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Ghostek Atomic 3.0 Samsung Galaxy S8 Waterproof Case - Black Reviews

Equip your Samsung Galaxy S8 with the most extreme and durable protection around! The black and clear Ghostek Atomic 3.0 is completely waterproof and provides rugged drop protection with an HD scratch resistant screen protector.
  • Mobile Fun ID 63494
$84.93 inc VAT
 4 stars from 1 customers

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A tough as nails case with 1 minor issue
First thing to say is this is a rather well made and over engineered phone case, I doubt I'd have any issues should I drop my phone. Kind of the point when buying a tough case.. It feels nice in the hand and although a little heavy; it's easy to find buttons, and the finger print sensor round the back. my only caveat is due to the water protection built in to the case the charge port is restricted to smaller USB C connectors (I have some rankie charge cables that won't fit) and 3.5mm audio requires a small adaptor (included in the box) . Other than that it was relatively self explanatory to put the phone into the case and required a little effort to seal it (start at the bottom corners when putting the back cover on). Overall a happy customer but only required if you need a tougher case.

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