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Ghostek Atomic 2.0 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Waterproof Case - Pink Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Equip your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with the most extreme and durable protection around! The pink and clear Ghostek Atomic 2.0 is completely waterproof and provides rugged drop protection with it's HD scratch resistant screen protector.
  • Mobile Fun ID 59035
$84.93 inc VAT
 3.8 stars from 30 customers

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Love my new ph cover
It's good looking comfortable and user friendly!
No Good
The packaging claims the case is designed to take the toughest of environments. It can't handle my pocket. I've had two of these cases now, the second a replacement for the first, and both cases have had a volume button fall out. Definitely not worth the price tag.
Could be better
The case seems ok but due to two main things I would not recommend this case. Firstly the mobile reception dropped noticeably and the second the fingerprint recognition becomes painful to use, to the point it takes numerous attempts to have it recognised,or more commonly you end up going to the back up pin.
Some big negatives
The case itself seems hardy and well designed except that the plastic over the fingerprint scanner makes it very difficult to use. And the biggest issue is the massive loss in coverage/reception due to the metal surround. If these two issues were fixed would highly recommend but due to these issues I can't. Try a different brand. Quite disappointed, especially considering the cost.
Good case expensive
Case works well. Went swimming in pool several times now and no problems. Because case is waterproof it makes it slightly hard to hear people on phone conversation. Case came quickly. Couple little black chips in corners of paint no biggie. Edge of screen slightly coulerful from cover protector. Overall 8 l/10
The Ghostek case looked great, fit the phone perfect and wasn't as bulky as I thought it would be.
The 10 minute waterproof test was fine, so put my phone in ready to use. Buttons and screen worked well, finger scan worked intermittently.
After only 48hrs of use (phone mostly stays in my handbag or on the coffee table), the front screen had come away from the case down one side.
Really dissapointed.
Does exactly what it says on the tin!
As soon as i got my handset I have been relentlessly researching the best all-body-protective case and at first the lifeproof fre caught my rye but its not available for the edge. So i researched the 2nd best and found ghostek but after using it, watching youtube videos and reading reviews about both lifeproof and ghostek this has to be the best. Glad lifeproof wasnt available. The ghostek covers literally every inch of the device! Its durable water tight and one of the best things is how the speakers work, the sound comes from the back now loud and clear. Even in the shower. If you are immaculately compulsive about keeping this beauty in peek condition then buy this case.
Excellent features=Waterproof
This case fits nice and tight. Very protective, has a nice heavy feel when holding, have not drop test yet but the waterproof/splash proof is excellent, this is just what I need while on the boat in the ocean.
Great Product, Fits well and practical.
Gostek - Samsung S7 Edge Cover.
Excellent product.
Practical, fits well and is durable.
The Ghostek Atomic 2.0 case is TERRIBLE!! The worst case I've ever had!! What I had most about it is the clicking when touching the screen with the case on!
Not Great
The front cover of the case sits above the phone screen so you have to press it twice to activate the phone, or quite hard to use the phone. The finger-print scanner works intermittently, and the case muffles the speakers. Although it does actually protect the phone, it comes at an annoying price. The case is waterproof, but then so is the phone so it makes no difference on that front. I've since purchased another case that isn't Ghostek.
Absolutely Terrible
The thumb-print scanner doesn't work with this case! The case screen-cover is loose, which leaves a gap between the phone screen and the case, which means you have to press the screen really hard, or you end pressing it 2 or 3 times to activate the phone. I now need to buy another case. I've given 2 stars as it's probably as durable as they say it is, but in terms of operating the phone, it's old amateur tat!
I so love this phone case.
Ghostek 2.0 galaxy s7 edge case is the best phone protection I have ever used. It's an all over protection. I love the product and I have no regret. I will patronise mobile fun more often cos they sell the best and top quality phone accessories. Overall it was a good price and it does the job.
Terrible unnatural
Case looks nice but thats where the positives end for me. Didn't like this case at all. Screen is not very responsive through the plastic. Fingerprint scanner wont work through the plastic film that goes over the home button. Used for about a week and took it off and went back to my $20 cover as it was driving me crazy.
Amazing product!
Nothing but positive things to say about this case! Ill start by saying it arrived quickly with good communication from Mobilefun. The case itself is solid and easy to put on the phone. I brought the silver case to go along with my silver s7 edge. I feel as it nothing is going to damage my phone while I have this case on! I was also very pleased that it didn't add much bulk at all to the original size of my phone which I've seen a lot of other cases do.

The back peels off for you to insert your phone and then you push the plastic back down to cause some sort of suction which hold the phone tightly in the case. This makes it completely water proof. In all, I'm very happy with the case and would highly recommend it to anyone that is thinking of buying it.

Why take the risk of damaging a £600+ phone when you could give it 100% 360 protection with the case for such a reasonable cost!
Excellent Case
This case works wonderfully. The thumbprint scanner works and so does the edge features. The case is easy to remove and put back on but it keeps the phone protected and dry. I've had it for a week or two and so far no issues at all
Great case,problems with fingerprint.
A good looking case that is well made and fits together beautifully. The only issue i have which doesn't seem to have been reported by anyone else is that it doesn't recognise my fingerprint. I have to take the cover off for the fingerprint scanner to work which rather defeats the object!
Bizarrely, with the cover back on, I have got it to work a couple of times by placing my thumb horizontally across the home button rather than the usual vertical position.
A pity because this is a fantastic cover otherwise and I may just be an unlucky buyer as i haven't seen this reported elsewhere.
Good decent Case
Rceived the Ghostek Atomic 2.0 Case. Even though Screen is not glass does not feel that bad. No stickiness like plastic films. I did install a Tempered Glass underneath for extra protection and because the phone sits well inside no need to worry about any break from case. But even though responsiveness was good this seem to bump it up a bit more as it sticks more to the plastic film and doesn't leave much.
It is a bit wider than some other cases but no worries about accidental touches.
It seems my case that I received was missing some films in the earpiece and home button which adds 2 openings on the front which defeats the purpose of it being waterproof. Waiting for Mobile Fun to reply.
This could be a pro or con depending if you use speaker a lot or not. But the sound from the speaker is somewhat transferred and the back is used to transfer the sound out which would be why they use the type of material for the back. But depending on quality some music does get muffled.
4 stars due to sound.
But overall the case is great and good looking case.

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