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Genuine Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Mesh Vent Case - Pink Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
A genuine Samsung back housing to protect your Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 whilst still allowing access to all of the features in a stylish pink colour.
  • Mobile Fun ID 30586

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 4.5 stars from 254 customers

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luv it!
Simple but stylish,enhances the look of the phone.definitely recommend this case.
galaxy s2 case
Long story short, 5 stars...
Does the Job
Case is a dull / matt red, not a bright pinky colour, so its not out of place for either male or female use. Fitting was dead easy, just push it into place and you hear the reassuring click that its secure. Have used this vent case before, and has never come adrift from the phone (except when I dropped it, which is why I'm buying a new one) - p.s. the cover took the brunt of the fall, and the phone was undamaged - you can do the maths yourself!
Attractive and effective
Having had previous covers for my phone in black, I thought that I'd brighten it up with a red one - this does not disappoint! It looks classy, is slim enough not to add bulk to the phone but does a good job in protecting the vulnerable bits.
Add to this the reasonable price and MF's reliable lightning speed delivery and you really can't go wrong!
A good replacement
Bought this to replace the original case on my wifes phone. She's more than happy with it - fits well and looks good, doesn't add much 'bulk' to the phone.
S2 Case
Great, I bought this case for my granddaughter and she just loves it,
I already submitted a review when I received the item, however, here goes again:
The item is attractive but more importantly it provides protection for my phone as it is slippery and can easily fall and get damaged. The case makes it safe.
Stylish and practical
Looks good and will protect my phone which is quite slippery the mesh case stops this. I found the description to be adequate for what I needed to know. The case allows easy access to the controls.
Very satisfied.
Got an S2 ? this is the cover for you !
Very pleased with this cover, genuine Samsung and of excellent quality, nice feel to it and I think it keeps the phone temperature down more than my previous one, looks very smart (love the silver galaxy logo) I have had several admiring comments and that's just with the black... wait till I break out the blue one ! : )
This case did NOT fit my phone, althought I gave all the information in my order. It's my second time to try to order a case for my phone, and it hasn't fit.
Call me frustrated!
Quality product
I had trouble finding a good case until I came across your website.
The case turned out to be top quality, everything you said it was.
Good delivery time, all the way to New Zealand.
Well done
Good protection
I bought this as a replacement for an identical item purchased about a year ago. The case fits snugly, makes the phone feel more secure in the hand and affords good protection to vulnerable corners.
The reason for buying this new case was that the original gave up its life protecting my phone! I managed to drop it but the case absorbed the full impact and protected it from being damaged in any way; it did however split in the process.
It would have been ideal if the case had survived as well but at least I still have an unmarked and fully functioning phone!
What I was looking for
I needed a case for my new phone but did not want anything too bulky. This was very easy to attach and very light, and did not alter the look of the phone.
Nice but not ribust
I have now had 2 of these cases.
I really like the look and feel of the case and for that reason, when my first one snapped in the top left corner I purchased a second. But now that too has snapped in the same corner as the first, and approx 1 cm of the right hand side.
There has been no recent accident with the case and the problem appears to be it snags on something (even like placing it in a coat pocket) and the force is sufficient to damage the case.
Mesh Vent Case - Red.
This is perfect for me and the mesh helps your phone breath therefore it dosn't get too hot. Another plus is I can find it in my bag.
Case looks good but the screen is still pretty exposed so doesn't really protect the front that much.
Looks smart but didnt fit and started flaking into bits without any pressure. Was hoping for better from Mobile Fun.

Im hoping this is a one off and replacement will be better.
Don't bother
If you take your case on and off regularly like I do (for putting my phone into a dock charger) then these cases are not for you.

