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Ghostek Cloak Microsoft Lumia 950 Tough Case - Clear / Gold Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Cloak Protective case in gold and clear from Ghostek comes complete with a tough tempered glass screen protector to provide your Microsoft Lumia 950 with fantastic all round protection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 57551
$26.53 inc VAT
 4.3 stars from 38 customers

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Stylish yet extremely practical and safe phone case.
Most of the cases available for the lumia 950 are very bulky and cheap in appearance. This case is stylish and maintains the lines of the phone. It is very protective and easy to apply. I have no complaints about the case and no negative comments.
great cover, looks good
The wait was worth it. Looks good on the phone and adds the level of protection I wanted. Tricky to fit but lots of helpful tips on the internet. A few issues getting the buttons to work but soon figured it out
nice case, earphone hole too small
Having a great phone is one thing. Having a huge range of cases to choose from is another. This case looks classy, and offers descent protection without adding much bulk. The USB port is generous and works with all my leads. However, the earphone hole is too small and does not line up perfectly either. I have only one tapered plug that fits. The standard slim earphone plugs are too big. I'm tempted to drill the hole out a tad but it will weaken the metal frame. The buttons also stick out a bit too much. It's not all bad but I have found the camera activates and I've had to change the setting. I might try filing them down.
Putting the case on was very tricky. You could crack the screen if you're not careful. After a couple of YouTube vids the way that worked for me was to put the plastic on first and then the metal frame. Not something I'd like to do too often.
My glass screen protector arrived broken and a replacement was posted out with a minimum of hassle.
Nice case but the undersized earphone port is the biggest let down for me.
Solid and attractive but flawed
I read another review here saying that the case interfered with the phone buttons, but I thought it was probably a one-off. Wrong. With the case on the phone volume up was constantly pressed and the camera button was also permanently half-pressed (i.e. for focus). The phone itself has a very sensitive camera button (for the half-press to focus), but the volume buttons were fine until the case was on. I absolutely love the Ghostek style, so tried to carefully bend the frame a little on the right side to remove pressure from the buttons and this seems to have worked. Not the best result for the money, but it seems to work well enough now and the extra 'bend' I added isn't too noticeable. The gold edged case looks stunning with the white-backed phone, and I am pleasantly comforted by the protection this otherwise perfect case provides. Note that I also have the red-banded Ghostek for my 950XL (950 is for daughter) and it has no such issues with the buttons.
An excellent solution
As I looked through the many examples of cases for my new Lumia 950, I almost gave up. So many items with lots of hyperbole. However, I came acrfoss the excellent Ghostek Cloak case through considering customer review sites. This is a great case that offers very good protection and with style. Having decided upon the case, the seller was the next thing for me to consider. I happened across MobileFun and am verypleased that I did. The price offered was very competitive. I made a change to the order and this was handled very efficiently by return e-mail. The item arrived ahead of the expected time and was packaged very well.

MobileFun was a pleasure to deal with and I would highly recommend it to anyone along with the excellent phone case from Ghostek.
I do like this cover but it does unfortunately turn my Lumia 950 into a heavy brick. I need to wear a belt to put this in my pocket. Aside from that this is a very good quality product.
Feels great
It is an amazing case and feels very nice to hold the phone because it doesn't slip out of your hands like other ones do. However it did take a bit of effort to put it on correctly the first time around because it fits the phone snuggly. Would highly recomend to anyone looking for this type of phone case!
Good delivery time, clear product description, but the screen protector was the wrong size.
My guess is the 950 case was sent but the toughened glass cover was for the 640 or other smaller model.
The case does the job and not that sure the cover is actually needed so may well have been surplus to requirements.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Michael

