US. Not a big deal because it is just a usb plug and I had spares.
Neat product
Worked just as expected. Streamed all my audio files without a problem. Too bad Google is discontinuing it.
Great for Multi-Room Stereo!
I purchased 10 of these to set up a multii-room stereo casting system. They installed very easily, and receive stereo audio via WiFi which is broadcast from multimedia speaker pairs.

Works GREAT!
Great Gadget
I have a lot of high quality speakers that I do not want to replace so I can play all my music in any room/rooms in my house.
Too bad Google decided to disco the Chromecast Audio, I've bought 3 in the last month, so I am all set in all rooms.
Exactly what I was hoping for..
Was surprised how quickly the order came in, UK to Canada under two weeks.
Great Audio Streaming!
Google's Chromecast Audio is a great way to stream multi-room stereo throughout your home. It uses WiFi, so the stream is reliable, without any loss. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why Google has discontinued this product without designating a replacement to fill the gap.

MobileFun to the rescue! They still have this product in stock, and enabled me to build-out my "streaming music system" to 10 rooms!
as described - great shortcut
this is a great shortcut to getting audio to play on a secondary device with google home mini. i have an old (think 80's) boombox that still has power and rocking bass. even though the google home mini has an amazing sound output as is, i wanted to have a richer, fuller sound. hooking this up to the aux/in port and pairing it to the network and mini were simple. this really does a great job of getting the audio there. the only issue is, it's not a direct stream of the mini. meaning, if you are playing your music on the stereo from the mini, the mini sometimes won't hear you. otherwise, great product, glad i got it.
Google Chromecast Audio Rocks !!But took forever to Arrive!!
Finally received it . after what seemed like eternity! THEN I opened it up to find a Overseas Charger Adapter included... Had to use my own spare iPad Charger for Canada . But at least it worked as advertised once I set it up using Google Home App.
Not sure I would buy from Mobilefun again ?
Google Chromecast Audio Rocks !!
I am glad to be one of the last to receive one of the discontinued Chromecast Audio device. It works as advertised and gives me the functionality of a voice activated Stereo system with a endless Music Library from various streams.Google please bring it back or add a Audio output to your Google Home Products!!
Great Find!
My original Chromecast Audio stopped working about a week after hooking it up to my garage stereo. I'm a boomer that still rocks out when I'm working in my garage or outside.

When I looked online at my favorite stores for a new one, my heart sank when I discovered Google no longer sells them. I was very happy to find this store still had them at a great price, so I purchased one and I am very happy with it. I may be back for one more.
Amazing product
This product does exactly what I purchased it for, I could not be happier with my purchase.
I got this after the announcement that Google is discontinuing them. Have one already and it makes playing music easy easy easy.
Fantastic cheap solution.
Came super fast and good priced. Which Google didn't disco them. Still work great though!
Came with a British plug shipping to america
It shipped with a British wall plug when Shipping to america
Satisfactory product received in a timely manor
The experience and product very good. My only complaint is that the merchant doesn't care where they are shipping it to so if the product needs to be connected to a power supply they assume the world uses a UK adapter. They should let their customers know this but they don't. When I tried emailing the merchant it took at least 2 days to respond.
Great product
I purchased this to setup a google home speaker group. This is so when I want to listen to music on my google home I can add a bass subwoofer.
Great product
This is a great device. Worked flawless. Easy set up.
European model
Was not advertised as a euro model so needed to buy adapter. Also, if you use a mac primarily it does not see chromecast audio as an option to cast to. The only work around I have found is to cast to it from your phone and then change the music from the computer and it will work. Still worth it to be able to have all speakers playing the same thing though.
brilliant product BUT description wasn't complete...
I love the chromecast audio. It turned my old Sony stereo into a Bluetooth speaker and I love using it. sound quality is also amazing. The reason for 3 stars i not about the product but the website/seller. I'm from the US and the product came to me with a European plug. No where in the description did it say that the plug is European. Luckily I had another spare adapter that I could use for the USB power cable. This is not cool. The description should be accurate.
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