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Genuine Samsung S3 Slim Case - White - EFC-1G6SWEC - Twin Pack Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The slim white case for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a genuine case which adds barely any thickness.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35227
$20.61 inc. VAT
 4.4 stars from 43 customers

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Had my S3 for 2 years protected by an unattractive rubbery case - no problem. Then bought this psck for my new phone as more complimentary and can see phone colour,(white), while case prevented it being so slippery.
Dropped phone in first 3 weeks onto gravel path. Resulted in cracked glass screen across corner and chipped case.
Conclusion: Fine for appearamce and grip but totally ineffective at protecting phone
Fits well, Protects well, Looks good...
I bought this case a few months ago and have found it to be exactly what I was looking for.

What I like:

> Does not add bulk to the sleek S3 design
> Transparent and thin so it is hard to notice it's even there on a white S3
> Fits snug
> The case protrudes very slightly above the edge of the screen providing protection to sides and also some protection to the screen itself if dropped
> Has saved my phone on a couple of occasions when dropped from and almost-certain cracked screen situation
> Reasonable price

What I don't like:
> Can lose shape - due to the soft material, if the case is not on the phone and it is somehow twisted or squashed, it can lose its tight fit. Was happy that is comes with 2 cases as I just replaced it with the 2nd one
Perfect for the job
I really like these cases for the Samsung Galaxy S3. They offer just enough protection covering the sides and corners of the phone without being too bulky and taking away from the nice slimline of the phone itself. These cases come in a twin pack, they are fairly see through with just a little tinge of colour and so the lovely colour of your phone shows through. They have a little bit of texture to them (each one has slightly different texturing), making it easier to handle your phone without it sliding out of your hand. If like me, you take good care of your phone, these cases are perfect for protection against scratches (i.e. in your bag or pocket). A screen protector is also needed. I don't think these cases would offer much protection if the phone was actually dropped, but that is where the decision needs to be made between keeping the lovely sleek look of your phone or adding much more bulk with a more protective case. All in all, these cases are a good buy especially being a twin pack, making it an excellent price for a genuine Samsung product.
"I can take my phone in the garden now"
My husband upgraded my phone early so it was a fab surprise when I got it cuz I'd wanted the S3 for about 5 months! I have butter fingers so I just sat at the table when i first had it (hence my review title) I'd already researched this case & read the reviews so I knew exactly which I thought was the best. It's like a second skin just hugging my new pride & joy :-) it fits perfectly around the side buttons,speaker, camera lens & light. I have a blue phone so was really pleased that the case came in blue as well & not clear like others I have seen, this enhances the look of the phone. The textured pattern gives it extra grip which enabled me to introduce my Galaxy to the outside world without the worry of it slipping from my hand!! I thank you Samsung designers :-):-)
Surprised at how much I liked this
I've never really been pleased with phone cases, but having had a shiny new Galaxy S3 wanted to protect it whilst not taking away it's smart appearance. I was originally looking at flip cases but thought they may be a nuisance, having to open etc. I then saw these cases and having read the reviews decided to go for it. I am so glad I did, they fit perfectly with all the holes in the right place. The case is really slim and so doesn't take away from the sleekness of the phone, but adds protection. The case has a very discreet pattern which also gives it a good grip. I have the pebble blue phone and the colour of this case looks really natural and allows the colour of the phone to come through. It looks really smart and I am extremely pleased. This is an excellent case, without being too expensive, and there is also two in the pack. Excellent case and excellent service. Highly recommend.
case for someone very clumsy
Absolutely excellent it's almost invisible yet protects the phone so well. Feel it's expensive but worth every penny.
Plus 2 know a pack its good value.
Delivery was very fast. Very satisfied customer.
Does exactly what its supposed to...dont even know the case is on!!
Wanted a case that offered protection but one that kept the complete look of the phone and this does exactly that as its a genuine samsung s3 product!! It costs a bit more but its excellent quality and you get 2 cases as well!! Very fast delivery from mobile fun as well..very pleased with everything!!!!
It is not bad...
but my next case is going to be from this shop
Fantastic product
The twin pack covers are brilliant, they are almost invisible! Yet provide protection and a safer hold on what can be quite a slippery surface with the S3's. Every port is matched up perfectly and takes none of the quality away from the look of the phone itself. ★★★★★
Looks great but one problem!
I really loved this cover when I first recieved it. It looks discriet and really feels comfortable on the phone. my only gripe is after using it for 2-3 weeks the cover is starting to look stretched at the point just above the volume button. I'm not pleased about this as I expected the cover to be more durarable.
A lightweight case that covers all the back and sides of the phone, my only criticism is the one with the dots doesn't fit as well as the one with lines (I saw someone else mention this too) which is a shame as the dot one is more attractive IMO.

