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Ghostek Cloak Nexus 5X Tough Case - Clear / Red Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Cloak Protective case in red and clear from Ghostek comes complete with a tough tempered glass screen protector to provide your Nexus 5X with fantastic all round protection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 57545
$26.54 inc VAT
 3.6 stars from 16 customers

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This product looked beautiful when I first put it on my phone. The metal bumper is separate from the gold metal bit. It's been on about a month and now the metal bumper is completely warped. It doesn't sit flush to the phone and around the charging port it is completely bent out of shape. I haven't done anything weird with my phone or case to explain why this might occur but it means I frequently scratch my hands or fingers when handling the phone as the metal is relatively sharp. Would not recommend.
Very good case
Having broke a few case's in my time I wasn't holding out much hope for this one but am hugely surprised and pleased with the quality of this one. I work in the building industry so a good quality case is paramount for the safety of my phone. The case itself fits brilliantly around the phone, so good in fact that it's hard to get the phone our. The black bezel that goes around the case is a brilliant touch too as it seems to hold the case in place. The clear plastic case itself hasn't faded or started to discolour at all which is what normally happens. It also came with a tempered glass screen protector which is excellent quality and hasn't scratched at all even with keys,nails,screws etc are in the same pocket as my phone. The case is not bulky looking either and a couple of people have actually asked f it was part of the phone. Really pleased with this case and for the money,with a screen protector included in the price you really can't go wrong.
A rubbish, overpriced case. I had this case for 2 weeks and since I got it the plastic border started to warp until it became unusable. No problems with the company though item arrived in time just crap item.
Not worth the cash, poor design
With limited choice of robust cases for the Nexus 5x I spent much time looking at the options. I have the white 5x so wanted to show this off after having a black phone for years on end. I wanted a Spigen Slim Armor as I had on the Nexus 5 but it seems they only made one for the 6P. I settled on this case in the end and I am very disappointed. The frame flexes on the sides which is annoying and the cut outs do not perfectly align. After using a biro pen I unkowingly had a bit of ink on my hand and after picking up the phone a small amount got on the case and would not clean off. No idea why it will not clean off but this clear case is not likely to look good after a while. Wish I had never bought it.
Everything is in accordance with description
Everything is in accordance with description. Fast sending. Definitely can advise to a friend.
Phone cover was good
Phone cover was good and delivery time was within the expected 15 day time period
Not worth money.
Far too expensive for quality. Screen saver cracked as it was going on. Instructions unreadable on packet.
I'm very satisfy with the cover. It's nice and durable. Thank you

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