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Ghostek Cloak Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Tough Case - Clear / Gold Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Cloak Protective bumper case in gold and clear from Ghostek comes complete with a tough tempered glass screen protector to provide your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with fantastic all round protection.

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 4.5 stars from 33 customers

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Sturdy and well made
The case is quite heavy and made my phone wider so it didn't fit in my hand as easily. But if you're prone to dropping your phone this could help with damage limitation as it is strong and will take the impact.
Robust case for Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge
Very happy with this case having used it for a couple of weeks now. The screen protector was tricky to apply correctly if you really want it bubble free. Otherwise, the case itself is robust and nice to hold. Fast service from Mobilefun so would recommend.
Briliant case.
The best case I have ever owned
I have owned lot cases in my time but this is far the best case I have ever owned its strong well made and doesn't obstruct any of the buttons. A well thought out case does not disappoint keeps my samsung s7 edge protected
Excellent Case
It's one of the best cases for the s7 edge with enough good protection and generous lip for screen and camera the only thing is at that back there are 2 small spots that have bubbles but it is barely noticeable
Great case
Fits snugly. Protects the phone very well.
Quality back cover Screen protector no good
I have previously purchased Ghostek products and have been impressed with the quality. Covers fits perfectly with easy access to all buttoms charging point etc. However the screen protector provided would not stay on the sides of the Edge screen and just kept peeling off. Have now given up with this and will find another screen protector.
Just love it
A great product and very happy I bought it. While the screen protector is very VERY thin and was difficult to get it on, it works a dream. The case I feel will protect my phone and is make of very sturdy stuff.
Awesome product & service
The Samsung s7 edge Ghostek Cloak Protective Case is sleek, expensive looking yet affordable. I love the look of this case because it doesn't hide the original look of the phone like most cases. Ordered the case and was lost in the mail. Customer service team sent me another free of charge. Awesome service & Product.
Good case, useless screen protector
The Ghostek Cloak case looks stylish with it's metal edge and clear, Ghostek branded gel case. The screen protector it comes with is difficult to apply and will most likely be bubbly after you've tried multiple times to get it right. The red Cloak case goes really well with the gold coloured S7 Edge.
Very happy. Case was as described. Very easy to put on. Screen simp,e and has no bubbles.
No other comments
This was exactly what I was looking for
This was exactly what I was looking for. Stylish not too bulky and the screen protector works too. I've tried screen protectors before and not been impressed as they woudnt stick round the edge properly. Would highly recommend. Arrived before I was expecting it to
Rlatively easy to fit
Quick delivery, relatively easy to fit, screen protector no bubbles/ fits "edge" profile, snug and doesn't increase overall size of phone very much at all
The case fits like a glove
The case fits like a glove its not bulky and looks great all ports access is good
I really like the case. It's stylish and very functional. I no longer accidentally touch my edge screen when operating phone.
Excellent phone case!!
Fits perfectly on my phone it's very snug and very well protected, I like the fact it also came with a screen protector, which is a good quality one.Very happy with this ghostek case, definatly recommend it!!!
Very nice case
Great Protection
The Ghostek cloak protective phone cover provides excellent protection in an elegant and beautifully fitting case. The screen protector if applied correctly gives the added security and protection to the phone screen. Excellent value for money and would recommend to anybody that wants great protection for their valuable phone
Great case not bulky and or slippery in the hand. My initial feeling is that it will do the job protecting it from drops and dad to day bumps. The only downside is the screen provider. It's rubbish so will have to invest in a descent replacement.
Fantastic product.
Excellent product great service and a speedy delivery
Good case very poor screen protector
The case is very good and fits well and is comfortable to hold. However the screen protector does not stick very well to the curved part of the screen.likewise when you fit and remove the case you find the it lifts more of the screen protector off. Plus the finish quality of the screen protector is not very good at all. Gave up after a few days and have ordered a different make of screen protector
Would recommend this to anyone
The case fits the phone perfectly transforming the delicate feel of the phone to a really comfortable soft grip without any detrimental effect to the phone functionality or making the phone bulky in any way. The screen protector on the front and the soft rubbery case offers a piece of mind to the safeguard of the phone. I have not encountered any negativity to advise after 2 weeks of daily use. I work as a courier and the phone is used constantly as part of the role. Would recommend this to anyone.
Excellent case
The case arrived (all the way) to Serbia exactly when promised and it was just as advertised. I would recommend to anyone seeking serious protection but willing to take on a little bulk as the case is not the slimmest around (adds about 3mm on the sides and top&bottom). The fit is perfect though and once on it feels like an integral part of your phone.For those seeking slim over tough go with Spigen thin fit.
Edge case
This item is an excellent fit for the edge,seems to be good protection ,time will tell
Looks nice and it's comfy
Case looks nice on the silver Titanium with black trim on the case. Comfortable to hold
Terrible screensaver
The actual case is good but the screen saver is a total waste of time and money. Holes for camera don't quite line up. The tab to pull the film of the front pulled straight off in my hands and the sides don't stick at all.
Very good support and protection
Very good support and protection. Screen protector could have been better though
Best Phone Case I've Had
This phone case is brilliant for the S7 Edge; it protects the phone but doesn't detract from it's sexy design. Obviously you lose the sleekness of the naked phone, but you can't avoid that if you want a case to protect it.

The material itself is a hard gel-like plastic, so it's flexible and easy to fit. The aluminium frame then holds it rigidly together, and the frame is designed in the same shape as the rim of the S7 Edge itself, so it retains that cool looking design.
The plastic of the case is also really grippy, which I like because the naked phone is quite slippery, so it's now easier to hold.
The case has a large enough edge that means your phone screen isn't touching the surface if it is lay face down.
The screen protector is flexible but thick, so it's easy to fit without bubbles and feels like it will protect the screen well.

After having this case a couple of weeks I can see a bit of dust getting in where the holes are for the charger/headphones/speaker. This would be easy to clean up by taking the phone out and wiping it all though.
The screen protector does not fit the shape of the screen curve 100%. i.e. it wraps nicely around the edge, but in the corners it hasn't been designed to follow the curve properly, so in the corners it lifts ever so slightly. Still, the screen protector isn't part of the case itself, so would be easy to replace.

Finally, for the most important factor of a case... I have dropped my phone a couple of times since having it and I'm welcomed by a relieving 'thud' sound rather than a horrible 'crack'.

I would highly recommend this case if you want to retain the nice look of the phone without having to completely hide its features.
Great product!
This Ghostek Cloak case is brilliant in my honest opinion. The quality of the case is superb and I would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat. Also it looks really good on the phone too!
Lovely case
The case itself is nice and doesn't add much bulk to the case. The screen protector that comes with it is pretty much useless, it rides up when the case is on. The case is 5* but the screen protector is a 0.
Spot On Protection and Looks
Fits excellent, looks nice, not bulky like some other similar cases, does protect as it should and doesn't affect the 'edge' function. Only negative is the screen protector isn't the best I've used. Not the worst either though. All ports and speakers operate as normal. Can't wait to see the Atomic 2.0 for the S7 EDGE..... top of my shopping list!

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