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Go Ballistic Hard Core Series Case For iPhone 4S / 4 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Give your iPhone 4S / 4 the ultimate protection with this Hard Core case.
  • Mobile Fun ID 28686
$55.61 inc. VAT
 4.8 stars from 10 customers

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quick delivery, easy assembly and bounces well [although I confess to doing it on carpet!] Even with the outer rubber protective case, it fits in my jeans pocket. In short, it does everything they say it will.
I wanted to protect my new iPhone Go Ballistic fits that
The Go Ballistic Case is what i says on the tin. It is expensive but so is my iPhone 4. It also disguises what phone you have which reduces the fear of theft so it is well worth buying
Excellent case
Excellent case. Expensive but definately get what you pay for. Looked for robust case, which would take some punishment. Be careful when opening case from the box first time. You'll need to split the case in two. Don' t push down on the clear plastic!
Back clip ideal for belt or even better you can clip it to a car phone holder like ones from Brodit, and transfer car to car.
Overall suits my purpose, it is bulky when the rubber cover is on, but £40 to protect a £500 phone not that bad a trade off.
To boldly go.....
As a plumber and heating engineer, the iPhone 4S is great for downloading info on heating systems and boilers. However, most standard cases offer only a modicum of protection from an environment such as a dusty building site.

The Go Ballistic case appealed as it offers more shock protection than your usual case. There are three layers of protection. Number one is a close fitting shell in impact resistant plastic, complete with protective screen. There are soft neoprene plugs for 'phone and charger jacks and one for the lock switch. The shell is rubberized and has a nice tactile feel to it.

The second tier of protection is a rubber glove, optional to fit and protects the 'phone from further shock. The grip is marvellous and there is little possibility of it slipping from your hand. I guess if it does, it is way more protected than your average case.

The final choice of protection is a hard plastic holster which also doubles as a belt clip. This item is seriously rugged and does not suffer the same gripes as other belt clip 'holders' I have encountered. The iPhone clips into this holster, screen inwards for more protection, but does not with the screen out. The clip holding the 'phone in place has a positive action and gives an audible 'click' when replacing the 'phone. As for the belt clip, it swivels one hundred and eighty degrees to give seven positions. This was very handy, as constantly getting in and out of my van, other holsters catch on the seat which can push up, or break the holster. I always position it so the 'phone lies horizontal to my belt, eliminating it catching if it were in the vertical plane.

It also must be said, it has a seriously strong belt clip, with a seriously strong spring. In the past, I have always had to check othe mobile 'phone holders to make sure it had not fallen off. No worries here. You can place the holster on your belt with one hand, but need two to remove it, which is rather difficult. I find this superb......I would rather have a belt clip hard to remove so it has little possibility of falling off, rather than a weedy attachent that offers little reassurance. It is an added bonus that this is not a removable clip -I have often found out, to my loss, that the removable types are not best durable.

This product would have got five stras but for one annoying feature. Once the iPhone is in the first case, good luck trying to get that case off without a special tool. The instructions say that it can be prised open with a coin, but this proved futile as the circular shape simply pushes itself out as you twist it. My first attempt left the plastic chewed! I finally did it with a large 10.0 slotted screwdriver, which was large enough and flat enough to do this with ease, but I doubt the average iPhone user owns this size of screwdriver.

My girlfriend says it has a slight 'Star T*ek' look to it and has not stopped taking the micky, but this will no doubt appeal to some.

Superb product, all in all. If you are some blue collar hero, buy!
Fantastic and durable
His case is all I hoped it would be and fulfills it's purpose completely. It truly offers unbeatable protection while allowing the customer to choose the level of protection. Only comment is that the built-in screen protector makes the screen look almost greasy at times. However, this is a problem encountered with many screen protectors including stand alone ones. In conclusion, this is my favourite case I've ever used on an iPhone (this is my sixth). I've tried slim cases and the tech 21 d30 as well as all over clear plastic cases. This is the best.
The robust design and strength of this case is exceptional. It's just the thing if you work in an environment that has your iphone needing special protection. I can thoroughly recommend it.

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