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Ghostek Atomic 3.0 iPhone 7 Plus Waterproof Tough Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Equip your iPhone 7 Plus with the most extreme and durable protection around! The black Ghostek Atomic 3.0 is completely waterproof and provides rugged drop protection with it's HD scratch resistant screen protector, whilst keeping the phone slim.

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 3.6 stars from 20 customers

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Brilliant phone cover
Very robust and ideal for anyone who is required to use their phone at work
Damn good protection and not too bulky.
I bought this case for an upcoming bicycle tour abroad. I’m happy with the case as the protection is superb! My only gripe is the front screen protector BUT it does do the job well and the unit seals good too.
The front face does feel a little flimsy but upon closer inspection and little tests, it holds out well. Don’t try to also have a glass protector too like I did as it makes the touch sensitivity awful; it’s superb without. Very solid case otherwise. Also red would be really cool!
Looks great
I bought this case for a present all I can say it looks great
Dreadful signal and screen
No one can hear you with this case on via phone nor FaceTime.
Screen may be shockproof very very noisy to tap away at the keys and not responsive for texts.
All GOOD!!
Pretty damn happy with this case.
Phone is well protected, case is solid as and screen is well recessed and covered.
3D touch still works as does the thumbprint recognition on the home button.
The channel around the edge provides a surprisingly good grip and the back of the case acts in such a way that it amplifies the sound output!
If anything I worry about the cover over the home button wearing out but its all good so far.
Good case
Four stars because the case its arrived with some little scraces,in rest the case it's ok nice product end god made
I don't now watt to tell is a good product is work great
A Beautiful, Tough Case But Possible Design Flaw.
Unfortunately, right out the box, the screen cover was loose around the home button. It's framed by black plastic and was clicking and annoyingly loose making using the home button and typing on the keyboard significantly unresponsive. Having seen one review on Ghostek's website mentioning this problem, I emailed the manufacturer for advice. I was sent a replacement by Ghostek. Unfortunately, less than a month later this replacement is starting to experience the same problem, so far it's just the actual home button and touch id that are suffering because of the loose fit of the plastic cover.

For the price it is just not acceptable. I really want this to be as functional as it is beautiful, but it isn't quite there. If they can fix the design flaw with the cover/home button it would deserve 5 stars.
Nice case but you cant hear anyone
The case is constructed so well that people that you call are unable to hear you, the issue is that the Iphone 7 Plus has stereo speakers and the case only has a cut out for one side, the case would be improved if a further cut out was made by the other speaker, this in turn should improve the quality of the conversation. I feel that the case was designed for the Iphone 6 as this only had one speaker, they should have thought about the Iphone 7 and its stereo speakers. I now cannot use the case, it was expensive and not fit for the Iphone 7 or 7 Plus.
No one can hear you.
And I mean no one. You have to remove the charger port plug and shout in order to be heard. Complete waste of money. Gutted. Now looking for a replacement case.
This is a very fine case
This is a very fine case. Works as advertises, looks professional, external buttons work properly and are easier to use than the iphone alone. I no longer worry about dropping my phone.

Minor niggles. Ghostek should think about working with the charging dock people to ensure compatibility. I've had to use a combination of a dock and CableJive to stand mine up.

The screen also inevitably slightly reduces the sensitivity of the phone for typing. You lose something of the repsonsiveness you expect with the screen off. Happily it's very easy to whip off the waterproof front for when fast typing is required.
I have bought several cases for my iPhone 7 plus but none looked great They either looked great, but did nothing to protect the phone, or looked ugly abut ticked the box re protection. This on the other hand looks fab and protects the case! Took my phone into o2 and they asked me where they could get hold of one as it looked awesome.......Really pleased with it. Goes on and comes off really easily if you need too. The only minor niggle is that you have to have a cable that fits into the case hole charging port. Some are too wide at the end to go past the cover. Not going to knock a point of for this as an apple cable does the job fine......

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