Regular flexing of the plastic, even slight flexing will eventually cause the plastic to split. My case lasted about 2 months... sucks.
Looks great but not very durable
Bought this because it is genuine Samsung and looks good. Fits phone perfectly and I liked the fact that it adds very little bulk to the phone but it didn't take long before it started cracking at the corners. 2 corners have already broken off and about to lose a third. I haven't dropped the phone so can only assume that the plastic has become weakened from the few times I've removed and replaced the case.
Would have expected this sort of short life from a budget product not from a Samsung branded product so disappointed that I've now got to replace it after 3 months.
Good, but doesn't fit S2 nfc
Bought this for my galaxy s2 only too find it wouldn't fit on the phone, mobile fun immediately sent me another, but that wouldn't fit either. On speaking to them again they asked whether my phone was the nfc version, which is not apparent from the phone itself, as they are a but fatter. They cover will be returned.

aside from the problem that it didn't fit my phone the cover seems well made although it doesn't cover the Norton or top of the phone or the corners, which seems a stupid design flaw, if it just wrapped around the corner a little more at least some protection would be afforded.
stylish and quality
top quality good feel smart looking say no more
Good piece of kit
Being marketed by the phone's maker, I expected this to actually fit, and in this I was not disappointed. It does not cover the extreme ends (top and bottom) of the phone, but for me this is a small advantage; I have a Krusell belt pouch and this allows the phone to fit comfortably without protruding from the top. The cover is amde from a semi-rigid plastic which is nicely 'grippable' and does not slip in the hand. The power and volume buttons are shielded but not covered as the case is generously slotted around them, allowing enough space to operate the buttons but preventing them being accidentally operated. It does add a little bulk to the phone, but quite honestly this is good. The S2 is a little too thin to feel comfortable and this case makes it feel a little more 'solid' in the hand. I have not had any overheating problems with the S2 so I assume that the 'vent' perforations are as much a styling feature as necessarily functional; they do look good and give a nice textured 'feel' to the phone - and make it easy to tell which way round it is!
I'm not convinced.
Bought these to replace a cheap gel cover I bough on Amazon. They really stand out and look great but sadly it's a case of form over function. The cover doesn't wrap around the top or bottom leaving exposed. It's hard plastic and the first time I dropped my phone (which wasn't very long given the smooth edges) the case pinged off and cracked and also my phoned was damaged. Had a gel case for 12 months and never had any damage after dropping my phone several times.

Cover needs to at least cover the corners which is the whole reason for having one.
shoddy phone case
I've had this case on my SG2 for almost a year now and since the very first week it's been awful. the first time the case chipped/cracked was the first time I removed it/put t back on...it's only continued to chip away all year, cutting me several times, and barely holds to the phone at all anymore. I am very careful with my phone and have not rough-housed with it, dropped it, or dropped anything on it. The only reason it received a 2 star rating is because despite the case crumbling to pieces my phone has managed to (by some miracle) remain mostly unharmed in the past year.
just what i want but
pleased with the delivery service,the case was just what i wanted,until i fitted my mobile,its like its slightly twisted causing a small gap at the top at one corner,leaving a gap,like an uneven table,i cant be bothered to return it,maybe one day i will find the right case/cover.The service was excellent.
poor fit
This is the second case i tried. The first was replaced because it did not fit. This one i thought it must be me so i tried to bend it into place with the inevitable result - it broke. So beware, the switches at each side will not line up.
Delivered with MF's traditional lighting speed, this robust sexy little number arrived in good condition, was easily fitted and didn't detract from the Galaxy's very slim outline.
It protects and at the same time gives added friction making safe handling of the phone much easier.
spot on
Just what I wanted. Easy to fit. Looks good. Doesn't make the phone overheat when charging and provides good protection. Highly recommended!
Lightweight but effective
Very nice lightweight case, does what is expected and protects phone from dropping and knocks! Care needs to be taken when removing it to swap the battery, especially if you do it frequently as you could damage the edge around the buttons where it is very thin.
Excellent Cover
This cover is perfect for the S2. It fits like a glove and doesn't go loose around the edges like it's cheap imitations. Cover means your grip on the phone is better too. Buy it !!
Agile and protective
This case is slimline enough to not be intrusive and rigid enough to offer protection from scrapes, scratches and knocks. It probably lacks the level of protection of an Otterbox case but is definitely more streamlined and inconspicuous.
Stylish, cool case
The case has a soft yet firm velvety grip, the hint of pearlescence enhances the case's color, and the air vents add a further touch of stylish coolness. Excellent. My daughter loves it.
Stylish and cool
The case has a soft yet firm velvety grip, the hint of pearlescence enhances the case's color, and the air vents add a further touch of stylish coolness. Excellent. My son loves it. Delivery was also super speedy, just 1.5 days lol.
Second one purchased and still great
I purchased this cover again after the first I had received a bit of damamge and broke at the sides - this was more my fault than the cases though and since I really liked the snug fit and feel this gives to the otherwise slippy back of my S2 - I was more than happy to go for the same one.
It admittedly doesn't provide a lot of protection but I really wanted it more to make the phone less likely to drop out of my hand - which it does very well and without adding any bulk.
great value
2 top quality official covers for an excellent price.As they are the official covers they fit perfectly and don't make the phone bulky.The covers also give the phone more grip so you are less likely to drop it.
V. Good
A simple yet effective case. It does not add too much bulk to the phone. Only get this if you get a screen protector as well!
Superb - as always
I've got a black one of these for use with my white phone, and it fits so well I treated myself to a white one as well for an occasional change.

