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Ghostek Atomic 2 Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Waterproof Tough Case - Silver Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Equip your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with the most extreme and durable protection around! The silver Ghostek Atomic 2.0 is completely waterproof and provides rugged drop protection with it's HD scratch resistant screen protector, whilst keeping the phone slim
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 3.8 stars from 15 customers

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Life Saver.
I am a ground worker in drainage, I was destrowing a septic tank, and my phone fell into the tank which had sewage remain still inside, I pumped it out and retreaved it. after a good clean, I'm currently using it today.saved my life. top rated.
Hermetic Ghostek Atomic 2.0 for Samsung Galaxy Note 5
I am very pleased with the Ghostek Atomic 2.0 case. Unlike other cases which either protect the front (screen) or the back of the phone, this case protects both. Since both parts (the part that protects the front and the one protecting the back) seal each other as a grip bag, the phone is hermetically protected against anything, including liquid, that can damage the phone. While the screen protector of this case is stiff to avoid scratches, it does not lower the sensitivity of the mobile screen.
I have the cover 6 months and need a replacement. I bought it as it was light and I can use it on my wireless charger. It does not take a battering as well as it is described. I carry out building inspections so my phone goes everywhere. The back popped in after a few months and now the stylus pen cover broke. It is an ideal phone cover for someone who isn't so hard n a phone/cover. Saying all this, it has saved my phone a few times. I just think at this price it should last the life of the phone, others do.
Does the trick
This case does what its supposed to. It makes a phone water proof.... to a degree.
Its outer skin is a flexible (very) plastic type surface which is needed to enable the press on press off close method but i have my concerns for its longevity.
This case is great for a day at the beach case or any occasion you need to keep the water and dirt out. But i wouldn't be using it as a day to day case.
First day I had this it fell off the top of my golf cart onto the cement and barely a scratch on the aluminum case. Took some underwater pics at the beach and stayed sealed and dry, so far so good. Stoked there's finally a water proof case for my note5. Would definitely suggest it to anyone with this phone
Disappoint with the plastic screen
The product is ok but I was disappoint that the screen was not tempered glass but a plastic face. The top of the screen bounces when you tap on it and smudges easily.
Nice case but could be improved
In all honesty the case is light, durable and covers the phone so that makes the phone water proof. I was however disappointed that the screen cover was not tempered glass but a plastic so that when you tap the touch screen the plastic bounces slightly which affects the feel of using the touch screen. The product serves its purpose but I would not recommend this product to anyone until tempered glass was added and the slight gap between the phone touch screen and cover is addressed and the bounce is gone when using the phone.
I was full of expectation for this product as I love my note and would like to protect it as best I can.

The screen protector isn't tight to the screen so it makes it hard to register your touch. It also creates a tapping noise.

The speaker and microphone is covered which muffles the sound. People struggle to hear me too.

The earphone has a separate attachment with a longer connector because of the case but it still struggles to connect.

Very disappointed. I can't use this very expensive case as it removes most functionality of my phone!
Heavy metal protection, but reduced signal quality
The case does seem to provide 360 protection from drops scrapes dust and water, but the trade off appears to be reduced signal quality and no access to fingerprint security.
good product
Expensive but good product
I have been looking for a case for my Note 5 but most of them either were too heavy or not waterproof. This is the best of both worlds. I have small hands so did not want anything that made my large phone any larger. . .
Terrific product :)
Awesome case
This case is awesome. Slim, light weight and the touch screen work perfectly
My phone feels really secure.
Okay, back story in 3 weeks I went through 3 phones. The note 5 screen is a LCD, so when you drop it it's very easy to damage and very expensive to fix. I dropped my phones with a case that I spent 50 dollars on and it burst the screen three times. I've had this phone case for 3 weeks and I finally feel my phone can withstand my life. I watched a few demonstrations on the ghostek atomic 2.0 case on YouTube and it decided I would give it a case. I love the fact it's not bulky yet the phone is fully encased. The screen is still very sensitive within it. All in all I love the case. I haven't tried the waterproof feature but I plan to. I love that the stylUS is completely secured.. no, unwanted pop outs. Great buy!
Love it
Best case I've had yet it's sleek and best part is it's waterproof and shock proof. Take this over life proof anyday
Love everything except the charging cord doesn't reach :( the port with the case on

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