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Goobay Universal 5W Qi Wireless Charging Compact Power Pad - Black Reviews

Enjoy the cable-free convenience of wireless charging with this compact, lightweight Qi wireless 5W pad from Goobay. Fully compatible with all the latest smartphones that support QI wireless charging. 1M Micro USB cable included!

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 4.2 stars from 107 customers

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Good job
The item is awesome and is a good buy
Neat charging machine
Compact, and eye catching, little bit light weight for balance, but works very well on my new phone.
It just works.
Nice small product - maybe a little small - but neat and unobtrusive and does what it's meant to, without all the garish coloured lights some other chargers insist on.
Not particularly good
I find this device very unreliable. I put my phone on to charge on an evening and the blue light indicates the device is good to go. Input the phone on charge and it beeps to tell me its charging and the phone shows the charging symbol. When I check on a morning quite often the phone has around 20% battery left so no charge has taken place. I have tried placing the phone a different way round but still doesn’t charge fully. This doesn’t happen all the time but quite regularly. I think I will invest in a more expensive version.
Great Product for the Price
I've had this charger a couple of weeks now. I have to say it does the job of charging my phone as fast as my other Samsung wireless pads which were much more expensive when purchased some time ago as long as you place the phone in the correct position. The only small less positive observation is that the charging indicator is obscured from view when the phone is in place, not a deal breaker really as the phone itself indicates charging when placed on the pad. A good inexpensive solution for wireless phone charging if your not in a hurry.
Great Charger
Very good compact charger, looks stylish. Charges my iPhone XR quickly, it does get a bit warm but I believe this is normal for wireless chargers. So far so good and very well priced
Works fine. Item is smaller than any other Qi wireless charger I have used, which is perfect as it doesnt stand out too much when being used. It's very discrete.
Compact Power Charger
How awesome it charges. How convient. I tried others this is so useful. Place phone on it. It charges so Quick. If new of the rapid charger a video might helped to purchase sooner.
works great
Set my phone on it & it starts charging .. perfect & for 7.99 , gets a little hot but maybe thats the way of it ?
Wireless Charger ,Good
Charger is cheap and affordable hopefully it will work for the foreseeable future.
Good product
You have to make sure your phone is position correctly on the pad or it won’t charge.
Wireless phone charge
This is a great piece of technology, it is definitely not a gadget. I am really please with it, no messing around with lead.
Speedy delivery as well.
Ok for the price
I should of paid more to get a more powerful and more substantial one
Fantastic product
This product was exactly what I was looking for its very good quality and very well priced
A good charger
This charger has been connected to my computer and charges my iPhone 8 effortlessly and quickly when required.
Brought when the price dropped, so a good buy overall.
Looks very nice
Looks very nice but haven't put it to use yet as waiting for phone that can be charged wirelessly
Excellent unit
Just what I wanted
Charges my new galaxy note 10 plus 5g
and also charges my galaxy gear 3 frontier watch
Good buy
Charging pad thats on the small size but does the trick so no complaints
Wasn’t going to good to start
I was in first instance using an iPhone charger ,it did not charge this
Wireless charger up at all overnight .
However I then used a normal mains usb charger and it is fine ,although it’s is very slow .much quicker to use the charging lead supplied with the phone ......I have a new iPhone 11 .
Qi wireless charging power pad
Works adequately but very slow.
Charging pad
Great little charger for the huawai phone, charges quickly used my at work plugged into computer
works well
Functions as described.
Operates as Advertised
Item is small and light and can be easily taken on travel. Works perfectly.
It was a present for my granddaughter. S8+
Slow charging
Good price but very slow charging
Wireless charger
wireless charger is small and portable and so far works fine
Easy to use and very stable
Sits well on the table and is stable when a phone is placed on top (might need to adjust a bit). Can get warm, I wouldn't want to leave something on it all night for example but good in the office when you are using the phone and picking up and using then putting it back to maintain the charge
work well
surface a little too small, phone is hard to place flat
Great product
It is a good idea to say that your phone will probably not charge if it is in a phone case
Ok not the best
Great price great size
Charges iPhone X fine gets s trifle hot though
Main bug is the on charge light cannot be seen when phone is placed on top
Been using sometime now
Very Good
Works very well many thanks

Good buy
Works well good would recommend it
Perfect product and superb service
Perfect product to compliment my Google Pixel 3 XL. Mobile Fun as always provide excellent efficient service.
Apple compatible
Great product super price effortless to set up works perfectly right out of the box. Prompt delivery and easy to use web site PayPal accepted

