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Genuine Samsung 2 Amp Car Charger with Micro USB Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Power up wherever you are with this 2Amp Samsung car charger.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39136
$34.75 inc. VAT
 4 stars from 10 customers

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Does the job but whines
It works a treat but when a phone is plugged in it whines, when unplugged it stops again even if the set is plugged into the car still. Very annoying. May just be mine though.Unfortunately I through the packaging away before I heard it.
So good I bought it twice.
After buying a cheap charger on a popular auction site that lasted one day before it died, I opted to pay full price for this Samsung charger and it it working really well. When my partners old charger failed I had no hesitation in purchasing this charger for a second time. The only thing I don't understand is why Samsung no longer sell this product on their own website ?
Good quality product
Powerful enough to charge my phone when using it as a satnav. Most other chargers I've tried either break down or aren't powerful enough
Ideal charger for Sat-Nav
Great item.
The extra long lead means I'm not restricted in where I mount my phone when using it as a Sat-Nav.
This is ideal as I prefer to have it positioned by my wing mirror and NOT in the centre of the dash.
Different model shipped
I ordered the ECA-U21CBE charger and a box arrived labelled as such. Inside however was an ECA-P10XBE charger which the Samsung website says is incompatible with my phone, Galaxy S4.

This seems to be a Samsung mislabelling issue as it was in a sealed box and this is the second time this has happened, tried another vendor before.
Awaiting a response from Samsung.
Good but flawed
Very solid, robust and powerful car charger but flawed.

It has no connection light. There is no visual connection information of any kind. You need to literally check your phone constantly to confirm that it is connected and charging. That's a big BAD in my opinion.

Another thing i noticed. The top shinny polished plastic, where the USB connects, is a fingerprint magnet. Not that i care much, but someone might. :S

Overall a good charger. Going to keep it since it is a very powerful Samsung original accessory. I don't trust any other, into my brand new Galaxy S4.

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