Sorry to hear you seem to have the wrong screen protector with the case. Please contact our Customer Services team with photos if possible so we can investigate further and we will of course remedy the situation.
Definitely not entirely life proof so to speak, but I have dropped my phone twice since getting it and it didn't smash so that is good. I can't remember whether it came with the glass screen protectors or if I paid for them seperately. If it doesn't come with them then it definitely should and if you buy it and it doesn't come with glass screen protectors you are definitely going to want to get some.
Great protection. But still only 4 stars
A well built product. Despite is a thin material, but it still provide maximum protection. The only downside is the button on the cover makes the buttons too sensitive. Especially when hold the sides without touching the button, you can still change volume control and the power button even though you not touching them. Which it can be annoying sometimes.
Great case
Had the Ghostek about a week and love it. Daughter wants one for her iPhone 5c. Tempered glass screen protector fantastic.
The Ghostek Cloak cover for Lumia 950 is great. Solid, protective, and stylish. I also bought a Mozo wireless charging cover as I was not sure if the Ghostek would prevent wireless charging, but they both work brilliantly together. Only using the Mozo to provide colour which shows through the clear Ghostek. So now I have a great phone, fully protected against accidental drops, and it looks and feels great.
MobileFun provided a clear website with authentic visuals and exact description of the mobile protector and case. Easy to order and select delivery options, precise feedback on order process and excellent feedback from selected courier.
All in all a 10 out of 10 service.
No problems just simple efficiency and customer care.
Screen protector triggers proximity sensor
The back part of the cover is pretty well perfect. Fits well, good protection, buttons all work. Some larger 3.5mm jacks won't fit through the hole, but most fit OK.

The screen protector goes on well, seems to trigger the proximity sensor in any position. This means that when calling with the phone, the screen will go black , requiring you to press the power button to control the call, which sometimes hangs the call up.
Just what I wanted
Super tough case with a really nice look and feel...
Already surviving an unscheduled drop test , and more than the occasional envious glance....
DO NOT buy for Win Phone!
If you have a Windows Phone, DO NOT buy these cases!! While this case and screen protector are relatively well built, the screen protector is faulty. You will lose the proximity sensor functionality for your phone as the screen protector is not cut out over the sensor. So, any call you make will leave your screen blank making it difficult to use the phone's functions during calls.
MobileFun Reply
Hi David

Sorry to hear you are having problems with the screen protector. We have just checked one and it does have the cut-out for the proximity sensor, so please contact us and we can send you a replacement.
Good value product with sufficient protection
- Price
- Aluminium frame around the PV cover make it robust
- I suspect it'll take decent hit and save your phone at least once
- PV front edges are sufficiently raised that u probably don't need to use the screen cover

Not so Good:
- Aluminium frame is much more temperature sensitive creating condensation on the PV casing
- Side buttons work well but protrude too much from the case, can catch on pockets or accidentally pressed in your pocket. Particularly the on the Lumia 950 if you hold power button in you will switch off / power cycle your phone. FIX: I carefully sanded / shaved down the case side buttons a bit and it's much better.
- Aluminium is a soft metal. It will protect your phone once or twice but will warp / dent upon solid impact. This is why more expensive covers used hardened plastic over metal frames.
- Advertised as Scratch resistant PV, but it's not quite true. It wont scratch sitting on your desk but if it get even a slight scrape it'll scratch. eg. edging.

NOTE: there nothing horribly wrong with the product.

I'll give it 4 out of 5
Good Case
As usual a great service from Mobilefun. The case is tough and stylish, but be warned it is not easy to remove if you need to and you are best turning the phone off before fitting the case as if the buttons on the side are not quite aligned while you seat the phone the volume buttons won't adjust. The fitting problems are the only reason I have not given it 5 stars.
Great product, just what I ordered. Got it today
Great case
This is a great case. Very protective and looks great. the metal bumper isn't cheaply made. Out of all the phone cases i have owned this one and unicorn bettle case for nexus 6 have been my favs. Well worth the cost
great cover
Very well made and protective case. Looks great.
Great item
I've been very impressed with the ghostek cloak case. It was a little tricky to get on, so I would recommend putting the case on in separate parts as this does make it a lot easier, but once one... WOW it's incredible! It looks great on the phone and feels really tough. The screen protector went on easily enough, I'm not expert at putting them on but even I could do it fairly well. Overall the case looks great and gives you total protection. All in all, I'm very pleased and MobileFun's service was second to none as usual!

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