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Goobay 4 Inch Desktop USB Fan - Black Reviews

A beautifully minimalist and stylish 4 inch USB powered fan from Goobay. Provides for a cool breeze on your desk. Made of an ultra-light metal frame with ON/OFF switch.
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A beautifully minimalist and stylish 4 inch USB powered fan from Goobay. Provides for a cool breeze on your desk. Made of an ultra-light metal frame with ON/OFF switch.
 4.6 stars from 113 customers

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desk top fan
nice small fan right amount of air when on
Desktop Fan
This is a quiet and very efficient fan and runs from usb connection. It was great during the very hot weather.
As a HGV driver it's ideal in the cab at night to keep cool and it's quiet
if it used any system resources
It doesn't!
Nice size and very quiet when running
A good compact fan but the power cable might be a bit short for certain locations.
Great Little Fan
Just needed a fan to sit on the desk, one that would not annoy me by being loud and too powerful. This little fan is great just the right amount of air flow and adjustable angle. 5 stars.
Perfect for keep cool at close quarters
This small fan is quiet, does not disturb papers and ideal for keeping one cool at work. Works best close to you which is just as well because USB lead is not very long.
I bought one for each of my colleagues, so we could take control of how hot or cool we wanted to be in the recent heatwave, without turning on the airconditioning.
Good little fan
My PC runs quite hot and the hard disk is noisy so wanted to cool it down a bit. This fan does exactly what I wanted and the PC is much quieter. Good fan.
Great Little Fan.
Great little fan. I find it not at all noisy. Easy to set need for mains cord as powered by USB. Keeps your head cool in the heat wave. Only slight problem is that it is so light one has to be careful using the on/off switch at the back but otherwise very pleased with my purchase. Would recommend.
very good Item
Hi great product at a reasonable price.
A good little desktop fan - but too noisy
A greate little fan that does the job of keeping one cool.
My only complaint is that is is intrusively noisy.
My one wish is that it has a speed adjuster. A small rheostat fitted to the back would be perfect.
Useful small fan
Fits neatly on a desk, unobtrusive helps keep you cool when office air con struggling or working from home
Versatile little Fan
Just what I need for having to home work on those hot days to come this summer
Excellant product, highly recommended
Nothing fully explained
Good for the Job
Ideal size to provide a cooling breeze fotr those hot days on your PC
Excellent little fan
Surprisingly powerful for such a small fan and relatively quite. Being USB it's flexible that you can connect to computer, plug or power pack which makes the fan versatile to use. Highly recommended.
I’m always a bit wary about fans that are very small but very quiet and very good, but actually, this is. It’s not silent, but it’s not intrusive either. And for a little fan it’s really powerful!! I would highly recommend.
Great little unit
Will be back for more around Christmas
Great item
Exactly as prescribed and more
Every thing was described perfectly, super fan great price and right time as got 2 for the price of one. Gace already recommended it to several people and they agree it does the job well.
What a breeze
This is an excellent little piece of kit. Definitely not plastic, but all metal and well made. It is very easy to set up and use and really works well at keeping you cool. Very happy with my purchase.
Decent desk fan a little noisy
This a decent sized desk fan, it’s size keeps you cool however it isn’t silent but the sound isn’t too intrusive.
I bought x4 and I have no complaints I use one beside my bed and it’s just right even perfect it’s good as it’s not a giant noisey device is smooth small and fairly quiet

If the sun was going to stop out, brill product but as soon as I bought 4 the sun went in !!!!????
Desk top fan
Great Desk Top Fan
Does exactly what it says on the box
Bought two one for home office & one for work great for keeping you cool & your computer
Excellent fan
Whether it was efficiet and it is.
Does what it says on the box
Nice little fan plugs into USB on computer. No noise and good air flow
Very good item
Well pleased with this fan.Small, neat with very good power output. Would recommend to friends.
Does what it says
Works well as a USB-powered desk fan: little noise; reasonable air flow; on/off switch; rubber feet; reasonable build quality; adjustable angle.
Just what I needed
I have this plugged into my Mac Mini which (like most Macs) runs hot so now I can keep using the video editing software without worrying
I'm a fan.
Cool stuff. Works fine.

