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Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 / S3 C-Pen Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Get full control of your Samsung Galaxy S4 / S3's screen with this genuine Samsung stylus pen.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35106
$26.35 inc VAT
 3.4 stars from 28 customers

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Item as described. works well with my samsung tab s 8.4. Will recommend purchase for capacitive screen. Tried on mini I pad but doesn't work
Enough info is provided
Does 90% of job
S£ c-Pen fulfills 90% of my requirements. It is much easier to use than the standard due to its finer point and is much more precise whilst typing. This is especially true for the S3 Mini which my wife owns as the units are smaller.
Some manipulations e.g. return and edit buttons at the bottom of the phone have to be used by using your finger. It is a little pricey.
stylus review
The cpen works brilliant on the s4mini even if it has a screen protector on . Bought it for my daughter cause she was looking for a stylus with a smaller point . Got cpen .problem solved . Hope my bit here help whoever reads it . Gd luck
It does what it say's
Having rather large fingers and always having to correct a letter mistake I decided to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S3 C-Pen."Problem Solved" And the Pen looks good also and had no problems with the Pen at all.
Doesn't work with my S4
This stylus Does Not Work on my Samsung Galaxy S4 screen.
The cheaper soft tipped stylus, I bought from a well known computer retailer, does work, but not this hard tipped original ?
Not good with galaxy s4
It misses many if the taps which make it unusable... But for drawing I had no issues. On my friends ativ S it works perfect!
true review
before placing my order for the c pen for use on my s3 I tried phoning for hours and no one answered my item was not instock but when I placed my order it was saying instock hence the extra I paid for same day dispatch would never arrived on time so I requested a cancelation and refund but mobile fun
did not a knowledge my request and my item arrived a few days later...so make your
own mind up..& the pen does what its
supposed to.
The tip has split
I used this stylus with a screen protector in place on my Samsung S3 and perhaps it was this that impeded its performance. Perhaps I stabbed too hard occasionally but the tip split. I have repaired it a couple of times with super glue but its performance has been impaired.

I chose this stylus for its firm tip and weighty feel but it was expensive and is now useless.
Don't waste your money!
I bought this to use with my new Galaxy S3 as I have reasonably large fingers that otfen hit the wrong keys when typing on the phone's keypad. I 'ummed and arred' over spending £20 on a stylus but weet for it on the basis that 'as it's Samsung. it must be quality'.
Well, it is well made, but it's certainly not £20 worth well made!
The tip is actually too hard and the keys are not activated without a firm press onto the screen.
My wife bought an unnamed brand for 99p in the local bargain shop which has a much softer tip at one end and a real pen at the other. The softer tip activates the keys much better than the Samsung one for £20. It even came with a spare refill for the pen!
Spend 99p on one of those and the other £19 on something more useful.
ersatz spize
der pen ist perfect für das galaxy s3. funkionirt tadellos. es wäre noch besser wenn es ersatz spitzen geben würde. sollte man zumindest für diesen preis erwarten können. ansonsten wirklich ein top pen
very handy
I obtain a pen for my S3,and i find it very helpful when im texting or wrighting emails.Like everything i buy from mobilefun there great and very fast on delivery,
Works perfectly
This is a good pen to use on your phone without using your fingers and getting the screen greasy. Once you get used to it you will realise how easy it is to send emails and texts without having to use the back button to correct spelling mistakes.

A very good purchase.
High speed service
Ordered the pen a few minutes before the 6 PM deadline for next day delivery, but lo and behold, it arrived at 10 AM the following morning. Packaging was good - the pen is excellent - so with the speedy delivery service given I'm a happy bunny:-)
Not as good as I first hoped
Thought I would use this for drawing apps such as 'DrawSomething' and the stock app of 'S Memo'. It does an alright job, not magnificent, but this could be due to the fact that I have a screen protector on it. Just what I've rather concerned about is that It arrived yesterday, and after a day of use, its shows signs of use. The end that is used to touch the screen is breaking up and splitting. Not impressed, but it still works, but because its 'broken' (but still works if you know what I mean), after one day of use, I shall only be awarding 3 stars to this product.
Its use over a screen protector
I have a very old HP ipaq, which although it cannot be used as a'phone, continues to perform extremely well. I lost the stylus that came with it ages ago (or at least a friend did), so I either use one of those sticks you stir coffee with, or a cut-down wooden kebab stick with the end rounded off. These implements work brilliantly over the screen protector on the ipaq, so I was very disappointed that the C-Pen lacks this sensitivity. (I assume it would work better without a screen protector). It works randomly and needs to be stabbed on the screen sometimes - not good. When drawing on the S note thingy however, it works much better. I am also not keen on the clip - yes, I know this allows it to be put in a pocket, but most ladies don't wear jackets with top pockets, and I find it uncomfortable when holding the pen. I don't know what electronics are involved but it also seems massively overpriced to me.

MobileFun Reply
Hi Kafe, we are sorry that the product does not fully meet your expectations but the product is actually intended for use with only the Samsung Galaxy S3. If you want to organise a replacment or refund then please feel free to contact our customer relatio

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