Nice thing about these cases, is they pop on and off so easily, they're brilliant especially when used with the windscreen bracket which will only take a Galaxy S2 without a case.
Good looking and practical
Looks great and will definitely protect the back of the phone if dropped. The colour is quite a dark red, unlike the picture, but it is a nice colour. Overall it probably seems a tad expensive for what it is...
Vital accessory for the Samsung S2
A strong solid case, perfect fit and looks stylish.
Very elegant looking. However took a while to be shipped
This product took just over a week to be shipped to me as it wasn't in stock. However it was worth the wait. This case is high quailty and does the job perfectly.

It's not too chunky that it is a pain to lugg around with you, but it has enough grip and density to balance and secure the device.
Mesh cover for Samsung Galaxy S11
Received in pristine condition and was pleasantly surprised how good it looked on my phone. Having read some negative comments regarding the Samsung S11 covers not fitting etc but mine looks fabulous and fits like a glove. Very pleased.
I was on the hunt for a case that wouldn't take away the sleekness and stylishness of the Galaxy S2 and this vent case really does the trick. O.k. the phone is probably less protected than in one of those bumper cases, but does the job for every day use. The vent holes also make it feel quite good in your hands and the red is beautiful. Just perfect:-)
Genuine Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Mesh Vent Case - Black
What a great case - covers the back & sides of the phone but leaves all access points and buttons free to use.
Official samsung product so was pleased about that. Good price and speedy delivery.
Highly reccommend this case :)
Just what I wanted
The case offers some protection to my phone and makes it feel more secure in my hands without making it difficult to pull it out of my pocket when it rings! Great.
An excellent value, slim case
We needed a case to protect my partner's new galaxy s2. The phone is the white model, so the white case doesn't detract from the look of the phone. The case itself is very light and surprisingly sturdy considering how thin it is. Once clipped on to the phone the case allows easy access to all controls. It barely adds any thickness to what is already an extremely slim handset. It also adds very little weight. The case protects the rear and edges of the phone, as well as providing a very slight lip around the screen, meaning you can place it face down on a flat surface without the screen coming into contact with it. For light to moderate use this holder will keep your galaxy s2 scratch free. I'm not sure how well it would fare with any big drops on to hard surfaces, and don't intend to find out! the other major advantage of this case is that it incredibly easy to put on and remove, so if you use a holder in the car or elsewhere it is still convenient. It doesn't offer the aesthetic value of some more expensive cases, but I think that's the point really - it doesn't need to. It simply wraps your new £500 smartphone in an unintrusive skin that I would far rather was there than not. Recommended without hesitation.
Top Marks
what else can i say...great cover, great fit..looks ace...
I did absolutely love this product. Looks great, feels like it's doing the job protecting my phone.

But now after a couple of months quite a few bits have cracked or snapped off. Bit disappointed as I wouldn't have expected that so soon after getting it. And I don't think I throw my phone around THAT much!

