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Genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 Mesh Vent Case - Green Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
A genuine Samsung back housing to protect your Samsung Galaxy S3 whilst still allowing access to all of the features in a stylish green colour.
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 4 stars from 4 customers

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Saved my phone from breaking!
This is a fantastic product. I am on my third one as someone who has dropped my phone a few times, I would rather pay for a quality cover than a new phone! This has saved my phone on several occasions and I would recommend it to anyone who has this phone!
Very sleek!
This cover offers great protection whilst at the same time is in keeping with the phones slim design. The mesh design means that it is lightweight so when you pick the phone up, it doesn't become bulky like other covers can do to the feel of a phone.

The mesh design is neat looking anyway but also includes a position to clip on a wire i.e.headphones, so this is a added benefit. As with all genuine products compared to cheap alternatives this cover is of high quality and no doubt it will last the length of my contract if I want it to!
Good Idea but flimsy to be practical
when i saw the reviews for this case, it seemed like a good idea, great for standing it up and watching a movie or video, and lime green my favorite colour, what could go wrong? for starters when the case is clipped on it seems as though its always at the edge of popping off, not the most secure thing in the world, the vents on the back let every bit of crap in your pockets stick to the back of the phone so the inevitable scratch patches appear, and as previously mentioned its not very secure so has a tendancy to pop off in your pocket, im on my second one and am returning it for a refund, as it keeps popping off and the repeated strain has cracked the case in the same corner on both, so it seems its an inherant design fault. good idea, badly implimented, not what i would have expected as a genuine samsung product.
Heat preventing, low profile and stand case.
This case is visually striking in Android green and disperses heat through the mesh which as all computers rely on, cooling is a good thing.

The ability to clip a coin in to the case to turn it into a stand is a nice gimmicky feature you'll impress your friends with once then only ever use when your viewing video on the go with S3's awesome screen.

And finally the build quality manages to retain a well made and less flimsy back feel than what comes with the phone without sacrificing form factor or rubbery alternates.

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