Would definitely recommend
Get ehats promised
It is easy to use, attractive, and gunctional. I live QI
Good item
It's just worked as expected with iPhone X
Great product but...
Great product. Work well with my Samsung Galaxy 10e. However has trouble to charge the Samsung earbuds.
very good
It charges wireless and switches off when not in use.
Good aftermarket wireless charger
Despite its name this charger works well on my S10 and at considerably less price than an original Samsung. I haven’t used an original so I cannot really compare the performance, but it charges my phone and that’s what it is intended for. It comes with a cable and I have it plugged into a ‘old’ iPhone charger. So save some money and give it a go.
Great charging pad
I bought this as a back up system for my iPhone as I already have a Belkin charger. This is quite small so is easily portable. Just taken away this weekend for an overnight stay. Works extremely well. Would recommend to anyone.
Useful charger.
Does what it says, but the blue light which indicates charging (or not, when flashing) is difficult to see when the phone is placed on the charger. Easier to check the charging display on the phone. It charged through a leather case.
Great working well
Nothing all works well walk in dump phone on it a away it go's thanks.
Wireless charger
Too good....👏🏼👏🏼👌
other users realising it does not work
Good for value
Ita tiny to keep mobile without falling but it does its purpose, charging fast
Works good
Speed of charge, and as stated speed is good
very good
Good product. Does what it says.One star taken off as it would be better to see the blue light when charging.
good value
Works well for Google Pixel 3 and iPhone 8, it's slow, but expected that for the price
Does the job
not too fussy where you place your phone, charges nicely. If you don't have a cover for your phone it is quite slippery though
simply amazing product

will order another one for my office
Device gets hot when charging.
Just The Job
This charging pad does exactly what it promised to do.
It's small, neat and works very well!
Seems Good
Small neat device works well. Only problem is the charging light it is underneath the device, so that it is hard to see.
Great gadget
This is a great product. No longer need to plug in your phone, just set it on this device and within a few hours you are ready to go.
This product is excellent. Small ,light and compact
Small but perfectly formed
It does the job, although smaller than I expected which makes it slightly more awkward to get the phone centred for charging. This is only a slight criticism.
Excellent value for money
I was nervous that the charger would not be effective for the low price but on the contrary, the charger works perfectly and it is compact and discreet. I have found with other wireless chargers that you have to place the phone precisely in the right position for it to charge but with this, the 'sweet spot' seems much larger, even though the unit itself is smaller.
For such a small product this item works perfect.
Chaging Pad
I didn't realise that the phone & the pad could get hot while charging.
Quite light but works
Very simple product. The base is very light, to the extent that it is dragged around by the cable doing the charging. So keeping it neat on a desk is a struggle. But it charges my phone no problems.

Star deduction for the lightness.
Mixed bag...
I like that its small taking little space, but would be better if it were portable like a charging block or bluetooth. It only works when plugged in. Also can get very hot to the touch when on for long periods. Charges well though, has been helpful since our phones don't use the universal cords where as this auxiliary does allowing multiple device charging. Was cost effective.
good quality poor charging power
the item is very small therefor any large phonendoesnt sit comfortably on it .
charging power -14% for an all night charge .
does go through thin cases, however switched off when phone goes to sleep which defeats the object to leaving your phone to charge. wouldn’t recommend .
Good product, great price
This is my first wireless charger, easy to use, cheaper that the branded ones, and it works fine.
Doesn't work
This product doesn't work for the phones we have or is just junk. Either way very disappointed with my purchase from this company. I ordered this because it specifically said it was for the LG phone my mother has but it won't work on Samsung or Motorola either. I'm also located in Wisconsin so the shipping to return it would exceed the cost. Make sure you know what your buying before ordering for a company across seas....
Great for travel or home
This joker is compact and works great in the car, on trips or around the house.
Excellent device
I bought three of these, one for the bedside table, one for the study and one for the kitchen. Wherever I am the phone charges whilst just placed down beside me. No faffing with plugs. Plonked down it’s charging; picked up without a lead attached and you’re away....
Wireless charger
Nothing I needed to know about the charger before I bought it. What can I say, other than, the charger works, and that’s all I needed from it.
What phones it charges
Avoid this product
Useless for playing music whilst charging. The output defeats the input. Also, your device needs to be dead centre on the charger to be effective and stable.
The charging pad is ok for convenience if not in a hurry. It gets too hot if used with a fast charge plug. Satisfactory performance at this pricepoint
Whether device can be used with a fast charge plug
Not compatible with my phone.
I should have checked to see if my phone was compatatpble. My fault! I could buy a gadget to make it work.
Great little device
This is an incredible device. Who would have thought you could wirelessly charge an iPhone 7. The only issue I have had is that very occasionally, the phone dings as if it has been removed from the charger and then replaced, this can be quite annoying especially if you are asleep. I don’t know if it was a faulty socket that caused it but I have since changed the charger to another socket and so far so good. Would definitely recommend this product.
Good product
Nothing. Everything explained
Works with no problem with my Samsung S9+. Tried it leaving the 'phone in its case and the 'phone does heat up a bit in this scenario. Take it out of the case and there is no detectable heat build up either in the 'phone or the charger. As has been noted elsewhere, the unit is small enough to be portable.
Great looking small wireless charger, unfortunately that’s where good things end.... When I have placed my phone into correct position so that it charges!! overnight. I wake in the morning only to find that the phone has not charged...! This is happening more and more often.. I go to work and charge my phone on a more reliable wireless charger proving it’s nothing to do with my phone. Will not recommend.