But it does look and feel fab. I will probably get another as I like the look of it so much.
5 Star Service All Round
Amazing case, Does the job of protecting my SGS2 while also looking very stylish. Very easy to slide on but not so easy to come off so you don't need to worry about it falling off in your hand unlike some cases i've had in the past, Also feels very good while holding the phone with the case on yet it still makes the phone look nice and slim. Amazing service from MobileFun as well, Ordered at 4pm on a wednesday and was on my door step by 11am the very next day.
Samsung Galaxy SII i9100 Mesh cover
The product really does what it says it will. No problem fitting it. Love the fact it doesn't slip on surfaces. Very pleased indeed and would recommend to anyone with the same phone as mine. The blue was petrol blue not vibrant one advertised on the internet.
Looks nice, but may discolour
A good case, doesnt offer much frontal protection but i knew that before i ordered. The case is nice looking, fits well and very keenly priced, however i have found that the white mesh case is starting to look a wee bit grubby, not brilliant white anymore, maybe should have bought the black SG2! i have ordered the twin pack of the black and blue mesh cases, excellent price on mobilefun, i have been a mobilefun customer for 6 years now, i wouldnt go anywhere else.
Ok. Increases grip. Purchase of white version for
This is the genuine samsung galaxy s2 cover, pardon the funny wrapping.

Advantages, increases grip and keeps the colour white. Keeps the phone thin.

Disadvantages after 2 weeks use:
Colour discolouration or more capture. After keeping it in a bag, the cover has picked up some colour from the bag. This can not come off. Kind of disappointed.
Adds no bulk,
Owning the white S2 it is crucial to have a case, but I don't really like cases on phones but don't want my phone to look tatty. Anyway this fits fabulously, like the fact that the back doesn't overheat owing to the mesh. I like the fact that it doesn't cover the entire phone, some may not. The only downside to the white is it gets very tatty looking very quickly. However, I am pleased enough with the product to order a pink version to girlie up my white phone.
Great grip
This case fits perfectly (it should because it's an official product!). It does what it says, easy to slip on, vent mesh, added grip - but it does take the style away from the Galaxy. Added grip with not much bulk
Really nice, but but particularly hard wearing
I bought this about 5 months ago, it fits really nicely provides good protection, and think the phone actually looks better with it on (I have the red version).

The only problem with it, compared to silicon cases is that it has started to crack, all 4 corners have hairline cracks and the bars that cover the top of the volume and power buttons have broken off, also the silver 'samsung' badge on the back has fallen off.

I would however still recommend this case, but if you plan on dropping your phone a lot, things could get expensive.
Looks the part and does the job.
The Product was on of many to chose from, but I needed it to protect the Phone and also not make it too bulky. It does both and looks cool, does not affect use and has a nice feel to it. Would recomend this cover as I have less chance of breaking the screen, which is why I bought it !
Cool cover but...
I bought this cover a few months ago.
I love the material and design but after a short while, the cover started to crack in the 2 bottom corners and the casing around the volume button has cracked as well... :o(
Perfect fit
The case fits like a glove and makes the phone much easier to hold, whilst providing great protection,
Glad I bought this. Its made my s2 a lot easier to hold as it gives better grip. Its unobtrusive being the same colour as the phone itself. It also protects the camera lens when placed on any surface.
Not bad
This case is not to bad for protection against scratches I was amazed by speed of delivery super fast. Case looks and feels great. If you have white s2 not much choice at the moment so while I wait for stock of casemate pop white case this case will do.
Not resistant
Initially it seemed perfect, but after a couple of months the sides got cracked without any hit or so. I care for it, I don't throw it around. Now it is broken in 4 points. Seems that the plastic used is not a good quality.
This is reaal nice.
When I first removed this from it's packaging, I fell in love. One of the most beautiful shades of blue.
There was a slight struggle to get it on, the case is pretty stiff, but a technique was worked within minutes, and it's all fine.
Related to that, this is one of the most snug cases I've come across. There is no give whatsoever.
I have a feeling me and this case will get along just fine.
Decent enough...
This is a nice looking case which perfectly compliments my white SGS2. It clips on snugly without adding noticeable bulk and is made from a semi-rigid plastic that feels good in the hand, taking away that fear that the phone will suddenly slip out of my hand whenever I reach for the back button.

As is usual with this type of 'barely there' case, the top and bottom of the handset remain exposed and there is minimal protection for the screen. This case is only really going to provide protection from grubby fingers and pocket wear. Still it has the genuine Galaxy S branding on the back (unlike many cheaper imitations) and certainly does not detract from the phone's good looks.

