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GENx Fusion Case for the Google Nexus 5 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect the back and sides your Google Nexus 5 with this incredibly durable and crystal clear backed Fusion Case by GENx.
  • Mobile Fun ID 42076
$6.63 inc VAT
 4.1 stars from 12 customers

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worst online buy
Delivery was good, but the product the worst. Sides and back split after a week of normal use, i didn't even make it wet.
Completely disappointed, want my money back
Great cover
I am very satisfied with this product.

Good quality material, gives the phone a good grip, so it doesn't slide off surfaces and it's better to hold. Also an extra wight, since the N5 is really light.

The bumper around the edge is the right amount of thick, certainly making the phone very safe when falling on the floor, protecting the screen.

If there are any downsides, maybe it makes the headphone hole be a bit hard to use if you have have a thicker jack, like from a stereo. You might have to take cover off for those cases.

Overall, it's pretty good, if protection and grip is what you're looking for. Also, it looks pretty nice with the translucent back, since it shows the phone's nice design.
Great cover for a good price
I needed a case to cover my nexus 5 after I had a few problems with the grille over the mic getting blocked up.

I had a look at what was available and the GENx fusion was one of the higher rated cases so I gave it a go.

I have found the case has been really useful in giving protection to the back of the phone and though there is nothing covering the speaker and mic grilles, they seem to have much less getting into them.

I highly recommend the case, a steal at this price too!
I was going to buy a yellow case for my phone direct from Google but decided to get this one as it had the clear back so you can see the white phone through it. Perfect fit and great quality and I love the gloss finish.
GENx Fusion Case for the Google Nexus 5
The case is not as good as I expected, very hard to put on and - especially - off, has an impractical slippery hold. I don't really trust this cover, can't use it with full comfort and confidence. FlexiShield I bought with it is way better. 100% would return this one, haven't used since the first try and definitely won't anymore
Nice quality case, shows off my phone very well and seems to offer good protection (haven't dropped it yet)

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