Ghostek Nautical Series iPhone X Waterproof Case - Black Reviews

Shield your precious iPhone X on both land and at sea with the extremely tough, yet incredibly stylish Nautical Series Waterproof case from Ghostek in black. Protecting your iPhone X from depths of up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.
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Difficult for people to hear you,
Love this cover
This cover is better than my previous life proof. It’s lighter and seems to be more resistant. Highly recommend.
Very Good
I bought this case as a replacement as my last "tough" one fell apart, was very clunky and huge!!

This one is soo much thinner, seals out everything incl water and the ports are all still easily accessible and the volume control works especially well (my last one didn't work at all!!)
Easy and quick to assemble, fits perfectly, looks great. Definitely deserves 5/5 star rating.
Good looking
Perfect cover for someone who has a tendency to drop their phone. Robust and looks sleek too
better than life proof
Excellent case same quality if not better than the lifeproof fre especially as the cost is a lot less!
Use this day in day out as my working life is very dusty
The only little gripe is sometimes its a bit difficult to put in your pocket but then thats the life with any rugged case
All in all very pleased with this Ghostek case
Tough but renders the flash a source of light pollution
I bought this on upgrade from the 7 plus where I had a much loved Ghostek Atomic 3.0 case. That is a seriously awesome case, light, strong and like a skin for the phone. Sadly they don't make it for the iphone X.

The Nautical is more designed for genuine underwater use, rather than walking around in the rain. So take the one negative in that context, that being rendering your flash useless. The thick casing around that part of the phone is too thick and the flash then floods back into the photos.

Positively it's a very strong case. I also like the wrist loop. It means I can walk around London without worrying about moped thieves. A quick grab will get caught on the loop. I've dropped the phone 5 times on concrete, no damage. The waterproof screen is very protective, but possibly a cheaper material than the Atomic, as it shows up microscratches more readily.

But all in all, love the Ghostek products, and will keep this for water use even if I replace it for general use. By way of example when I returned the Iphone 7 plus after 12 months daily use and multiple drops, it was as new. Not only that but my brother now uses the old case on his, it was still good.
I’ve never broke a phone with ghostek
Had ghostek cases on last 4 iPhones highly recommended never let me down
I loved the case
I was really struggling to find s cane an was about to think it would have to stay in the box, till I found this site . Thank you

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