In conclusion, £12+P&P is a tad pricey for a plastic phone cover but for those of you with the white handset, there's slim pickings out there so this is probably your best bet.

Oh and what review would be complete without mentioning MobileFun's outstanding turnaround for delivery. Ordered at 4pm, with me by lunchtime the next day.
Better than i ever imagined
Very impressed with the speedy delivery it came the very next day and I wasnt disappointed. It fit perfectly and made my phone look even more stunning and it didnt make it any bulkier. It also has a lovely feel to it not plastic and hard but quite soft and luxurius would definately reccomend.
good value for the money and stylish
nothing much to say but absolutely sexy and gorgeous.

for all of you who are too keen on protecting the screen probably not the best. but for me this works a charm.
no good - just dropped phone
First thoughts we're this was great case. It looked good, and fit well. Having just accidentally dropped my brand new phone as I took it from my pocket, this case offers no protection on the corners whatsoever. I now have a nice dent and scuff on teh bottom right corner of my 2 day old phone. Rubbish case.
A touch of STYLE...
Helps give some protection to the body and sides and adds a bit of style with the red colour.
Simply Perfect!!!!
absolutely Top Quality here!!! It fits perfectly our device!
What a difference a bit of plastic makes
Having got a Galaxy S2 its almost too thin and a bit flimsy feeling in some respects. Another problem is the side control buttons are easily pushed by accident bringing the phone out of sleep mode and using battery.

I didn’t expect much by using a flimsy plastic cover like this but wow, the phone feels sturdier and easier for my old hands to grip. The side controls are ever so slightly protected (as is the screen too) by the lip of the cover.

Personally, I think for the cost of the phone these ought to come included but they don’t and that’s almost as outrageous as the cost of what is probably an 10p bit of injection moulded plastic!

However it finishes off the phone and makes a great phone even better so well worth getting.

If it had been £5 I would have given it full marks.
Going the extra millimetre
When I bought my new Galaxy S2, I knew I was going to need some protection for it, but I decided to hold off from buying the sort of leather flip case that I've always had for other phones. I'm glad I did. First, I fell in love with the slim profile of the S2 and didn't want to encumber it with a chunky case. Secondly, I soon discovered how much heat all that power in such a slim body can create and I worried about trapping all that heat in.

Fortunately, Samsung had already thought of all this, and came up with this clip-on mesh back. Two seconds after opening the package I had it clipped firmly onto the phone, adding only a millimetre or so to its thickness, and still allowing air to circulate to the back of the device. Combined with Samsung's screen protector, my phone has all-round protection, but has kept its cool and also its great looks and sexy slimline figure.
Fits perfectly and solid
Just got it an hour ago, and Im really satisfied with it so far. Its really easy to just put the phone into it, then it stay there very with a very solid grip, and the corners keeps it from slipping out of its form. Red is my favorite color and this red one really brings a good look! It was really worth the money, even just for the looks!
Awesome Galaxy S2 Mesh Vent Case - Black
The Mesh Vent Case I bought recently from you is so beautiful that my wife describes it as AWESOME. Indeed, she appreciated it so much that she feels her Samsung Galaxy S2 has got a perfect protector.
Great quality to a great price
First of all, the delivery was really fast - the case was sent one week ago (8 August) and arrived today.
Now for the case. The quality is great and so is the fit onto the device. Despite I haven't started using it yet, I have no doubt it will protect the back of my SGS2 well.
Great Product
being a genuine Samsung case it fits perfectly and you do not notice any difference when in the pocket
Great purchase
Saw this on the website, good price compared to the orange shop. Delivered within two days. No problems, would definately recommend!
This case does not compromise the size or look of this phone. Its a perfect fit and the texture aids grip (even less chance of slipping). I am very happy with this purchase although including delivery it was perhaps a little pricier than i wanted
A must have
Best back cover around. It fits perfectly and the protection is great.
Pretty in Pink
It's a nice dark pink colour mesh case and certainly brightens up the otherwise all black handset.

It's pretty expensive though for a product that ultimately only covers the back half of the handset.