i'll mention as well there is no lip to stop the screen from touching a flat surface, however I guess this is the minimalist nature of the case.
Protects well enough and slim
This is a slim cover that seems a bit flimsy, seems to protect ok. The problems I have a small. The cover makes the phone just a little too big to fit in my incar holder and dirt still slides underneath the cover via the strap hole.It also makes it more difficult to access the buttons. Baring these small problems, this is better than those leather cases.
Slim and unobtrusive - Great case(s) for the price!
I don;t usually bother to leave reviews unless something is very good or very bad.

On this occasion I can whole heartedly recommend these cases. There are two in the pack (I went with the clear ones).

They fit the phone perfectly with no loose corners or edges. They cover the back and the sides including the corners.

Unlike a previous case I used to own for another phone, these are not 'sticky' when removing from a pocket. The smooth, easy to handle case slides in and out of any pocket or storage area.

What I like best about these is that they add very very little extra bulk to the phone. In fact you hardly notice them at all.

Somebody commented elsewhere that they do not protrude from the front of the phone and so don't allow a a fractional space under the screen if placed face down.

This doesn't matter to me as I either leave it face up, or at night put it on a clean flat surface anyway.

If in doubt, just get them and you won't be disappointed for the price. If you want a full cover or pouch then go for it but these will do a great job of protecting the outer surfaces of your phone and preserve re-sale value in a couple of years.
Very Good
This is very good i have the blue galaxy s3 so got this and what a vary good case. looks like not got a case on shows the colour at its best. Holds in hand with easy the case adds no weight and so thin . So if thinking about it just order you will be pleased you did
perfect fit
Genuine accessory, perfect fit, improved grip and feeling in hand, yet transparent and hardly noticeable
one fits the other doesn't.
The stripped case fits my phone perfectly, has the clicking noises when fitting it, however the dotted case does not have these clicking noises when fitting and the top right corner randomly detaches from the phone which is annoying.

the one that fits is very nice though, hardly noticeable and good protection for the odd drop.
Exactly what I was looking for!
Got these as a replacement for the single clear case, as it wasn't what I was looking for. Just got these today, and they're great! They don't feel cheap, the texture is great on both cases (one has a diagonal ' stripe' pattern, the other has a uniform dotted pattern), and they're very slim, and don't bulk up the phone at all.
Very much recommended!
Ordered at 4pm and received by lunchtime next day! Excellent service!
These cases I bought for my wife's new S3 and she loves them. Fits like a glove and has holes in the right places for the buttons/jacks etc. This case doesn't seem to add any weight as its so light.
This case makes the phone more grippy and comfortable in the hand. I feel if you dropped the phone this case would be sufficient protection.
Choice of two designs which is nice. All in all a great addition to a new S2. Also a good price for two official Samsung products!
Amazing Product!!!!
This is the best case i've owned for an android phone. It is unbelivably slim but still offers protection and grip. If you want to maintain the look of the phone without the bulkiness of a case look no further this is the one. This is very inexpensive and you also get two in a pack! great buy.
I thought I was buying one case
Two almost invisible clear genuine GS3 cases. I bought these after I bought the really slick looking but functionally useless official flip case. It doesn't protect the sides of the phone and when I dropped it with the old case I gave it some nasty scratches. Don't waste your money on that, get these instead, they actually protect your phone. Plus you can' even tell there is a case on your phone until you actually hold the phone in you hand.
perfect fit
these cases are quite expensive but they look and fit great and are easy to get on and off. due to their supple quality i like to think that they will not break
Very good
Really happy with this. Very thin, unintrusive, but offers protection against scratches. 5 stars.
this is a very nice fits well case from samsung protects the rear of the phone really well a must buy!!
Awesome cover
The cover is very thin and covers snuggly the handset.
All the controls are readily accessible and the pattern printed on the cover provides very good grip.

You can totally tell that was designed by samsung.
Highly recommended!
I bought this item because previous case I had was so thick my phone did not fit into a belt pouch.

This case is so slim that now I can use my belt pouch again.

I was amazed how thin this case is and still protects efficiently; it probably once saved my phone from scratches when I accidentally dropped my phone to floor (screen was up). There is not even a scratch seen!
Highly recommended product.
Just what I needed
Good and pretty slim case! A+++

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