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Ghostek Atomic 2.0 iPhone 6S / 6 Waterproof Tough Case - Silver Reviews

Equip your iPhone 6S / 6 with the most extreme and durable protection around! The silver Ghostek Atomic 2.0 is completely waterproof and provides rugged drop protection with it's HD scratch resistant screen protector, whilst keeping the phone slim.
  • Mobile Fun ID 58139
$77.07 inc VAT
 4.2 stars from 14 customers

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Ok product
Firstly I'd like to say that the overall product is a good case, it works well and protects the phone.

There are a few minor malfunctions with the additional equipment, for example the adapter for the headphone jack has made my phone mess up with the use of other headphones so this should be addressed. Secondly the plastic sheet on the from of the case is very fragile and is likely to rip due to taking off the front sheet many times.

But as I said the overall case is good, there just needs to me some minor adjustments.
Easy to use phone cover
Got the cover and was easy to fit, slim design means it fits nicely in the pocket. I tested it under water before putting my phone in the cover. It passed there was no water inside. Still chuffed with the cover.

Only one major disappointment was the rubber waterproof cover for the lightning speed cable, it snapped off as I was taking the socket out. Annoying!!
best phone cover i have ever had.
Awesome case
Awesome case. I had a small issue worth the cable port plug coming off but mobile zap replaced the case for me with no issues. Great service.
Good solid case
Really happy with this case, provides good protection, waterproof works well, not much sensitivity loss from screen protector. Can still use the torch and all of the side buttons and is easy to assemble and take apart. Every thing stil functions as it should, camera, calls/text, data, music, touch I.D etc

There are only a couple of minor things that concern me but not really a deal breaker. The rubber port covers are quite flimsy and will not last being opened too many times. One of my volume buttons was a bit stiff and didn't work at first until I wore it in a bit. After market chargers don't fit the case. There is sometimes a slight loss of reception I think due to the aluminium bumper.

All in all it is an awesome case that provides great protection without losing functionality would give it a 4.5/5
Perfect case
A brilliant case for your iphone i was a bit wary of buying it at first because i didnt think it would measure up to my life proof case but suprisingly it is actualy better and cheapert The screen cover is amazingly clear and the back is see through It is also very light and the buttons are very easy to use i would recomend this case over the life proof. Anyday. Take a look at the reveiws for this case. A truly worth the money case
This case is the best waterproof case I've brought
The ghostek atomic 2.0 is the best waterproof case I've brought for my iPhone better and cheaper than lifeproof's frè case definitely recommend this product
Not a good case
Restricts signal dramatically when on phone not worth the money at all
Great case
Great case
My only complaint is that you need to use an adapter for the haed phones,it comes with it but it's one more thing to keep track of
Very good case
Good case but would like the charger port to be slightly bigger so can get after market chargers in the charger port.
Ghostek the greatest! (phone case)
Fantastic item! Looks great and feels great. Would rather hug my phone than my partner ;)

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