A genuine Samsung product it may be, but a touch too expensive for what it is.
Good case for handling the GS2
This case makes for a much improved grip of the GS2 in use and offers good (though not greatest) protection. It better protects the rear camera when used on a desk. Lightweight but quality made for the job.
Fits the phone just right making it nicer to hold and does not make it feel any bulkier.
Makes my emarrassingly large gs2 slightly more stylish. Doesn't add bulk, and lips around the front just enough to keep the screen off the deck if you turn phone over.
pretty goods
Does what it says on the tin. makes phone feel studier and doesn't detract from styling of phone. Even partly protects sreen as it has a slight lip. Would give 5*, but doesn't cover top and bottom. However this maybe to stop interferring with signal.
Excellent case
Very cool looking case, worth the modest price, if only for the improved aesthetic. Also, good build quality and fit to handset
Item is great. Genuine case. Good service and excellent delivery.
finishes the phone nicely
Great case - looks naked without it! Only wish the choice of colours was better. Woukd look awsome in a gun metal colour!
Dont bother
Had this case a few weeks now and dropped my phone on sat,, case went one way, phone the other way big chunk out of the corner totaly useless at protecting your phone get one of the gel cases that goes round all the corners instead !!
Almost Perfect
This is a terrific case to protect the s2. Extremely well made, good looking and lightweight. Be aware, however, that with the case on the phone won't fit into the genuine samsung docks (desk & car). So be prepared to have to unclip the case each time. More of a problem with the dock designs than with the case.
Nice feel, doesn't bulk the phone out.
I love this case it so thin & stylish and comfortable to hold. The mesh material is nice soft as well. But mind you the top and bottom of phone is not covered ,please keep that in mind. But still it is a fantistic sgs2 case. Thanks
'' rab rakha ''.
Ideal for phone
This case is great, I got the black option to match the phone. It fits really nicely and the branding on the outside makes it feel classy. The case makes the phone feel more secure in my hand. A great purchase would definately recommend.
great product
Compact and light. Offers good protection.
Perfect case with camera lens protection!
It's a thin case that fits perfectly around the back & sides of the galaxy s2. The mesh style gives a nice grippy texture & although it's a solid plastic rather than a rubber or gel, it provides a matt grippy surface which feels better than the galaxy's own casing. Also, you'll notice that the galaxy rests on it's camera lens when placed on a flat surface facing up - not good! this mesh vent case provides about a 1mm lip around the camera lens meaning the phone rests on the case, keeping the lens scratch free. This case is a winner, though you should note it only wraps the back, sides & partial corners. No protection on top or bottom edges.
Perfect snug fit
The cover fits perfectly. If the phone itself was not so thin as it is, one would not notice this cover much. Made from nice durable plastic with beautiful matt finish. All buttons and phone funcations are still perfectly accessable. Only problem is that they could have wrapped the cover around the corners of the phone, as it stands there is little protection there, for that loses one star.
Samsung Galaxy S2
Excellent product, fits perfectly protecting your phone. I'm even going to purchase another in a diffrent colour....much recommended
Sleek stylish cove
Ensures the phone remains stylish and does not detract from slim design however the vents are great to cool it down - unlike similar covers. Only reason for lack of 5 stars is the minimal cover provided at the top and bottom openings
A stylish number
This case is perfect for the Galaxy SII . It add a stylish quality to an already near perfect phone. The vented back is a genius idea as it stops any overheating. The product is not a 'cheap' coated one either. You will not be disappointed I promise.
Very good quality but BAD design. Will NOT ptoctect if drop.
Basic protection
The case looks very nice; slim modern design, it's good enough if you're looking for a basic protection for a reasonable price.
Excelent choice
Excelent! Good protection and low impact in the visual. I recommend. 5 stars!
Boombastic case
ilove this case man it's really light and fit's like bread to butter, the material is like mesh rubber thing very good as well, but another thing about this case top & bottom is not covered, apart from that this case is Boombastic product man.
Brilliant Case
Really good material, unlike other rubber cases this doesnt get stuck in your pocket or collect dust and dirt. A great fit around the phone which still allows it to look thin and stylish. The holes on the back are a great idea as the phones gets hot sometimes. And of course its an official case, why would you settle for anything less. Overall very impressed :)
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