Wasn't quiet at first. Had to take it apart, do a bit of tech whispering and put it back together.

Now it's super quiet and a breeze to use.
Great fan
The fan is a little noisy but not that much. Great for the office and keeps me cool. Gives more air then the 4 inch one. I have recommended this product to many people already at work.
Absolutely delighted with the fan
Ordered fan on line post free. Arrived very quickly. Absolutely delighted with it. Perfect for desk and not noisy. Able to work in comfort
It's best to centre the wire that comes from the back of the fan to keep down the vibration noise & keep small weight to one side of the fan to keep it from drifting and your good to go!!
Great product
This is a great little USB Fan that does the trick and with minimal noise. Bought for work as it gets so hot in the office and looks great on the desk.
Oroshi Smart Quiet USB Powered Premium Desk Fan 
It is very good device/fan.
fan of fans
Perfect and well worth the money.
Great little fan
It's a great fan, sleek and works well. My only criticism is that it isn't very adjustable in terms of angling it. The base it stands isn't sturdy enough for the fan to be angled. I'm standing mine on it's box.
I wouldn't buy again.
Looked great so i ordered it as i needed one of these asap for my place of work, came on time just like Mobile Fun always deliver, however once unboxed and plugged in it never worked, i think i have been sent a faulty item, tap function does not work and the fan does not even move an inch, dead fan.
Thank you
I was in search for a cool desk fan that wasn't gonna cost me my kidney, and I came across a YouTube video outlining how this Oroshi fan was awesome and cheap, and I looked into it. I decided to buy it and although it took about 2 weeks (which is to be expected due to where you order it from), I was very happy with the fan. Two fan modes that are fully functional and quiet. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone who is pursuing a desk fan.
Excellent Desk fan
So good I bought a second one.
Keep you cool
Great item just what I wanted for hot weather.
Very good reliable company to deal with great to deal with.
A little noisier than expected but brilliant nevertheless
Very chic. A little noisier than I was expecting, given that it's located in a quiet office area, but is reasonably quiet and doesn't bother anyone. Personally I love it. It's far too nice to be wasted in an office, sat on a desk.
Great item
Good size, easy to you and doesn't take up too much space on your desk. Quiet and with a good stream of air blowen at you, not too much, not too little.
Very good product
Very good product , at a good price. Would have no hesitation buying from this company again as delivery and communication was very good.
Good value at the special offer price
Much better than my previous USB fan. Not sure that the touch sensitive switching is really necessary but it works so no issues.
10/10 at the special offer price.
Neat bit of kit
Useful for anywhere you need to get a breeze to without blowing papers about. The heat has gone now for tis summer but it is safely stored for next year (if needed!)
I'm a fan of this fan!
Lightweight and strong enough to do the job! I bought two of these with the intention of taking them on holiday as there is no air conditioning in the apartment we have rented in St Lucia.
These will sit very nicely on the bedside tables and keep us cool during the night. Perfect!
Great little fan
I now have three of these fans so I use them everywhere.
A good fan!
It was pretty much as I expected from the decription. I like the ease of touch switching, and it seems fairly well engineered.
I wasn't sure how strong the breeze this would create but it is great 2 speed and a touch feature no switch.
Great Fan
I am a great fan of these portable fans. I needed something for the guest bedroom when I was having visitors during the hot weather recently. One each side of the bed help them to be comfortable during the night and with them running quiet did not disturb them.
They are so light and portable, I also took them away with me when I was visiting relatives
Just The Job
How easy it was to use - it now sits in pride of place next to my PC to keep me cool.
best purchase this year
This will probably be the best purchase I will make this year. It has kept me cool and sane during the recent hot weather, and I hope will continue to do so during the "can we turn the heating down?" silly Winter season. Portable, doesn't intrude on anyone else's personal space. Love it.
Very good. Quiet. Just what I wanted
Everything just to my liking thank you. Great little product
Practical cooling
One of the best fans I have purchased!!!
Great Product
An excellent product that does exactly what it said it did.
A life saver during a recent visit to an hotel without air conditioning I would not be without it.
Very good
A decent fan that actually works well
The fan works well and moves enough air about I a stuffy office to make a difference. It's uiet enough to not get on your nerves and to be able to take phone calls without having to switch it off. Good value for money too.
Heatwave Godsend.
Works like a charm. Does what is says on the box and is quiet. I got is just in time.
Excellent little fan Works well and does a good job.
Just what I needed in UK heatwave
Quiet small and great for single person cooling. Have seen same or similar item for more money elsewhere . Would recommend for them hot nights gaming.
Neat & nifty, jolly good.
not much else
A very powerful fan for its size. It has two speeds chill and arctic, all the controls are taps on its metal side.

