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GENx Hybrid Bumper Case for Google Nexus 5 - Black / Black Reviews

Sleek and durable, the GENx Hybrid Bumper Case is a two-part black on black lightweight case which protects the corners and edges of your Google Nexus 5.
  • Mobile Fun ID 42049

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 3.3 stars from 4 customers

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Not Great
I was quite disappointed with this product. I had purchased it as I thought it would be a nice minimal way to protect my phone, but the back edges protrude quite a long way, actually making the phone harder to hold safely. It also had a cheap feel to the plastic, particularly at the back. I would not recommend this case and I am currently swapping it for an alternative.
GENx Hybrid Bumper Case for Google Nexus 5
I don't really like the cases with backs and fronts, preferring a bumper style case. I'm a retired person - your specific lifestyle should factor into the type of case you buy. That said, this GenX bumper case really is nice. It fits well and prevents the back/front of the phone from touching the surface it's lying on. It will help prevent damage if the phone were dropped, except in the instance when the front glass takes a direct hit. It has its own buttons to cover those of the phone. The power button takes slightly more pressure to activate than the native button. The case has cutouts for the speakers, micro-USB connection, earphone plug and microphone.

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