Amazing how well it performs would highly recommend a product
Your website was quite explicit about the product in my view nothing more could be explained
QI charging pad
Brilliant little piece of kit. On a whim I took a leap and bought 2. Surprised at the actual size when it arrived - very portable. Works off the charger in the car as well so now I'm really kitted out. Impressive so far.
Wireless Charger
Excellent product makes charging easy. Good value.
Great product at a great price
Great product at a great price
Good Value
This charger is small enough not to clutter your surroundings. Have no issues in getting any device to charge of the bat.
Good but takes a while
Great product but takes a while to charge
Erratic, Phone has to be positioned exactly or might not charge. I thought it would be more straight forward.
It worked straight out of the box. Can’t fault it.
Good Value
works well easy to setup up and use, charges quickly although it does get quite warm. I would like to know if it turns off when the the phone is charged up?
good product works well
Good kit
Instant set up, fast charge.
Does the job
It’s good charges okay
Works as expected and easier than using the normal charger cable. Small and compact so will be great to take travelling
Painless charging
Does what it says on the tin at a reasonable price.
When something looks too good to be true... it generally is!
I bought this when it was on sale, after looking at some reviews. In hindsight I should have paid more attention to the reviews saying it was fiddly and unreliable rather than the over-enthusiastic 5-star reviews - I am now in the process of returning it.
My experience: Looks good and arrives with a USB to Micro-USB cable to plug into a power source.
When trying to charge a Samsung Galaxy S6 it is hit & miss, but mainly the latter. I eventually gave up and plugged the Micro-USB cable directly into the phone, when it does work it charges slowly. The whole point of this type of charger is the ease of use, but every time I had to spend several minutes moving the phone around trying to find the sweet spot where it would charge - this may just be an S6 issue, but that's what I have so it's no good to me.
Not impressed
It really difficult to get it in the right position to charge, was really disappointing
Qi Wireless Charging Pad
I bought one of these for my desk at work and so far I am very pleased, so much so that I have suggested that my workmates get one. Just make sure that your phone is compatible to save sending it back. The size of the charger is good, tbh i thought it would be a lot bigger but this makes it easier to place anywhere really. I wont keep it at work and will be taking it with me when I travel - this was an afterthought and not something I thought of for this charger, but it is super convenient for travelling too.
Works well
Works as it says on the tin. Fast and efficient charge for my phone. I can leave this over night and its fully charges my phone for when I get up in eh morning. Not like my wired charger, I can then set the alarm and not pull the lead out of the wall when I look at my phone in teh night. I would like to see a white one too, but black is great also. Thanks
Too slow at charging
Charging time
Quick, charge!
Really fast charger for the price, much cheaper than more well know n brands. Reccommended
I am not satisfied.
Charging surface is relatively small. It lasts too long to find the perfect place for charging. My phone always covers the LED indicator of the charger. It is more suitable for an overnight charging than an immediate aid.
Qi Wireless Charging Pad
Postage time frame. I was under the impression it was coming from Auckland but it was actually from the UK. Wasn't a problem but would of saved me bothering you about where it was. Great product, worth the wait.
Don't waste your time.
First off if you think your purchasing a complete product with power cord attached, you're not. You get the charging station with no power to run it.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jack

You receive the pad and the charging cable. You just need a USB mains adapter. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
Works well for overnight charging
The unit is small and compact. It charges the phone overnight without any issues. It is not a fast charger but the price is reasonable.
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