I only have one complaint with this fan. It sits on a flimsy strap that is swung from the opposite side. The cable is fed through the strap to allow it (the strap) to get into position to support the fan.

There is no adjustment to the angle of the fan.
Not very good
Worked for the morning then died, not very impressed .
MobileFun Reply
Hi Angela

Sorry to hear you had problems. Can you please contact our Customer Services team as it sounds like you may have a faulty unit.
Perfect little fan for bedside table
This is a small fan but gives enough airflow to make sleeping on hot nights much more comfortable. Quiet(ish) - just a low hum. Also great on desk. Needs to be fairly near your face to get benefit. Very pleased with my purchase.
Small, quiet and efficient. I've ordered another two.
quality product, as described
quiet fan that worked from a usb socket in my campervan..
I like it, but see below.
I feel that it would be better with a 3 - 5 m extension lead.
Fairly quite
Nice piece of kit, especially with the touch control. But only creates a low breeze on top speed and you can not angle it up or down? Great for the desk though.
A blast of fresh air
Very stable, reasonably quiet even at full speed, touch control can be temperamental at times; but otherwise its a great fan.
Excellent Buy
Plugs in usb socket and keeps me and laptop cool. Good product.
Useful Priduct
As expected.
gentle breeze.
quiet running cooling without draught, sometimes after running for a length of time will not turn off unless unplugged. but when next used seems to reset.
Brilliant for such a compact fa
I bought 3. 1 is used in office and other 2 beside beds. In this hot weather it really help us stay cool. Great little fan.
i'm a fan
Great little product , looks stylish sat on desk , more powerful than i expected , more expensive than the cheep versions but better value
Compact and Useful
Surprisingly powerful for a USB fan. I use it a lot in my caravan. Clever design.
Just the thing!!!!
What a great little useful item it is just the thing needed in this beautiful weather we are having it takes up very little space and doesn't interfere with your concentration!! What more can I say buy it!!!
I just saw the item and thought that looks really good. Being touch to start is Novell. My grandchildren can't stop switching on and off.
Cool fan
Fantastic desktop fan. Be prepared to be asked questions if you bring it into the office!!
pros hi smart usb
The rate of air flow. Wen I turn it on . it did not feel as if was working .l should have sent it back .i an not going to bye from you again. G wright
Love this fan!!
Quiet, looks great on my desk and I cannot recommend it enough.
Great little fan
Received it during a stretch of days hitting 38-44C degrees and it really made a difference, placed about 80cm away and the two speeds are good. It's a solid, quiet & seems well made. It'd serve as a great desk fan for a home/work office. It's a pity the plug is fixed so you can't add an extension, but it's a great choice over the much smaller and cheaper usb plastic fans that are less effective & relatively louder. The one touch activation, speed changes works well, and you can move it with multi-touch without changes the setting, if you need to shift it around your desk. The price might well push it behind the competition i.e. smaller mains powered fans that you can find considerably below the price of this item, but it is compact and has a small footprint when on your desk, or next to you on the arm of the couch if you are using your laptop. Definitely worth a shot if it meets your cooling needs. Arrived well packaged also, so there shouldn't be any damage in transit.
Great, when it works
I bought one, and it worked great for a couple of weeks, then just never turned on again. Got a replacement (MobileZap was very good about that!), which again worked for a while (although has a noticeable high-pitched whir-noise), but now occasionally decides it just won't turn on. I'd love to pay a bit more and get something higher quality, but with the same low noise level.
Would Recommend
Not as quite as I thought it would be (still quite), but very happy with quality and performance. Comes in nice packaging too.
I am a big fan!!
I bought this specific fan for two reasons, firstly on the recommendation of a client who had one, and secondly because there is a bit of a competition in the office for the coolest USB fan. It delivers on both counts, it works very well and is, in my opinion, the slickest fan in the office.

The touch on/off works well, though oddly not when the fan is right next to my laptop, some sort of interference maybe. It is also very near silent with only a slight "rattle" on high speed if the casing is touching something - nothing that couldn't be sorted out bya felt disc or the like to sit on.

Overall i am very impressed with the product and would highly recommend it to anyone, except maybe a colleague otherwise I wouldn't be the only person with the coolest desk fan in the office.
Great product, but not as quiet as expected :-(
It looked like a great idea, and don't get me wrong, I use it every day (everyone else in my workplace likes the heating a lot warmer than I do). I even love the box it came in!

The touch switch works well. One touch for low, then a double-touch for off. I don't often run it at full speed.

At low speed, it's still noticeably louder than all the other general background office noise - my computer's fan, the building air conditioning, and so on.

I play very soft music or radio at my computer, and yes, I can still hear it over the fan, but even on low, the fan certainly isn't quiet enough to forget it's running – there's a constant "whoosh/rumble" sound.

On fast? It's not "jet engine" level, but it's (subjectively) more than twice as loud as low, and it's far too intrusive and noisy for me to leave it on fast.

The noise seems to be caused by the air flow, rather than bearing noise, so I think it's a basic air movement/blade design issue.

On the plus side, if you run it on fast for a while, low speed sounds quiet :-)
This is a really nice unit
This is a really nice unit. it's really good looking, the build quality is really good and it runs quietly. It's not the most powerful fan in the world, but for its size, it's quite effective. The fact that it's so small means that you can place it quite close without it being too obtrusive. I'm a big fan - it isn't.
Perfect for the office desk.
A great little (and rather cute!) fan for my desk which has been extremely helpful in these recent hot and humid times. The fan is very portable and considerably quiet compared with the normal cumbersome desk fans I have previously used. I like the idea of the handle strap which doesn't restrict you in having to place it on the desk if you don't want to. It is very helpful having two speeds to choose from which I think are just about right - no more having to hunt around the floor picking up my paperwork : )
Overall I'm very impressed with it and now wish I had bought one sooner. It also caught the eye of several of my work colleagues who wanted one too.
Effective cooling
Nice cooling from this fan. Only criticism is that it should have some sort of guard to prevent inquisitive young fingers being hit by the blades.
Great cooling fan
The fan was delivered just in time for the hot weather to be replaced by rain and lower temperatures.
However I have used it and it is great and quiet as described
smart fan
this fan is so good, easy to switch on with a gentle touch on top. a lovely colour, a good blow too, compact and silent, just right for sitting on your computer desk. An excellent buy. well pleased.
Very quiet
Great little fan ... very quiet, particularly on the lower speed
USB Desk Fan
Very good product and exactly as described
funky fan
lovely fan, looks good, works well, well made, and silent. a great buy, well pleased. great colour.
I'm a fan ????
Wasn't sure this product would match the description on the advert but was very pleasantly surprised. It is well-made and is now a very welcome addition to my office desk. It is quiet and has two speeds and gives a nice cooling breeze. I like it so much I'm thinking about taking it on holiday with me. At this price it's a real bargain. Love it!
Pretty good
Not as powerful as I would like but nonetheless, pretty good and quite different
Very useful fan
The Oroshi usb fan is nicely made and is pretty quiet in use. Slow setting is good enough to create a pleasant circulation of air within a few feet and is quiet enough to be unobtrusive. The fast setting is louder, but still easy to ignore and creates a very good flow of air.
You get what written on the box! Give you confidence when purchasing from a website.
Regards & Many Thanks
This is a really cute little fan that blows quite a lot of air for its size. I purchased it as a christmas gift (yes I am one of those people that does their christmas shopping early) I hope the person i bought it for likes it.
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